Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part III

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Yes, it's Part III of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Kurdish Blogger Dilnareen recently sent an SOS. She was abducted by Aliens and is currently being held captive on one of the Rings of Saturn. NASA will be launching a rescue mission in 2006, so Dilnareen be patient, we are coming for you.

Iraqi Journalist (we think) Baghdad Treasure describes the dangers present for reporters in Iraq in his interesting Blog: Treasure Of Baghdad...

"An Iraqi working as a reporter for the New York Times was found dead in the southern city of Basra on Monday after being kidnapped by masked men, family members and a doctor said. His brother told Reuters in Basra that four masked men in a dark Toyota vehicle had arrived at the family home in an apartment complex in central Basra after midnight on Sunday.

They said they were from the intelligence services and that they needed to speak to Him in connection with an investigation, the brother said. They bundled him into their vehicle and told his wife and family not to interfere.
The reporter's body was found several hours later in a deserted area on the outskirts of the city." Reuters reported on Monday.

After reading this, a colleague of mine said, "I have to tell my family to be careful and to tell anyone asks about me that I am not here."

Are we going to be killed like this? Does it become so easy for armed men to kidnap reporters and then kill them? Everyday I go out to work, I pray to God to keep me safe, not for me, but for the sake of my family whom I don't want them to be hurt.

Once, at 10 p.m., someone knocked the door.
"I am going to open the door," my mother said.
"No, no. I will open," I said hurrying up to open it. I did that to prevent any danger that may happen to my parents. If someone wants to kill me, I should be the one killed not my family.

Working for a western media is something very dangerous in Iraq now. Terrorists and Saddam's remnants consider any one working for these westerners is a "collaborator" or "spy", forgetting about the freedom of word and the great humanitarian message the journalist conveys.

A curious neighbor to us asked me once where I work. I told him that I work in an internet café. He insisted that I don't show up in my neighborhood the whole day and that does not mean I work only in an internet café. I tried to convince him that internet is widely used in Baghdad now and that I spend the whole day at the café because many people use it. Finally he was convinced.

For me, I haven't told anyone in my neighborhood that I work as a reporter because I live in a relatively Sunni hot area, Adhamiya where three young men in my age were assassinated just because they work with westerners.

Sometimes, although returning back home exhausted, I go out to see my friends and to make others see me and not to think that I work with westerners. "I saw you on TV few days ago," my barber told me once. "You were sitting in a press conference and the camera was focused on you," he said. I was completely shocked and told him that it wasn't me and that was someone looked like me. He did not believe me, of course, because it was definitely me...

The Guy spinning the wheel at The Iraqi Roulette is talking Assassinations:

The bleeding goes on , no one to stop it . More assassinations taking a more random pattern . In Al Ameria today to stores were flattened to ground by an explosion . Bodies are being found on daily basis is various parts of the country . A lot of these assassinations are carried out by men in uniforms . They come pretending they have orders to search a place or arrest someone, and families are slaughtered thus . When incidents like these are reported no one can confirm anything . Rumors blame various parties starting from foreign secret agencies and militias to ordinary killers.
A high ranking official was killed in Al Iskanderia in the south , the assassins came in official cars, armed, in uniforms and entered his very well protected house , shout him with tens of his guards .This is an example that can be explained he is an official , but how can the killing of workers or students be explained in Areas like Al Doura , locals think it is to drive as much people out of the area as possible.

Kurdo from Kurdo's World and Zeyad from Healing Iraq are still on hiatus. As is Ali Fadhil.

Delal at the KBU will be covering the Kurdish Blogs for Global Voices.
So, congragulations to her...

Part IV arriving some time tonight or tomorrow.

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