Friday, September 02, 2005


MG's Wisteria - 1

Bob Ryan in today's Boston Globe suggests that New Orleans indeed could be gone, finished as an habitable place, and may be looked upon in the future as America's Pompei.

And frankly, I can't disagree with him. I've read that $75 billion dollars, an amount so large and incomprehensible that it's frightening, is the estimate to fully rebuild the drowned town, and that seems like a misappropriation of funds. New Orleans, due to its geographic location, has always been dwelling on the edge of Nature's Fury, and no one knows how soon in the future, the town will
fall off that edge again.

No, New Orleans needs to stay buried, it's inhabitants rooted upstream into the safer surroundings of a new Big Easy,
and the old town shuttered back into History,
a Mass Burial of Memories and Memorials, a Giant Jazz Funeral of Thousands to say goodbye, as the Levees are blown and the flood waters surge
in and erase all. Then the locale should be
turn it into a National Memorial Park and tours
given of the drowned gods and the House of the Sinking Moon...

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