Friday, September 02, 2005


Flowers - Mister Ghost

Fay at Iraqi In America has had it with being PC and not speaking out more forcefully on the poor treatment of Women and Non Muslims in Iraq:

When you're a female Iraqi -- My mon AND dad are Iraqis -- AND belongs to a minority religion, then there's no place for you in Iraq.

I left Iraq because as a girl I wasn't able to walk the streets without being harrased by Iraqi guys. It makes every Iraqi girl sick. I'm happy to be an Australian citizen where sexual harrasement is taking seriously in a country that opened its arms and heart to me.

As an Iraqi Christian, I left because we were considered second-class citzens when it comes to many things. That hasn't changed after the collapse of Saddam's regime. It's actually getting worse. Not to mention how we were prohibited from many things Christians in the Western countries take for granted.

I'm going to talk about the above two points in detail after I come back to Beaumont because I'm sick of being politically correct. Nobody in Iraq seems to care for Iraqi women or Iraqi Christians. So, why should I keep playing nice with everyone?

We say thank you to Fay for taking a stronger stand
and bringing the issue to the forefront.

And Frankly, I don't understand why any Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Pagan -- basically any non Muslim~and especially any Non Muslim Woman -- would want to live in an Islamic Country and be treated as a second class citizen? I could never live like that and neither could Billions of others here in the West. Thank God for the United States, and Western Tradition for the seperation of Church and State and the emphasis on Human Rights.

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