Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part I

Sunflowers: Photo & Manipulation By MG

Yes, it's time once again for the Largest Iraqi And Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere -
You Lucky People And With Bonus Middle East Coverage.

In Iraq, sex is like snow is a new Iraqi Blog that contains the rantings of a Horny Iraqi College Student (we think) with a healthy interest in Iraqi Sex, Lesbians, Gays, and Belly Dancers. Those Mideasterners sure love their Belly Dancers.

Here's a sample from Caesar of Pentra:

Are we educated well about sex? Do you we know the difference between porn and sex? And did we hear that word of pre-marital sex? Come on; don't say that it is illegal or islamically not allowed,
I bet all of you will do it if you have the chance cuz you want to do so.
Why are you so separated (I mean boys and gurlz)? Why we can't discuss such things? And what about HOMO-SEX; is there homo-sexuals in Iraq (you know, gays and lesbians)?
Hahahaha, imagine a couple of Iraqi lesbians! How will that be? Anyways, I didn't say couple of Iraqi gays cuz they are a lot and I know some (No no no don't let your nasty minds go any further I'm not goddamit gay!)
And you Iraqi chicks, do you know a lot about the concept of sex?
Is it right that the sexual desire of the female beats the desire of the male by 9 to 1?
Do you like spanking on your butts during having sex? Do you want the guy replies all your sexual demands, if you have any? Or that bullshit just found in the porn movies?
Let us not be ignorant and radicals, let us widen our culture (the sex is also a culture believe me!), let us let our minds be more wide open in order to expect and be ready for everything that may face us in this fucken life!

A Free Writer is keeping us abreast of the security situation in Mosul and the latest attacks, including those on a American Dimplomatic Convoy. Free Writer lives, breathes, and eats in Mosul, so we hope things are improving there for him.

And sometimes humor doesn't translate well across International Boundaries, as Free Writer mistakes a horse-hatred spoof site for the real thing!

Abusing not only Humans !!
I was upset and angry every time I read about abusing any human being , as a normal reaction against this cruel phenomena.
I asked myself always ,about the motives that activate these abnormal humans to be just like a savage animals and let them feel good about beating and torturing others ?
But the strange think that I found later , not only humans are suffering from abnormal actions ,
No ... Horses also are victims also ..
A website dedicated only for hating and abusing horses , the most peaceful and wonderful creatures in the animal kingdom.
Horse are full of proud and dignity ,very loyal , symbol of courage and good.
Who can hate those lovely animals .
Perhaps I found the answers about my questions , these kind of humans who hates even the peaceful animals may become very dangerous to other humans , and social societies must deal with them in the same way of dealing with launatic criminals who can cause harms to others in society at any minute.

Haneen S. of From Haneen With Love is a 21-year-old Iraqi College student in Baghdad currently awaiting the results of her Fullbright Scholarship:

The countdown for the Fulbright results started today! Now I'm expecting it in any time. But one of my classmates who applied for the Fulbright with me got her result two days ago. She's not approved ! I didn't get my result yet, and so as one of the applicants. WHY?!

Farah (the classmate) called me today to ask if I got the Fulbright email. I said no, but I'm expecting it these days. She told me that she got it two days ago and she's not approved cuz she got less than 600 scores in the ITP test, and it was written in the email that the competition is so hard this year and there are almost 100 applicants, and they chose the ones whose scores are 600 and above!! They demanded only 550 scores for the TOEFL or the ITP at first.

But this is impossible, her scores are more than mine, and her graduation grades are also higher than mine!! Why didn't I get the email yet?

As I started to comapre, I remembered that she had the ITP test, not the Official TOEFL. I had the official one which was highly recommended. And maybe she scrwed up in the interviw! For me, I did pretty well.

I don't know, but I'm just trying to cling to this false hope. Mom said that maybe they sent emails to the disapproved applicants first, and maybe will send the approved ones later. Or maybe they are relooking at some application files before they give the final jugde!

We hope she's awarded the Scholarship...

Our Favorite Saudi Homeboy: Great Blogger Al Hamedi
of The Religous Policeman goes in-depth to be sure
with a Comprehensive Chronology of the infamous Saudi Booze Bombers, which certainly seems at this point to be the work of
Al Qaeda or some other Western-hating terrorist wannabees, rather than Expats engaging in the illegal -- in the Tragic Kingdom -- alcohol
distribution business.

Al Hamedi also sizes up the Saud Royalty Love Affair with Alcohol:

As I grew up, I realized that quite a number of my fellow Saudis were enjoying the occasional (or indeed frequent) "medicinal" treatment. I found this difficult to reconcile with the odd crate being carried ashore near Jeddah. In fact the more booze that I saw with my own eyes, the more I realized that it was arriving in industrial quantities. And then I picked up the common knowledge that the largest trade was operated by Princes, who had the clout and "Wasta" to get container-loads past Customs officials at the ports, and make sure they weren't searched at the regular roadblocks. Not only that, but the Princes themselves were said to be major customers, by those who occasionally moved in those circles. And it wasn't just my private joke; the late King Fahd was indeed known to be a great Johnny Walker fan.

It's written in Arabic, but the photos aren't: Iraqi Stamps & Money Blog - Hat Tip Emigre
for those of you interested in Iraqi Stamps and Currency.

Part II: Sometime Today or Tomorrow

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