Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part IV

Iraq Power Lines MG/DC

Yes, it's Part IV of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

As an American, I felt the Looting in New
Orleans disgraceful and a embarrasment. I have
no problem with people in the situation securing food and needed water -- we all have to survive during difficult times, although emergency preparedness would have helped some -- but the grand scale looting, pillaging and lawlessness
that overwhelmed New Orleans was disgusting. And
a lot of us felt the same Disgust at the looting that took place in Iraq.

There are exceptions and one of them seems to be Iraqi Blogger 24 Steps to Liberty, whom while not endorsing the mayhem that occurred in Iraq, seems sympathetic:

I have talked to people that time, people who looted buildings. Some of them said they didn't know why they did it. They are wealthy.
"We just wanted to feel free and get back our money," I remember one man as saying to me. It's true that some gangs and organized groups have looted banks and companies. They stole millions of dollars. But most of the "looters" were poor people who got they could benefit from. I remember footage aired on many satellite channels showing an Iraqi leaving a governmental building, carrying a chair and dancing; another one carried a bouquet of plastic flowers (the kind people put on desks and tables.)

You would wonder, is this looting? What would a chair or flowers do for those people?

The Iraqis were taken hostages for decades. Their dignity, pride, and freedom were confiscated by the ousted regime of Saddam Hussein. Most of the Iraqis lived in poverty and under the average living standards when Saddam paid oil coupons and millions of dollars to his sycophants. Iraqi children didn't have play grounds or toys, and many of them died in hospitals for lack of everything, medicines, equipments, and everything else, when Saddam Hussein built his extra large castles and palaces and huge mosques to beat the record of the largest ones in the world. Out yourself in their shoes and try to decide if it was looting or not. They suddenly got the chance to take "our money back." I am not trying to justify the horrible violation of law and order they did, but I'm just trying to put you in the picture.

The Lovely Egyptian Blogger Ritzy Mabrouk is bashing Robert Fisk. Any time you can bash a Robert Fisk or a Juan Cole or a Galloway, it's a Joyous Occasion.

Old Favorite Medya, busy with school we hear, doesn't post as much these days, but last talked about the United States' "Gay Relationship" with Turkey:

...Driver Turns on the Radio (Iranian Radio) :
Millyet the Turkish newspapers estmaited victims of New orlean's huricane to 10,000 .
Millyet reported Large Discirimination in aiding to blacks .
Hurryet another turkish newspaper blamed the huricane on Bush , and their policy in Iraq.
Zaman the Turkish newspaper put a large photo on the first page saying "Bush Wanted"
Other Turkish newspapers also reported RACISM toward Black peopel in USA and also the low culture of American peopel .

[as I heared all this today in Taxi , i dont remember the name of other newspapers but the radio read many bad thiings about usa while reading turkish newspapers, some minutes I couldnt disitinguish these words from bin laden's words ]

after I came home I listened to Radio Farda [an American radio in farsi] to check the news , "in Turkey ,extremist muslems demanded Islamic government and clashed with police...thousands of them shouted Death to usa , Deatht o Israel , and demanded Islamic government."

just after that I read this in Reuters : US agrees to sell Turkey weapons for fighter jets

2 days ago dear "PEOPEL" this model -attacked to Kurdish civil demonstator lynching them and killed two of them click here to see this barbaric attack from Turk "PEOPEL" to Kurdish Peopel while Turkish police helpt Turkish ppl aggainst poor kurdish ppl.

you know what ? sometimes I guess the best punishement for USA's gay alliance with Turks is to let them continue their gay relationship .... I am sure one day Turkey will be another bin laden for USA because its poepel are naturaly Racist and Extremist Anti American .
[USA had aided Bin Lade
n against Russia ...and during the last century USA has aided Turkey against Kurds]

by the way , I too worry about new orlean, I hope it doesnt have negative effect on US army in Iraq.

Part V Shows Up: Late Tonight or Tomorrow

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