Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hello Everyone...On Future Spoof Posts

Women 1 Photomanipulation - MG

(Updated: Whoops, I accidentally deleted the post, but thanks to Evil Google found the cached version and are reposting it. Apologies to Fay, Diane,
and other commenters whose comments were lost.)

Hello Everyone. Mister Ghost checking in. On Future Spoof Posts like the Present Spoof Post: Time For Iraqi & Kurdish Bloggers To Donate Towards The Katrina Relief Effort... could we keep the Number of F U Mister Ghost comments down to one or two per posting. Thanks.

You seriously didn't think I expected the Iraqi/Kurdish bloggers to donate to Katrina Relief Efforts? You really didn't believe that did you?BWAHAHAHAHA.

What could the Poor Iraqi/Kurdish Bloggers really donate, that others already haven't?

Maybe dates. Lots of dates in Iraq and Kurdistan. But who the hell wants to eat dates and date bread every day of week. Certainly not hurricane refugees. They want beer and pizza and those good ol' New England Fried Clams.

If the Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers want to donate Beer and Pizza and those good ol' New England Fried Clams, I think we have a happy match.

Okay. Thank You.

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