Friday, September 23, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part VII

Stone Ruins At Park -Photo By MG

Yes, it's Part VII of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Do Baathist Dogs go to heaven? No, they head to
the Peoples Socialist Paradise of Syria, and that's exactly what the Family From Mosul did recently during their Summer Vacation. The trip to Turkey didn't work out, so Pop Doctor, Mom the University Professor, Najma the Star From Mosul, and HNK packed up their belongings and took in the sights
of the Terrorist-Supporting Republic.

HNK even provides us with some nice pics of the Syrian Landscape, very pretty indeed. Wonder how many bodies of Lebanese Leaders and Syrian Dissidents are buried under those hills?

And HNK Raves Away about How Great the Non-Democratic Dictatorship is:

As I said I went to Syria.Syria is a beautiful Arabian country. I didn't see a beautiful country like it before. I didn't visit any country before but it was enough for me to see it. I also dreem of living on it. Syria's people are so kind and cute, I f you talk to one of them you can feel in love and you just want to hug this persone. It's a nice country and it have a nice people too. I advice you to visited it some day.

Absolutely right, HNK, maybe we can all get together there for some political assassinations. LOL.

Fine Essayist Alaa at The Messopotamian delves in to the Historic Roots of Al Qaeda:

Al Qaeda, may be considered the generic name for all those movements that have in common what we call the Takfiri ideology. We have to explain this term to our friends. Kufr in the Arabic language means disbelief, atheism, or blasphemy. Kafir is the adjective which means somebody who is an infidel, atheist or heathen. Takfir is to attribute this adjective to someone, i.e. castigate people and excommunicate them as Kafirs. This ideology is not a new one, and neither is it exclusive to the Islamic religion. Unfortunately the idea seems to be implicit in the literalist understanding of all religions, especially those of Semitic origin...What I wanted to say is that the present day Takfiri movement has historical roots that go very far back in time. Indeed the Khawarij movement which appeared in the first century of the Moslem calendar (i.e. the seventh century A.D.), bears a great resemblance to the modern Al-Qaeda and the other Takfiri groups.

The Khawarij also went about committing the most terrible atrocities against foes and innocent folks alike, particularly Moslems, on the basis that these were apostates and Kafirs, citing certain verses and phrases from the Koran as justification. For instance, they would kill and disembowel pregnant Moslem women, based on a verse in the Koran, in which the prophet Noah (of the Arc), asks the Lord to exterminate all the Kafirs, because if they are left on earth they would only beget wicked Kafirs like them (Sura of Noah ). The Khawarij were also quite fanatical and suicidal and fought all their battles to the death. Many of these battles took place during the rule of Imam Ali (PBU), in whose camp, ironically, most of them belonged originally. The Imam (who is the most revered figure by the Shiaa, after the prophet), went to extreme lengths in trying to dissuade and pacify these groups, but to no avail. He was forced to wage very bloody wars against them, which usually ended in completely annihilating all their numbers in battle, since they never surrendered or laid down arms. Despite that, one of their number succeeded in assassinating the Imam while he was praying in the Kufa Mosque in present day Iraq.

Thus those who believe that the present day Takfiri movement is just the outcome of contemporary factors, such as poverty, the political struggle against western policies, nationalism etc. etc., will never arrive at a proper understanding if they do not appreciate the profound complexities of the historical background. Thus I would call these movements and groups the Neo-Khawarij. The renaissance of this Neo-Khawarij in the modern era can certainly be traced to the rise of Wahabism in the 18th century in the Arabian Peninsula, i.e. the present day Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States...

Mama from Emotions talks about the Fear imparted by Rumors in Iraq:

Hello dear friends
Every day we are under the pressure of rumors ,the previous regime members ( they are so many ), work hard to destroy us through rumors which are dangerous & effective weapons ( just like what they did in Al-aema bridge ) they killed thousand of people by one rumor, when someone said a man will explode himself , people were panicked & began to run ,they thronged over each other , many of them threw them selves to the river, I know that happened three weeks ago but I wanted to mention it as an example for the rumors danger.

Every day I go to work I face many rumors , although I try to calm my self & to be careful not to be deceived ,but I work outside the town &I am worried about my family safety , so I can't stop worry among these rumors. I hear about people were kidnapped & killed , kids were killed by gun shots while they were leaving their school , I hear about explosions happened in Mosul or Baghdad & hundreds of people were killed ,& so many scary stories .Some of them are true many of them are not.

We can't be aware ,because we don't have good & innocent local news sources, & not all what happen is mentioned in the other news channels .I feel miserable I should not believe their swearing, or their assertion ,it's too hard I need to be reassured not be more frightened.

Friends of Demcracy tells us that the Ancient Iraqis invented Writing, the Sponge
(evidentally they were all engaging in Giant Communal Sponge Baths at Babylon) and the Cell Phone. Yes, the Cell Phone!

It is a well-known historical fact that our country, Iraq, is the cradle of the most ancient human civilizations on earth. Ancient Iraqis invented writing and they were the first to enact laws. They also invented the sponge which we use today in our bathrooms. And as we know from all the history books that Saddam crammed into our heads, our forefathers were the pillar which human civilization was erected on.

According to the latest archaeological excavations which have not yet been made public as a result of the liberation's circumstances, our forefathers were the first to use cellphones but -and this is a big BUT- Iraqis could not continue their ongoing development because of the international circumstances surrounding them at the time.

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