Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part V

Yellow Flower by MG

Yes, it's Part V of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Ferid the Great, Iraqi Dental Student, and wrongly arrested for terrorism is Blogging again and says, there's Too Much Democracy in Iraq.

Iraqi Dr. Humanity is on a bit of a hiatus, as his last post was on August 12, but if you want an in-depth look at an Iraqi Sandstorm with photos, he's your man.

New Iraqi blogger Sooni, not to be confused with Soon-Yi, Woody Allen's Adopted Daughter-Mistress-Wife says the
rulers of Iraq are Dolts:

I hope you didn’t come to a confusion sorry conclusion that the Iraqis are idiots, no they are not but our main problem is that we are ruled by amateurs and we really need professionals and the other problem is the Americans don’t have but those amateurs to consult and they will always give them false readings.

Things didn’t come out the way we hoped or even imagined and we can't blame but ourselves because we chose the people in charge now. Let's hope our choice will be better next time.

Nancy at Beth-Nahrain compares the looting in New Orleans to the looting in Iraq.

Akbar, Akba, or Okba at
Iraqi Rising calls the Iraqi Constitution "Dangerous" in his most recent
posting, but before that, he took another
look back at Steven Vincent:

I just fund out about Steven Vincent's heinous and callous murder in Basra. My deepest condolences and sympathies go out to his family and loved ones.
I am so very very sorry.

Steven was a bright light in a dark world. He bravely bucked all the odds, when others were quick to leave Iraq as the going got tough. He bravely continued to tell the stories and challenge the situation. His Stories from Basra are the epitome of great journalism, and he will always deserves our admiration utmost gratitude.

As an Iraqi, I will never forget you Vincent. And soon all Iraqis will know your sacrifice. School children will know and remember you amongst all the brave souls who have given and continue to give their live so that they can have a brighter future.

I will try my best to preserve your articles and blog reports for the future. God bless you and may you rest in eternal piece.

Gratefully Yours,

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