Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part II

Nude in Color By MG

Yes, it's Part II of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage

Emmunah, the Kurdish Jew from Peshmerga Women suffered a torn rotator cuff
and her blogging days were over for a while. Well she's back, but on a limited basis, and ponders whether Iraq should be seperated in to three

Thinking The Three Nation Option?

Who would have thought that a rotator cuff (the four muscles that hold your shoulder together, could put someone out of commission for months??? I don't know...but whatever you do...make sure your job has health insurance...otherwise you will be given a bottle of modest pain medication (if you are lucky) and that's about all that will be done for you.

Anyway, I've been reading, even if I havent' been writing. If I have anyone left reading this, then I wanted to post this article from the Jerusalem Post. I wonder if it's time to state the obvious, and put bases in Kurdish areas, maybe in Basrah, and let the Sunni Arabs have their damn war! They seem so determined to throw a fit, and there seems to be nothing that can stop them, except other Sunni Arabs. So, put them in charge and see how long it takes them to get all this out of their system.

I don't know...maybe it's misguided...but I am despairing that the Sunni Clerics are never going to accept that they don't get to be the dictators of Iraq anymore. Can't we just give them over to Jordan? Somehow I think King Hussein would be more able to deal with this....of course he would be more brutal too...but no one would criticize an Arab King for being too brutal...or at least..THAT never seems to happen!!! But if the US does's genocide, crimes against humanity, immoral, illegal, ect...ect...ect.

Time for Kurdistan to be Kurdistan!

Ahmad from Iraqi Expat is still on hiatus and explains why:

On a Break

Dear friends,
I am very sorry for disappearing without notice. It wasn't planned. I had to take a break. I needed the break because I got sick and tired of many things, and because I was - and I am still - preoccupied with some issues, among other reasons.

So I think I will stay away for a while until I clear my mind.

Thank you for all your messages, I am fine.

Sandmonkey has Ooodles of Iinformation from Woman's Vibrating Panties with Alarm Clocks to Nuclear Burger Kings in North Korea - Just go there.

Nabil of Nabil's Blog is back in Baghdad after spending
his summer vacation in Jordan. Nabil had hoped to visit the U.S., but I guess it didn't work out for the brother of Zeyad, who is bypassing the tooth extraction business to study Pharmaceutical Science, as he heads off to College.

Dutch Blogger and Honorary Kurd Vladimir Poetin is posting up a storm at
From Holland To Kurdistan
covering Iran's Mad Rush to Nuclear Supremacy and highlighting
Turkish Distrust of the Kurds:

Some Turks tend to discriminate against Kurds, off course not all Turkish people are racists against Kurds. I experienced this in my visit to Turkey.

A Turkish guy working in a carpet shop said:

“You know, you have two parts in Turkey. The west and the east. In the east live the Kurds. I don’t like the Kurdish people. Kurds are like animals. They f*** everything they can get in disco’s. It doesn’t matter to them.”

Another Turkish shopkeeper of jewellery shop told me this:

”Kurds come from the mountains, they are very criminal people. I don’t like them, they are very uncivilised.”

But another Turkish female shopkeeper of jewellery shop said:

”I don’t have a problem with Kurds. To me it doesn’t matter, Kurds, Alevi, Sunni, Turks, Arabs. I love Kurdish music and dances. The Kurds have a problem with the Turkish government, not with me.”

I can still remember how she loved Kurdish music like Aynur. Off course there are nationalistic racist Turks, but it's not their fault. Everyone is formed by his enviroment. The Turkish people only see/hear things about the Kurds in their family, on television (“Turkish soldier killed by Kurdish PKK”), etc. They don't know about the history of the Kurdish people.

Upcoming: Part III - Today or Tomorrow.

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