Friday, September 30, 2005

What Other Iraqi/Kurdish/Mideast Bloggers Could Be Joining Raed & Niki In Their "Hello Frisco" Love Nest?

Mini-Katrina Wipes Out My Grape Arbor - Photo and Loss By MG

What Other Iraqi/Kurdish/Mideast Bloggers Could Be Joining Raed & Niki In Their "Hello Frisco" Love Nest?

The Happy Couple, Living It Up Big Time in the
Love Shack in the hills of San Fran, where nary a Cockroach shall appear, because they're already there cohabitating. The two of them, Raed and
Niki deeply pondering, cooking up ways to grift
the American system.

And who among the Iraqi - Kurdish - Middle Eastern Community of Bloggers could be joining the Happy Couple in their Bush-Hating, Mullah-Supporting
ways at the edge of the Pacific?

Salam Pax - A Big Time YES to Dear Raed! He'll whip out the Leather Pants, catch the first Virgin Flight to parts West, and pop open the can of instant gerbils. It's Love Raed - Niki - Salam style, with Niki sandwiched between Raed and Salam - 'Scuse me, while I get out the spray can of disinfectant.

Emigre - Yes! While the Iraqi Blog Count maven isn't technically in the Mid East -- as she's currently residing in the Land of Mu under the Pacific Ocean --her lips are surgically attached to Raed's ass. So it's a package deal, where Raed goes, she goes.

Ritzy Mabrouk - The Sexy Egyptian Fashion Plate wants The Lights and Fame and Instant Adoration that comes from being a Movie Goddess, so away to the USA, she'll be coming. Hollywood beckons and bounds, and she knows the right way to accessorize herself to the top. A Starlet Is Born!

Khalid Jarrar - Right now Khalid's filming: "I Was A Teenage Terrorist" for Oliver Stone, but when he's done with the flick, don't be surprised if he joins his brother for some Rice A Roni, the San Francisco Treat. Just bring a razor along Khalid, so as not to scare the Locals.

Kurdo - Certainly. Where do you think Kurdo has
been on hiatus all this time? Well, I'll tell you. Off at a secret location in the Hills overlooking San Fran building the Raed-Niki Love Nest, complete with a Master Bedroom with a heart-shaped revolving bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and a velvet Elvis. Those Palestinians are really into Velvet Elvii and pictures of those Dogs Playing Cards.

Omar - The ITM Blogging Superstar is feeling his oats these days, deleting a few messages, filling in a few cavities, changing his Look, he's the Suave Fadhil Brother. While he could make a break for America if things become bleaker in Iraq, living with Raed and Niki, that's pushing it, since they despise each other.

Sandmonkey - Sam would love to come back to the States and could marry one of those Missile Dick Chicks he meets in San Fran in one of those Lost Wages Quickie Drive-Through Weddings/Divorces to
get his green card. Good drugs there in Frisco,
Sam, most of the Moonbat population seems to be
on them.

Fayrouz - Absolutely not! She's quite happy with husband Mark in Beaumont, even if there's coral reefs growing in her bathtub. By next week, she'll no longer need the glass-bottomed boat to get to the bathroom. Harpoon the toilet paper that's floating away Fay! Ahhh, we're just teasing you, Fay.

Ladybird - Yes. She's currently an Encyclopedia of Anti-Amerikkkan Conspiracy Theories. Someone cracked open her skull sometime in the last Decade and poured in a wide load of America Hate and Despair. Her Woe is dense, denser, densest than Element 201 on a bad half life day, so she'd fit in perfectly with the radioactive couple.

Medya - Vegetarian Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants. Lots of them in Frisco. Woowee,
Medya's coming to finally eat a good meal.

Sam From Hammorabi - Says there's Dirty Stinking Scum Cockroaches Criminal Terrorist Wahabbis in those San Francisco hills and he wants no part of them.

Riverbend - Yes, most assuredly so. She would parachute right into San Francisco to join the twosome if she could leave her home in Iraq without a Male Escort. It be a Menage a Twits for sure in the Great Satan, once Riverbend arrives.

Delal - Hey, didn't Delal have a hit song with "Groove Is In Your, Heart?" Delal won't
be joining the Raed - Niki lovefest anytime soon.

The Religous Policeman - Did I ever tell you about my name for Saudi Arabia? Sodomy Arabia. An entire nation of men holding hands and women seperated from the men, holding each other. Peculiar things happen I think. All those women gathered together, their hormones synchronizing. When those Abbeyas come down, it's a renactment of Caligula. What was that about him joining Raed and Niki?

Big Pharaoh - Perhaps! Could he become the Gay Pharaoh? That would be smashing in San Fran. Open a restaurant there under that name. "The Gay Pharaoh," I like it. Big Pharaoh these days has been smoking with Marxists and drinking with Egypt's Homosexual Underground. They're not so underground in the City By The Bay, that's for sure.

Rose From Abu Dhabi - Not unless she can find a babysitter for her daughter.

Najma, the Star From Mosul - Everyone's Favorite Miss Teenage Baathist wouldn't dare venture off to the United States, even if she's a pal of the Jarrars. Americans do Evil Things is her Mantra.
You know this, if you perused her blog, and read
of the latest killing of a Friend, Taxi Driver, Relative, Distant Cousin, Maytag Repairman, Microsoft Executive, the Guy who used to play Chatchi on Happy Days, all killed by American Soldiers. Strangely enough, the terrorist insurgents never seem to kill anyone Najma knows.

Nickie Goomba - The Italian Stallion is going to
have both my legs broken and make two horses heads appear in my bed for even suggesting this.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who is Niki Akhavan?

Niki Akhavan is an Iranian-born naturalized American citizen currently either engaged to or married to the Palestinian (from Jenin, he says) Raed Jarrar.

Remember the elections in Iraq in January where millions of Iraqis braved getting blown up by Zarqawi's headslicers to vote?

Well, what did Niki Akhavan think about those historic elections? In an entry for the blog No War on Iran!, she writes:
The nauseating spectacularization and fetishization of the recent Iraqi elections seems to have hoodwinked many into casting away any doubts they may have had about the U.S. project in Iraq (and I am not speaking here of the U.S. public alone, the majority of the Euro press shared in the uncritical praise of the elections). Rice has to act quick to get support for the next U.S. invasion before the Iraqi election results are announced and its disastrous consequences unleashed.
Nauseating spectacularization and fetishization?!

Heh heh. Oh, MY!

It looks like Raed Jarrar's BELOVED is actually a CHOMSKY-BOT!

Maybe she's also a FEM-BOT!

Raed, watch out for those 30-caliber nipples!

Austin Powers, CUE THE MUSIC!

"Those boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days, these boots
are gonna walk all over you!"


Question: Can Niki Akhavan be considered a friend of Iraqis when she belittles the actions of over EIGHT MILLION IRAQIS when they voted on January 30, 2005?


UPDATE: I've just been informed by attornies representing Raed Jarrar that I will be sued in a court of law for making false statements relating to the caliber of Niki Akhavan's mammary aureoles. According to his lawyers, Raed Jarrar is in possession of paperwork guaranteeing that they are in fact "45-caliber" and not "30-caliber." As conveyed to me through his lawyers, Raed Jarrar has demanded that I immediately retract the erroneous "30-caliber" claim or face immediate legal action.

Stay tuned for the next episode of As Our Litigious World Turns.


Okay, I'm absolutely shameless. Agreed. But I have to give all of you another chance to read a little fairytale I wrote last December -- no snickering in the back of the room, please.

Make That a Thousand and TWO Nights.

Instead of the Prince in the story, you can picture almost any member of the MSM or the Democratic Party and get yourself an ear-to-ear grin. Guaranteed.


CMAR II, this one is for you. I'm still smiling at your dead-on assessment of the rise (and fall?) of the bloglife of Jeffrey -- New York:

The Two Faces of Dr. Evil.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ba'athist by the Bay

I cannot recall whether it was CMAR II or Mister Ghost -- or myself -- who predicted that by the end of a couple years' time the Ba'athist Jarrars would have relocated to "Great Satan" itself, the United States of America. This summer we Americans were subjected to Faiza Jarrar's whistle-stop HATE AMERICA FIRST tour here in the United States. She's back in Jordan now and continues to spew.

But now Raed Jarrar has arrived on the shores of this country, a country whose people he has repeatedly SPIT ON for the last two and a half years. This is a guy who has gone out of his way to glory in the death of American soldiers and who has supported the insurgents/resistance/terrorists who have killed Coalition soldiers from several countries, thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children, and many journalists.


And where is he today?

He's in San Francisco waiting for his GREENCARD INTERVIEW.

Let me repeat. Raed Jarrar, for whom Saddam Hussein was a NATIONAL LEADER, is now sitting in an apartment somewhere in the Bay Area, waiting to acquire a GREENCARD.

Is it just me, or do YOU too find something terribly wrong about this situation?

I don't know about you, but I am going to contact Homeland Security and let them know that I would prefer NOT to have a Ba'athist and Saddam apologist in our country. Let him visit the military families who have lost family members and let him read to them from his blog about how much comfort he received from each of those deaths.

Even though Raed Jarrar, through his marriage to Niki Akhavan, is in line to get a greencard, it is still possible to block his case.

Let Homeland Security know what you think.


Monday, September 26, 2005


Graveyard Golden By MG


Hammorabi Sam comes through with one of his weakest efforts yet, a lame call for the British Troops to apologize and rebuild the prison they broke in to in Basra to rescue their illegally-held comrades:

The way that the British tanks stormed the main prison in Basra and the escape of 150 terrorists from it will not settled if it is not cleared by clear investigations.

The incidence ended however it will act as a source for inflammation which may lead to a cascade of events ended with serious consequences. These consequences are not only going to involve the British troops but the whole process of more peaceful situation there.

The two soldiers appeared like spies in their acts. The way they released was not acceptable. It will put the life of these troops in danger and dismantle the sort of trust built over the last 3 years with the local population.

The tension increased more today and it is wrong to assume that it is going to die so easily unless clear and acceptable explanation reached.

One of the best way to build bridges back is to apologize to the local population of Basra by the representative of the British troop clearly and official to the local authorities there. Another way is for the troops to rebuild or pay for rebuilding what it destroyed.

Sam is promptly Crucified, Ripped Apart~ and rightly so by his Commentators -- except for
the Dhimmi Euro Trash types like Bruno and Robin H -- who realize that Basra has been taken over and converted in to Little Iranistahn, a Vassal State of the Terrorist-Supporting Nation of Iran, where
no Rule of Law prevails, except for the Word of the Mullahs and the Might of the Shia Militias...


The decent people of Basra are being terrorized and oppressed by the various Shia militias who have imposed a Taliban-like theocratic rule. If you think that the Brits, or any other civilized people, will tolerate their countrymen being held captive by the Shia savages, you are delusional. Time to step on a whole lot of Shia cockroaches. God Save the Queen


I think that Mookie is causing a real problem down in Basra. Perhaps he should publically apologize for the killing of the good cleric Al Khoei before he asks for an apology from the Brits. Perhaps he should apologize for killing all those innocent Shiia in Najef. Tina


Sam, While the Brittish soldiers were parked at the police station negotiating the release of the two British soldiers, rioting erupted out front. Rocks and molotov cocktails were being hurled at the tbe British. The British officers were not going to leave their two people behind in the middle of that riot. It was entirely possible that the two British people could have died if the police station was over run by the riot and the rioters killed the British men. They had to get the men out of the riot. RG


Sam, I must disagree. The agreement the Iraqi government signed requires the Iraqi government to turn over coalition soldiers immediately to the respective government. The "officials" in Basra failed to do that--even after being asked at the highest levels of government. The British therefore used the smallest amount of force needed to guarantee mission success and reduce loss of human life. The destruction of property is not a factor here; the coalition most likely built the facility that was damaged anyway. We can build it again for you. The accidental freeing of other prisoners (if it happened) is indeed sad, but most prisoners are recaptured quickly. If you don't want the British or the Americans in Iraq, then ask us to leave. Original Jeff


I say good for the British. There are too many groups in Basra acting for interests other than the greater good of Iraq. You have the SCIRI and Sadr groups and their respective militias, running around beating up defenseless Iraqi civilians. They are acting on their own agendas and not that of the Iraqi nation. The British did good to get their soldiers out of there, you just don't know who will do what to them. Actually, the Brits probably did know, and that's why they acted strongly to get their soldiers. And Sam, in addition to the known explicit violence, these groups are engaging in corruption of the civil institutions. The greater problem down there is someting other than whatever the British are doing. Bobby


Well that's a very one sided post you put up there, basically you have assumed that the British are to blame for everything. Heres the other side: Basra's local authorities including the police has a major problem which is infiltration by local militias. This flies in the face of attempts to democratise Iraqs institutions. The SAS guys in question had the local police under surveilance for involvement with Shia militia (Sadr's thugs), and they were captured by the very people that they were investigating. The British tried to negotiate their release but the Shia militia organised 100's of their supporters to show up and cause a disturbance. The upshot was a riot with molotov cocktails. The British troops showed immense restriant and not a little courage in the face of deliberate provocation. With the situation spiralling out of control and the police "officials" illegally blocking the release of the captured troops (Sadr wanted them as hostages to the release of a couple of his top boys recently arrested by British forces) the decision was made to take them back by force. And where were they when they were rescued? In "police" hands? No, in the hands of Sadr's thugs. These problems are not being caused by the Brits but rather by attempts by local warlords like Sadr to exert their power over local institutions. Hes just trying to get power mate, and he doesn't give a damn about the democratisation of Iraq. We do. Which one do you want? Zeb


The Iraqi Interior ministery ordered the police in Basra to release the 2 British hostages ,but the police refused to do so !? why ? Simply .....this is the word of the head of the police in Basra (I could trust only 25% of my police force ..meant they obey his orders only the few in establishing law and order , many too scared and the Sadri plus in control roaming the land !) The Iraqi giornalist working for a western media ,as we know afew days ago ....he was brobing the Sadri infiltration in the Basra police force ...he did n't last they killed within couple days ! truth


Teety teety mithil ma rihti jiti The Arab calture and politicians in ME always they blamed Israel for any thing ,even when is not raining ,or not getting with the we have the same thing happening in Basra this time used by some hard line Shiaa to draw attention away and focus from the real issue !which are peopl's suffring ,restriction on individual liberties ,smuggling ,ignoring local econemy by leaving it too dependent on the Iranians ,imposing religious restrictions on all students both males and females.....etc A spoksman in the city police claimed the 2 Brits were Israeli agents !ha ha ha old one ! That is why we have an Iraqi proverb for or when things not that easy to change and to mask the individuals inadequecies and shortcomes as this style basicly based on lies ,and more lies blaming always others ....Teety teety mithil ma rihti jiti truth

Not Sam's most thought-out post...

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part VII

Stone Ruins At Park -Photo By MG

Yes, it's Part VII of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Do Baathist Dogs go to heaven? No, they head to
the Peoples Socialist Paradise of Syria, and that's exactly what the Family From Mosul did recently during their Summer Vacation. The trip to Turkey didn't work out, so Pop Doctor, Mom the University Professor, Najma the Star From Mosul, and HNK packed up their belongings and took in the sights
of the Terrorist-Supporting Republic.

HNK even provides us with some nice pics of the Syrian Landscape, very pretty indeed. Wonder how many bodies of Lebanese Leaders and Syrian Dissidents are buried under those hills?

And HNK Raves Away about How Great the Non-Democratic Dictatorship is:

As I said I went to Syria.Syria is a beautiful Arabian country. I didn't see a beautiful country like it before. I didn't visit any country before but it was enough for me to see it. I also dreem of living on it. Syria's people are so kind and cute, I f you talk to one of them you can feel in love and you just want to hug this persone. It's a nice country and it have a nice people too. I advice you to visited it some day.

Absolutely right, HNK, maybe we can all get together there for some political assassinations. LOL.

Fine Essayist Alaa at The Messopotamian delves in to the Historic Roots of Al Qaeda:

Al Qaeda, may be considered the generic name for all those movements that have in common what we call the Takfiri ideology. We have to explain this term to our friends. Kufr in the Arabic language means disbelief, atheism, or blasphemy. Kafir is the adjective which means somebody who is an infidel, atheist or heathen. Takfir is to attribute this adjective to someone, i.e. castigate people and excommunicate them as Kafirs. This ideology is not a new one, and neither is it exclusive to the Islamic religion. Unfortunately the idea seems to be implicit in the literalist understanding of all religions, especially those of Semitic origin...What I wanted to say is that the present day Takfiri movement has historical roots that go very far back in time. Indeed the Khawarij movement which appeared in the first century of the Moslem calendar (i.e. the seventh century A.D.), bears a great resemblance to the modern Al-Qaeda and the other Takfiri groups.

The Khawarij also went about committing the most terrible atrocities against foes and innocent folks alike, particularly Moslems, on the basis that these were apostates and Kafirs, citing certain verses and phrases from the Koran as justification. For instance, they would kill and disembowel pregnant Moslem women, based on a verse in the Koran, in which the prophet Noah (of the Arc), asks the Lord to exterminate all the Kafirs, because if they are left on earth they would only beget wicked Kafirs like them (Sura of Noah ). The Khawarij were also quite fanatical and suicidal and fought all their battles to the death. Many of these battles took place during the rule of Imam Ali (PBU), in whose camp, ironically, most of them belonged originally. The Imam (who is the most revered figure by the Shiaa, after the prophet), went to extreme lengths in trying to dissuade and pacify these groups, but to no avail. He was forced to wage very bloody wars against them, which usually ended in completely annihilating all their numbers in battle, since they never surrendered or laid down arms. Despite that, one of their number succeeded in assassinating the Imam while he was praying in the Kufa Mosque in present day Iraq.

Thus those who believe that the present day Takfiri movement is just the outcome of contemporary factors, such as poverty, the political struggle against western policies, nationalism etc. etc., will never arrive at a proper understanding if they do not appreciate the profound complexities of the historical background. Thus I would call these movements and groups the Neo-Khawarij. The renaissance of this Neo-Khawarij in the modern era can certainly be traced to the rise of Wahabism in the 18th century in the Arabian Peninsula, i.e. the present day Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States...

Mama from Emotions talks about the Fear imparted by Rumors in Iraq:

Hello dear friends
Every day we are under the pressure of rumors ,the previous regime members ( they are so many ), work hard to destroy us through rumors which are dangerous & effective weapons ( just like what they did in Al-aema bridge ) they killed thousand of people by one rumor, when someone said a man will explode himself , people were panicked & began to run ,they thronged over each other , many of them threw them selves to the river, I know that happened three weeks ago but I wanted to mention it as an example for the rumors danger.

Every day I go to work I face many rumors , although I try to calm my self & to be careful not to be deceived ,but I work outside the town &I am worried about my family safety , so I can't stop worry among these rumors. I hear about people were kidnapped & killed , kids were killed by gun shots while they were leaving their school , I hear about explosions happened in Mosul or Baghdad & hundreds of people were killed ,& so many scary stories .Some of them are true many of them are not.

We can't be aware ,because we don't have good & innocent local news sources, & not all what happen is mentioned in the other news channels .I feel miserable I should not believe their swearing, or their assertion ,it's too hard I need to be reassured not be more frightened.

Friends of Demcracy tells us that the Ancient Iraqis invented Writing, the Sponge
(evidentally they were all engaging in Giant Communal Sponge Baths at Babylon) and the Cell Phone. Yes, the Cell Phone!

It is a well-known historical fact that our country, Iraq, is the cradle of the most ancient human civilizations on earth. Ancient Iraqis invented writing and they were the first to enact laws. They also invented the sponge which we use today in our bathrooms. And as we know from all the history books that Saddam crammed into our heads, our forefathers were the pillar which human civilization was erected on.

According to the latest archaeological excavations which have not yet been made public as a result of the liberation's circumstances, our forefathers were the first to use cellphones but -and this is a big BUT- Iraqis could not continue their ongoing development because of the international circumstances surrounding them at the time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part VI

Work - Mister Ghost and DC

Yes, it's Part VI of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Iraqi Blogger Ihath,
who's married to a Palestinian needs a Dream Interpretation:

Does anybody know how to interpret dreams? I had a very vivid dream last night. My husband, my son and I were carrying a huge white python. We were carrying it for a long time while walking around town, the beach, city center. Finally we got home and placed the white python in our bath tub.

Any clues what that means?

She also got caught with her zipper down in Washington. Hell, that happened to Bill Clinton
many a times, so I wouldn't worry much about it, Ihath.

Kurdish-Iraqi Sami from Iraqi Thoughts has been down in the dumps lately, because of the situation in Iraq. In his latest post, he talks about rejection and a particularly annoying Western-based Pro Saddamite commentator to his blog:

I am sure its happened to all of you, feeling of rejection, not being wanted etc. Most people take a while to get over it and hurt, but don't allow it to dictate their lives.

I bring this up for a simple reason, my friend who posts comments on every post I write attacking me. He has called me every name there is, brings me articles trying to look smart from different resources thinking that its going to really affect me.

I have been in a relationship before where the girl was so in love, and when I finally told her it was over she couldn't understand. She tried her best to try and ruin me by doing everything. Calling me daily, using every lie in the book and constantly harassing me. It didn't bother me but i felt sorry for her, i realised that she was still not over it and that feeling isolated and alone she had no better option than trying her best to make me feel bad.

Now back to the point, its the same thing with this guy who posts daily. He makes me laugh, instead of making his own blog writing and publishing all the material that he reads and place it in his blog he comes back like a rejected ex. Knowing full well he is lost everything, he still tries every time to outsmart me. I don't doubt he is Iraqi, but I know where he lives and its funny he publishes all his anti western rhetoric when he himself lives in the West. The irony is because he lives so far he relies on news reports and odd clippings from web sites rather than speak to Iraqis who live in Iraq. Thank you my friend for making me feel happy. With every comment you publish it gives me great joy knowing how much my words hurt you. The fact is most of the people who share your ideals are too busy watching Jazira and haven't reached the stage of opening their minds.

Kurdistan Youngs ask A Minute For The Sake
Of Our Children (obviously Kurdish children,
we're assuming) with photos.

Piling at the KBU has a very Comprehensive Look at the Status of the Kurds under the new Iraqi Constitution.

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part V

Yellow Flower by MG

Yes, it's Part V of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Ferid the Great, Iraqi Dental Student, and wrongly arrested for terrorism is Blogging again and says, there's Too Much Democracy in Iraq.

Iraqi Dr. Humanity is on a bit of a hiatus, as his last post was on August 12, but if you want an in-depth look at an Iraqi Sandstorm with photos, he's your man.

New Iraqi blogger Sooni, not to be confused with Soon-Yi, Woody Allen's Adopted Daughter-Mistress-Wife says the
rulers of Iraq are Dolts:

I hope you didn’t come to a confusion sorry conclusion that the Iraqis are idiots, no they are not but our main problem is that we are ruled by amateurs and we really need professionals and the other problem is the Americans don’t have but those amateurs to consult and they will always give them false readings.

Things didn’t come out the way we hoped or even imagined and we can't blame but ourselves because we chose the people in charge now. Let's hope our choice will be better next time.

Nancy at Beth-Nahrain compares the looting in New Orleans to the looting in Iraq.

Akbar, Akba, or Okba at
Iraqi Rising calls the Iraqi Constitution "Dangerous" in his most recent
posting, but before that, he took another
look back at Steven Vincent:

I just fund out about Steven Vincent's heinous and callous murder in Basra. My deepest condolences and sympathies go out to his family and loved ones.
I am so very very sorry.

Steven was a bright light in a dark world. He bravely bucked all the odds, when others were quick to leave Iraq as the going got tough. He bravely continued to tell the stories and challenge the situation. His Stories from Basra are the epitome of great journalism, and he will always deserves our admiration utmost gratitude.

As an Iraqi, I will never forget you Vincent. And soon all Iraqis will know your sacrifice. School children will know and remember you amongst all the brave souls who have given and continue to give their live so that they can have a brighter future.

I will try my best to preserve your articles and blog reports for the future. God bless you and may you rest in eternal piece.

Gratefully Yours,

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part IV

Iraq Power Lines MG/DC

Yes, it's Part IV of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

As an American, I felt the Looting in New
Orleans disgraceful and a embarrasment. I have
no problem with people in the situation securing food and needed water -- we all have to survive during difficult times, although emergency preparedness would have helped some -- but the grand scale looting, pillaging and lawlessness
that overwhelmed New Orleans was disgusting. And
a lot of us felt the same Disgust at the looting that took place in Iraq.

There are exceptions and one of them seems to be Iraqi Blogger 24 Steps to Liberty, whom while not endorsing the mayhem that occurred in Iraq, seems sympathetic:

I have talked to people that time, people who looted buildings. Some of them said they didn't know why they did it. They are wealthy.
"We just wanted to feel free and get back our money," I remember one man as saying to me. It's true that some gangs and organized groups have looted banks and companies. They stole millions of dollars. But most of the "looters" were poor people who got they could benefit from. I remember footage aired on many satellite channels showing an Iraqi leaving a governmental building, carrying a chair and dancing; another one carried a bouquet of plastic flowers (the kind people put on desks and tables.)

You would wonder, is this looting? What would a chair or flowers do for those people?

The Iraqis were taken hostages for decades. Their dignity, pride, and freedom were confiscated by the ousted regime of Saddam Hussein. Most of the Iraqis lived in poverty and under the average living standards when Saddam paid oil coupons and millions of dollars to his sycophants. Iraqi children didn't have play grounds or toys, and many of them died in hospitals for lack of everything, medicines, equipments, and everything else, when Saddam Hussein built his extra large castles and palaces and huge mosques to beat the record of the largest ones in the world. Out yourself in their shoes and try to decide if it was looting or not. They suddenly got the chance to take "our money back." I am not trying to justify the horrible violation of law and order they did, but I'm just trying to put you in the picture.

The Lovely Egyptian Blogger Ritzy Mabrouk is bashing Robert Fisk. Any time you can bash a Robert Fisk or a Juan Cole or a Galloway, it's a Joyous Occasion.

Old Favorite Medya, busy with school we hear, doesn't post as much these days, but last talked about the United States' "Gay Relationship" with Turkey:

...Driver Turns on the Radio (Iranian Radio) :
Millyet the Turkish newspapers estmaited victims of New orlean's huricane to 10,000 .
Millyet reported Large Discirimination in aiding to blacks .
Hurryet another turkish newspaper blamed the huricane on Bush , and their policy in Iraq.
Zaman the Turkish newspaper put a large photo on the first page saying "Bush Wanted"
Other Turkish newspapers also reported RACISM toward Black peopel in USA and also the low culture of American peopel .

[as I heared all this today in Taxi , i dont remember the name of other newspapers but the radio read many bad thiings about usa while reading turkish newspapers, some minutes I couldnt disitinguish these words from bin laden's words ]

after I came home I listened to Radio Farda [an American radio in farsi] to check the news , "in Turkey ,extremist muslems demanded Islamic government and clashed with police...thousands of them shouted Death to usa , Deatht o Israel , and demanded Islamic government."

just after that I read this in Reuters : US agrees to sell Turkey weapons for fighter jets

2 days ago dear "PEOPEL" this model -attacked to Kurdish civil demonstator lynching them and killed two of them click here to see this barbaric attack from Turk "PEOPEL" to Kurdish Peopel while Turkish police helpt Turkish ppl aggainst poor kurdish ppl.

you know what ? sometimes I guess the best punishement for USA's gay alliance with Turks is to let them continue their gay relationship .... I am sure one day Turkey will be another bin laden for USA because its poepel are naturaly Racist and Extremist Anti American .
[USA had aided Bin Lade
n against Russia ...and during the last century USA has aided Turkey against Kurds]

by the way , I too worry about new orlean, I hope it doesnt have negative effect on US army in Iraq.

Part V Shows Up: Late Tonight or Tomorrow

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part III

Flowers - Photo & Manipulation By MG

Yes, it's Part III of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage.

Kurdish Blogger Dilnareen recently sent an SOS. She was abducted by Aliens and is currently being held captive on one of the Rings of Saturn. NASA will be launching a rescue mission in 2006, so Dilnareen be patient, we are coming for you.

Iraqi Journalist (we think) Baghdad Treasure describes the dangers present for reporters in Iraq in his interesting Blog: Treasure Of Baghdad...

"An Iraqi working as a reporter for the New York Times was found dead in the southern city of Basra on Monday after being kidnapped by masked men, family members and a doctor said. His brother told Reuters in Basra that four masked men in a dark Toyota vehicle had arrived at the family home in an apartment complex in central Basra after midnight on Sunday.

They said they were from the intelligence services and that they needed to speak to Him in connection with an investigation, the brother said. They bundled him into their vehicle and told his wife and family not to interfere.
The reporter's body was found several hours later in a deserted area on the outskirts of the city." Reuters reported on Monday.

After reading this, a colleague of mine said, "I have to tell my family to be careful and to tell anyone asks about me that I am not here."

Are we going to be killed like this? Does it become so easy for armed men to kidnap reporters and then kill them? Everyday I go out to work, I pray to God to keep me safe, not for me, but for the sake of my family whom I don't want them to be hurt.

Once, at 10 p.m., someone knocked the door.
"I am going to open the door," my mother said.
"No, no. I will open," I said hurrying up to open it. I did that to prevent any danger that may happen to my parents. If someone wants to kill me, I should be the one killed not my family.

Working for a western media is something very dangerous in Iraq now. Terrorists and Saddam's remnants consider any one working for these westerners is a "collaborator" or "spy", forgetting about the freedom of word and the great humanitarian message the journalist conveys.

A curious neighbor to us asked me once where I work. I told him that I work in an internet café. He insisted that I don't show up in my neighborhood the whole day and that does not mean I work only in an internet café. I tried to convince him that internet is widely used in Baghdad now and that I spend the whole day at the café because many people use it. Finally he was convinced.

For me, I haven't told anyone in my neighborhood that I work as a reporter because I live in a relatively Sunni hot area, Adhamiya where three young men in my age were assassinated just because they work with westerners.

Sometimes, although returning back home exhausted, I go out to see my friends and to make others see me and not to think that I work with westerners. "I saw you on TV few days ago," my barber told me once. "You were sitting in a press conference and the camera was focused on you," he said. I was completely shocked and told him that it wasn't me and that was someone looked like me. He did not believe me, of course, because it was definitely me...

The Guy spinning the wheel at The Iraqi Roulette is talking Assassinations:

The bleeding goes on , no one to stop it . More assassinations taking a more random pattern . In Al Ameria today to stores were flattened to ground by an explosion . Bodies are being found on daily basis is various parts of the country . A lot of these assassinations are carried out by men in uniforms . They come pretending they have orders to search a place or arrest someone, and families are slaughtered thus . When incidents like these are reported no one can confirm anything . Rumors blame various parties starting from foreign secret agencies and militias to ordinary killers.
A high ranking official was killed in Al Iskanderia in the south , the assassins came in official cars, armed, in uniforms and entered his very well protected house , shout him with tens of his guards .This is an example that can be explained he is an official , but how can the killing of workers or students be explained in Areas like Al Doura , locals think it is to drive as much people out of the area as possible.

Kurdo from Kurdo's World and Zeyad from Healing Iraq are still on hiatus. As is Ali Fadhil.

Delal at the KBU will be covering the Kurdish Blogs for Global Voices.
So, congragulations to her...

Part IV arriving some time tonight or tomorrow.

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part II

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Yes, it's Part II of the Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere with Special Mideast Bonus Coverage

Emmunah, the Kurdish Jew from Peshmerga Women suffered a torn rotator cuff
and her blogging days were over for a while. Well she's back, but on a limited basis, and ponders whether Iraq should be seperated in to three

Thinking The Three Nation Option?

Who would have thought that a rotator cuff (the four muscles that hold your shoulder together, could put someone out of commission for months??? I don't know...but whatever you do...make sure your job has health insurance...otherwise you will be given a bottle of modest pain medication (if you are lucky) and that's about all that will be done for you.

Anyway, I've been reading, even if I havent' been writing. If I have anyone left reading this, then I wanted to post this article from the Jerusalem Post. I wonder if it's time to state the obvious, and put bases in Kurdish areas, maybe in Basrah, and let the Sunni Arabs have their damn war! They seem so determined to throw a fit, and there seems to be nothing that can stop them, except other Sunni Arabs. So, put them in charge and see how long it takes them to get all this out of their system.

I don't know...maybe it's misguided...but I am despairing that the Sunni Clerics are never going to accept that they don't get to be the dictators of Iraq anymore. Can't we just give them over to Jordan? Somehow I think King Hussein would be more able to deal with this....of course he would be more brutal too...but no one would criticize an Arab King for being too brutal...or at least..THAT never seems to happen!!! But if the US does's genocide, crimes against humanity, immoral, illegal, ect...ect...ect.

Time for Kurdistan to be Kurdistan!

Ahmad from Iraqi Expat is still on hiatus and explains why:

On a Break

Dear friends,
I am very sorry for disappearing without notice. It wasn't planned. I had to take a break. I needed the break because I got sick and tired of many things, and because I was - and I am still - preoccupied with some issues, among other reasons.

So I think I will stay away for a while until I clear my mind.

Thank you for all your messages, I am fine.

Sandmonkey has Ooodles of Iinformation from Woman's Vibrating Panties with Alarm Clocks to Nuclear Burger Kings in North Korea - Just go there.

Nabil of Nabil's Blog is back in Baghdad after spending
his summer vacation in Jordan. Nabil had hoped to visit the U.S., but I guess it didn't work out for the brother of Zeyad, who is bypassing the tooth extraction business to study Pharmaceutical Science, as he heads off to College.

Dutch Blogger and Honorary Kurd Vladimir Poetin is posting up a storm at
From Holland To Kurdistan
covering Iran's Mad Rush to Nuclear Supremacy and highlighting
Turkish Distrust of the Kurds:

Some Turks tend to discriminate against Kurds, off course not all Turkish people are racists against Kurds. I experienced this in my visit to Turkey.

A Turkish guy working in a carpet shop said:

“You know, you have two parts in Turkey. The west and the east. In the east live the Kurds. I don’t like the Kurdish people. Kurds are like animals. They f*** everything they can get in disco’s. It doesn’t matter to them.”

Another Turkish shopkeeper of jewellery shop told me this:

”Kurds come from the mountains, they are very criminal people. I don’t like them, they are very uncivilised.”

But another Turkish female shopkeeper of jewellery shop said:

”I don’t have a problem with Kurds. To me it doesn’t matter, Kurds, Alevi, Sunni, Turks, Arabs. I love Kurdish music and dances. The Kurds have a problem with the Turkish government, not with me.”

I can still remember how she loved Kurdish music like Aynur. Off course there are nationalistic racist Turks, but it's not their fault. Everyone is formed by his enviroment. The Turkish people only see/hear things about the Kurds in their family, on television (“Turkish soldier killed by Kurdish PKK”), etc. They don't know about the history of the Kurdish people.

Upcoming: Part III - Today or Tomorrow.

The Largest Iraqi - Kurdish Bloggers Update In The Blogosphere - Part I

Sunflowers: Photo & Manipulation By MG

Yes, it's time once again for the Largest Iraqi And Kurdish Bloggers Update in the Blogosphere -
You Lucky People And With Bonus Middle East Coverage.

In Iraq, sex is like snow is a new Iraqi Blog that contains the rantings of a Horny Iraqi College Student (we think) with a healthy interest in Iraqi Sex, Lesbians, Gays, and Belly Dancers. Those Mideasterners sure love their Belly Dancers.

Here's a sample from Caesar of Pentra:

Are we educated well about sex? Do you we know the difference between porn and sex? And did we hear that word of pre-marital sex? Come on; don't say that it is illegal or islamically not allowed,
I bet all of you will do it if you have the chance cuz you want to do so.
Why are you so separated (I mean boys and gurlz)? Why we can't discuss such things? And what about HOMO-SEX; is there homo-sexuals in Iraq (you know, gays and lesbians)?
Hahahaha, imagine a couple of Iraqi lesbians! How will that be? Anyways, I didn't say couple of Iraqi gays cuz they are a lot and I know some (No no no don't let your nasty minds go any further I'm not goddamit gay!)
And you Iraqi chicks, do you know a lot about the concept of sex?
Is it right that the sexual desire of the female beats the desire of the male by 9 to 1?
Do you like spanking on your butts during having sex? Do you want the guy replies all your sexual demands, if you have any? Or that bullshit just found in the porn movies?
Let us not be ignorant and radicals, let us widen our culture (the sex is also a culture believe me!), let us let our minds be more wide open in order to expect and be ready for everything that may face us in this fucken life!

A Free Writer is keeping us abreast of the security situation in Mosul and the latest attacks, including those on a American Dimplomatic Convoy. Free Writer lives, breathes, and eats in Mosul, so we hope things are improving there for him.

And sometimes humor doesn't translate well across International Boundaries, as Free Writer mistakes a horse-hatred spoof site for the real thing!

Abusing not only Humans !!
I was upset and angry every time I read about abusing any human being , as a normal reaction against this cruel phenomena.
I asked myself always ,about the motives that activate these abnormal humans to be just like a savage animals and let them feel good about beating and torturing others ?
But the strange think that I found later , not only humans are suffering from abnormal actions ,
No ... Horses also are victims also ..
A website dedicated only for hating and abusing horses , the most peaceful and wonderful creatures in the animal kingdom.
Horse are full of proud and dignity ,very loyal , symbol of courage and good.
Who can hate those lovely animals .
Perhaps I found the answers about my questions , these kind of humans who hates even the peaceful animals may become very dangerous to other humans , and social societies must deal with them in the same way of dealing with launatic criminals who can cause harms to others in society at any minute.

Haneen S. of From Haneen With Love is a 21-year-old Iraqi College student in Baghdad currently awaiting the results of her Fullbright Scholarship:

The countdown for the Fulbright results started today! Now I'm expecting it in any time. But one of my classmates who applied for the Fulbright with me got her result two days ago. She's not approved ! I didn't get my result yet, and so as one of the applicants. WHY?!

Farah (the classmate) called me today to ask if I got the Fulbright email. I said no, but I'm expecting it these days. She told me that she got it two days ago and she's not approved cuz she got less than 600 scores in the ITP test, and it was written in the email that the competition is so hard this year and there are almost 100 applicants, and they chose the ones whose scores are 600 and above!! They demanded only 550 scores for the TOEFL or the ITP at first.

But this is impossible, her scores are more than mine, and her graduation grades are also higher than mine!! Why didn't I get the email yet?

As I started to comapre, I remembered that she had the ITP test, not the Official TOEFL. I had the official one which was highly recommended. And maybe she scrwed up in the interviw! For me, I did pretty well.

I don't know, but I'm just trying to cling to this false hope. Mom said that maybe they sent emails to the disapproved applicants first, and maybe will send the approved ones later. Or maybe they are relooking at some application files before they give the final jugde!

We hope she's awarded the Scholarship...

Our Favorite Saudi Homeboy: Great Blogger Al Hamedi
of The Religous Policeman goes in-depth to be sure
with a Comprehensive Chronology of the infamous Saudi Booze Bombers, which certainly seems at this point to be the work of
Al Qaeda or some other Western-hating terrorist wannabees, rather than Expats engaging in the illegal -- in the Tragic Kingdom -- alcohol
distribution business.

Al Hamedi also sizes up the Saud Royalty Love Affair with Alcohol:

As I grew up, I realized that quite a number of my fellow Saudis were enjoying the occasional (or indeed frequent) "medicinal" treatment. I found this difficult to reconcile with the odd crate being carried ashore near Jeddah. In fact the more booze that I saw with my own eyes, the more I realized that it was arriving in industrial quantities. And then I picked up the common knowledge that the largest trade was operated by Princes, who had the clout and "Wasta" to get container-loads past Customs officials at the ports, and make sure they weren't searched at the regular roadblocks. Not only that, but the Princes themselves were said to be major customers, by those who occasionally moved in those circles. And it wasn't just my private joke; the late King Fahd was indeed known to be a great Johnny Walker fan.

It's written in Arabic, but the photos aren't: Iraqi Stamps & Money Blog - Hat Tip Emigre
for those of you interested in Iraqi Stamps and Currency.

Part II: Sometime Today or Tomorrow

Monday, September 19, 2005

No Greater Pleasure

In the Washington Times, Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough report the assessment of Army Col. H.R. McMaster, "a soldier-scholar who once advised Gen. John Abizaid", on the battle of Tal Afar:

"via a video hookup to describe how his 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, joined by 3rd Iraqi Army Division, routed most of the extremists.

But it was his description of how the enemy occupied their safe haven that got the most attention. Col. McMaster told of beheadings, gunshot killings, a booby-trapped dead child and kidnappings. '

This is the worst of the worst in terms of people in the world," he said. "To protect themselves here, what the enemy did is they waged the most brutal and murderous campaign against the people of Tal Afar. ... The enemy here did just the most horrible things you can imagine, in one case murdering a child, placing a booby trap within the child's body and waiting for the parent to come recover the body of their child and exploding it to kill the parents."

But we shouldn't get too upset about the deaths of "collaborators", right?

He also said:

"They are some of the worst human beings on the face of the Earth...There is no really greater pleasure for us than to kill or capture these particular individuals."

That reminds me of something Christopher Hitchens said recently in an interview:

They [Islamist radicals or, as Hitchens calls them, Islamo-fascists] gave us no peace and we shouldn’t give them any. We can't live on the same planet as them and I'm glad because I don’t want to. I don’t want to breathe the same air as these psychopaths and murders and rapists and torturers and child abusers.
Its them or me. I'm very happy about this because I know it will be them. It’s a duty and a responsibility to defeat them. But it's also a pleasure. I don’t regard it as a grim task at all.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hello Everyone...On Future Spoof Posts

Women 1 Photomanipulation - MG

(Updated: Whoops, I accidentally deleted the post, but thanks to Evil Google found the cached version and are reposting it. Apologies to Fay, Diane,
and other commenters whose comments were lost.)

Hello Everyone. Mister Ghost checking in. On Future Spoof Posts like the Present Spoof Post: Time For Iraqi & Kurdish Bloggers To Donate Towards The Katrina Relief Effort... could we keep the Number of F U Mister Ghost comments down to one or two per posting. Thanks.

You seriously didn't think I expected the Iraqi/Kurdish bloggers to donate to Katrina Relief Efforts? You really didn't believe that did you?BWAHAHAHAHA.

What could the Poor Iraqi/Kurdish Bloggers really donate, that others already haven't?

Maybe dates. Lots of dates in Iraq and Kurdistan. But who the hell wants to eat dates and date bread every day of week. Certainly not hurricane refugees. They want beer and pizza and those good ol' New England Fried Clams.

If the Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers want to donate Beer and Pizza and those good ol' New England Fried Clams, I think we have a happy match.

Okay. Thank You.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Time For Iraqi & Kurdish Bloggers To Donate Towards The Katrina Relief Effort As The Iraqi Soldiers Did

Merged Image
by MG

Evil Omar Fadhil at ITM, Charles at LGF, and a host of other bloggers have picked up on the story of the Iraqi Soldiers led by Colonel Abbas Fadhil donating One Million Dinars
to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort:

“I am Colonel Abbas Fadhil; Tadji Military Base Commander,” Abbas wrote. “On behalf of myself and all the People of Tadji Military Base; I would like to console the American People and Government for getting this horrible disaster. So we would like to donate 1.000.000 Iraqi Dinars to help the government and the People also I would like to console all the ASTs who helped us rebuilding our country and our Army. We appreciate the American’s help and support. Thank you.”

While One Million Iraqi Dinars -- approximately $680 dollars -- doesn't go as far as it use to, it's still a touching Humanitarian Gesture by the Colonel and his men, giving up the equivalent of one month's salary to help the unfortunate Americans out. Or as Colonel Abbas says, “We are all brothers...When one suffers tragedy, we all suffer their pain.”

Thank You Colonel and the other Iraqis for your nice words, but more important contribution.

Now, it's time for the Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers to
do the same. Nice thoughts regarding the tragedy from the various Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers are fine, but it's better for them to start whipping out their checkbooks and making a donation, like the Colonel and his men did to thank the United States for their efforts towards Iraqi and Kurdish Democracy. It's only fair.

My suggested list of donations from the various
Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers are as follows:

Raed Jarrar from Raed in The Muddle - 20 Million Dinars - Let's keep shoving a pitchfork up his Fat Baathist Ass until he coughs up the money. He can afford it, and would only spend it on a fourth Mercedes.

Fayrouz from Iraqi in America - 1 Dinar - Fay is a Candidate
for Sainthood and undergoing Beatificaton as we speak, so we have to cut her a lot of slack.

Evil Omar Fadhil from ITM - Four Million Dinars - Evil Omar, International Man of Mystery is raking in the dinars from his Iraqi Dentistry Gig, his ITM advertisements, and his many appearances at the Playboy Mansion to clean Hef's and the Playmates' Teeth.

Ladybird from Baghdad Dweller - 200 Million Dinars - Ladybird is penalized for her WAY Over The Top And Out Of Line post on the youngest Iraqi killed by the
Americans. First of all, we don't know the circumstances of the baby's death, and secondly, posting a picture of a fetus is yellow journalism. Ladybird's Baghdad Dweller has de-evolved into a purely Anti-American Propaganda Outlet and we hate her for it, and are calling for an American Invasion of the Netherlands to silence her. Well, maybe not.

Alaa from the Messoptamian - 10 Dinars - Alaa
can't even get a functioning Email Address, never mind contributing any significant amount of money.

Zeyad from Healing Iraq - Two Million Dinars - Zeyad has left Iraq and is giving Firewalking demonstrations
in Tahiti at the moment. One Million Dinars for
each of his burnt soles.

Kurdo from
Kurdo's World
- Two million Dinars - Kurdo has disappeared and so has his vast Kurdish fortune made from Smuggling Diamonds out of the famous Kurdish Diamond Mines in Kirkuk. We found a few loose diamonds to help out things.

Sam from Hammorabi - One Dinar - Sam bought
the Ayatollah Sistani a new Cadillac Escalade with bulletproof hubcaps and doesn't have any money.

Medya from Medya Daily - 10 Dinars - Kurdish-Iranian Medya is just skin and bones and needs to use his money for other purposes like eating, eating, and eating some more. And have Ben & Jerry parachute in a lifetime supply of Wavy Gravy and ChunkSpelunker.

Dilnareen, Vladimir, and Piling from Kurdistan Bloggers Union - Three Million Dinars - One Million Dinars each from each of the trio. Dilnareen, currently modelling in Paris, can pickpocket the funds from the haughty members of
the French Socialist Fashion Press.

Najma from A Star from Mosul - Ten Million Dinars - No More Vacation Trips To The Baathist Paradise Of Syria for you Young Lady.

Salam Pax from Shut Up You Fat Whiner - One Billion Dinars - For not allegedly shooting Raed Jarrar when you had the chance. Ahhhh, maybe Salam was worried about one of Raed's infamous lawsuits...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers on Katrina

Many bloggers in Iraq were too inundated with tragedies in their own country to even notice the castrophe in the US, as was Iraq the Model. They eventually gave belated heartfelt condolences.

The Mesopotamian emerged from infrequent posting to offer condolences.

Hammorabi posts on the fascist hijackers of Islam and expresses his dismay at their glee regarding devastation from Katrina and at the Al-Aaimah bridge.

Fayrouz's husband is a photojournalist. He's been sent to Louisanna. (HatTip: PebblePie)

As for other Middle Eastern bloggers, it should be no surprise to anyone that Sandmonkey has as special place in his heart for New Orleans. As N.O. native John Kennedy Toole's hero, Ignatius J. Reilly said of the city:
This city is famous for its gamblers, prostitutes, exhibitionists, anti-Christs, alcoholics, sodomites, drug addicts, fetishists, onanists, pornographers, frauds, jades, litterbugs and lesbians. If you have a moment, I shall endeavor to discuss the crime problem with you, but don't make the mistake of bothering me."
- A Confederacy of Dunces (CMAR II's favorite novel)

So, naturally, he has been covering the catastrophe extensively. Very interesting stuff all last week. here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here

Among the military bloggers, 2Slick says, "Just Give".

Kevin at Boots On The Ground posts his frustration at what he is seeing on TV about the relief being offered.

Blackfive has been posting extensively on Katrina here here here here here here here here HERE for the state of aid coming from other countries here here here

Check 'em out.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

How To Eat Ice Cream in Saudi Arabia

Victor Hanson's Private Papers has a report (hattip TRP) on the thankless and unrespited activities of the muttawa (self-appointed religious cops):

A woman and her female friend were sitting on a bench in the Kingdom Mall, eating ice cream cones, when along came a muttawa, accompanied by a police officer...The muttawa approached the women, pointed a menacing claw, and hissed, "Don't lick it that way!"

Not being an authority on the subject, I can't with any confidence say there isn't a sura buried somewhere in the Qur'an covering the moral etiquette of licking ice cream. I suspect, though, the muttawa had wandered a bit beyond his moral jurisdiction.

"We just looked at each other," the woman told me. "I mean, how else are you supposed to eat an ice cream cone? You have to use your tongue, right? We just sat there and watched our ice cream melt until he wandered off. Stupid muttawa."

When the muttawa are not busy harassing women, ensuring unmarried men and women don't mingle, or using camel crops to whip sluggish pedestrians into mosques during prayer time, they are up to more sinister activities.

Check out the whole thing.

Alhamedi at TRP has some pretty funny comments about this. Check his cover of the Muttawa Guide To "Eating That Ice Cream".

Friday, September 02, 2005


Landscape - MG


Islam Doesn't Like Lovers

According to the Nawa-e-Waqt, a panchayat (village court) of Khanpur (Ed.: Pakistan) sentenced to death two lovers desirous of marrying. The two were taken into a field of sugarcane and shot. The boy was first beaten and his arms broken. The two were caught by the girl's brother who brought them before the panchayat. The lovers confessed that they loved each other, after which they were given the death sentence.

Or People Who Fart (Thanks

Killed because of 'mooli'
According to Khabrain, one Chaand Butt, standing for general councillor in Wazirabad, was granted the electoral sign of mooli (radish). Because of its association with flatulence, a person present at the returning office started joking with Chaand Butt who became so infuriated that he drew his gun and shot him dead on the spot. According to the Jang, the Election Commission announced that the electoral signs mooli and kela (banana) have been removed from the list because they were considered obscene.

Chaand Butt and Farting. Gotta Love It. I guess Hooters Girls staging Banana Eating Contests won't be happening any time soon in Pakistan.

And then there's that Nice Kuwaiti Official, Who Thinks 'The terrorist Katrina' is a soldier of Allah'

Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi, director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment's research center, published an article titled "The Terrorist Katrina is One of the Soldiers of Allah, But Not an Adherent of Al-Qaeda."(1) the Aug. 31 edition of the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa. Following are excerpts:

"...As I watched the horrible sights of this wondrous storm, I was reminded of the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah [in the compilations] of Al-Bukhari and Abu Daoud. The Hadith says: 'The wind is of the wind of Allah, it comes from mercy or for the sake of torment. When you see it, do not curse it, [but rather] ask Allah for the good that is in it, and ask Allah for shelter from its evil.'
"When the satellite channels reported on the scope of the terrifying destruction in America [caused by] this wind, I was reminded of the words of [Prophet Muhammad]: 'The wind sends torment to one group of people, and sends mercy to others.' I do not think — and only Allah [really] knows — that this wind, which completely wiped out American cities in these days, is a wind of mercy and blessing. It is almost certain that this is a wind of torment and evil that Allah has sent to this American empire.

"But I began to ask myself: Doesn't this country [the U.S.] claim to aspire to establish justice, freedom, and equality amongst the people? Isn't this country claiming that everything it did in Afghanistan and Iraq was for truth and justice? How can it be that these American claims are untrue, when we see how good prevails in the streets of Afghanistan, and how it became an oasis of security with America's entrance there? How can these American claims in the matter of Iraq be untrue, when we see that Iraq has become the most tranquil and secure country in the world?"
"But how strange it is that after all the tremendous American achievements for the sake of humanity, these mighty winds come and evilly rip [America's] cities to shreds? Have the storms joined the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization?

How thoughtful of the US to rescue Mr. Al-Mlaifi and his fellow Kuwaitis from the grip of Saddam, so he can now inform us of such wonderments. And what of the Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of Mr. Al-Mlaifi's fellow Moslems? Did Allah send his Divine Terrorist Tsunami Messenger on a wrong turn? Took a right at the Malaysian Archipelago, instead of heading left for the West? Allah needs a better GPS device...


Target - DC, AFD

Deadly Events Tied to Islamic Ceremonies

Jeff commenting over at Ladybird's
posted an interesting round up of tragic events occuring during Islamic Ceremonies

* Aug. 31, 2005: At least 648 Shiite worshippers taking part in annual commemoration of a saint’s death are killed in a stampede on a bridge in Baghdad, with many trampled or tumbling into the Tigris River.

* March 10, 2005: A suicide bomber blows himself up at a Shiite mosque during a funeral in the northern city of Mosul, killing at least 47 people and wounding more than 100.

* Dec. 19, 2004: Car bombs tore through a Najaf funeral procession and Karbala’s main bus station, killing at least 60 people and wounding more than 120 in the two Shiite holy cities.

* March 2, 2004: Coordinated blasts from suicide bombers, mortars and planted explosives strike Shiite Muslim shrines in Karbala and in Baghdad, killing at least 181 and wounding 573.

* Feb. 1 2004: 251 Muslim pilgrims killed in stampede in Saudi Arabian city of Mina during the stoning ritual at the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

* Aug. 29, 2003: A car bomb explodes outside mosque in Najaf, killing more than 85 people, including Shiite leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim. Although officials never gave a final death toll, there were suspicions it may have been higher.

* July 4, 2003: Gunmen in the Pakistani city of Quetta storm a Shiite Muslim mosque packed with prayer worshippers, killing about 50 and wounding hundreds.

* March 5, 2001: 35 hajj pilgrims killed in stampede during stoning of the devil ritual in Mina.

* April 9, 1998: Some 180 pilgrims trampled to death when panic erupted after several fell off an overpass during the stoning of the devil ritual in Mina.

* April 15, 1997: Fires driven by high winds tore through a sprawling, overcrowded tent city at Mina, trapping and killing more than 340 pilgrims and injuring 1,500.

* May 23, 1994: 270 pilgrims killed in a stampede in Saudi Arabia’s holiest city, Mecca, as worshippers surged toward a cavern for the symbolic ritual of “stoning the devil.”

* July 9, 1990: 1,426 pilgrims killed in a stampede in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel leading to holy sites in Mecca. It is the worst hajj-related tragedy.

* July 31, 1987: 402 people, mostly Iranian pilgrims, killed and 649 wounded in the Saudi city of Mecca when security forces clash with Iranians staging an anti-U.S. demonstration.

* Aug. 3, 1980: 301 people killed when a Pakistani jetliner carrying hajj pilgrims catches fire soon after takeoff from Jiddah to Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and breaks apart after an emergency landing.

And Jeff adds:
*-Twilight Zone music playing in the background-*


Flowers - Mister Ghost

Fay at Iraqi In America has had it with being PC and not speaking out more forcefully on the poor treatment of Women and Non Muslims in Iraq:

When you're a female Iraqi -- My mon AND dad are Iraqis -- AND belongs to a minority religion, then there's no place for you in Iraq.

I left Iraq because as a girl I wasn't able to walk the streets without being harrased by Iraqi guys. It makes every Iraqi girl sick. I'm happy to be an Australian citizen where sexual harrasement is taking seriously in a country that opened its arms and heart to me.

As an Iraqi Christian, I left because we were considered second-class citzens when it comes to many things. That hasn't changed after the collapse of Saddam's regime. It's actually getting worse. Not to mention how we were prohibited from many things Christians in the Western countries take for granted.

I'm going to talk about the above two points in detail after I come back to Beaumont because I'm sick of being politically correct. Nobody in Iraq seems to care for Iraqi women or Iraqi Christians. So, why should I keep playing nice with everyone?

We say thank you to Fay for taking a stronger stand
and bringing the issue to the forefront.

And Frankly, I don't understand why any Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Pagan -- basically any non Muslim~and especially any Non Muslim Woman -- would want to live in an Islamic Country and be treated as a second class citizen? I could never live like that and neither could Billions of others here in the West. Thank God for the United States, and Western Tradition for the seperation of Church and State and the emphasis on Human Rights.


MG's Wisteria - 1

Bob Ryan in today's Boston Globe suggests that New Orleans indeed could be gone, finished as an habitable place, and may be looked upon in the future as America's Pompei.

And frankly, I can't disagree with him. I've read that $75 billion dollars, an amount so large and incomprehensible that it's frightening, is the estimate to fully rebuild the drowned town, and that seems like a misappropriation of funds. New Orleans, due to its geographic location, has always been dwelling on the edge of Nature's Fury, and no one knows how soon in the future, the town will
fall off that edge again.

No, New Orleans needs to stay buried, it's inhabitants rooted upstream into the safer surroundings of a new Big Easy,
and the old town shuttered back into History,
a Mass Burial of Memories and Memorials, a Giant Jazz Funeral of Thousands to say goodbye, as the Levees are blown and the flood waters surge
in and erase all. Then the locale should be
turn it into a National Memorial Park and tours
given of the drowned gods and the House of the Sinking Moon...


Buddha and pig sharing water, DC

Whitley's Streiber's Unknown Country Website has a very curious and unusual article entitled: Is New Orleans Worse Than We're Being Told?

And if you believe what is stated in the article, then things in New Orleans are more catastrophic than they are being portrayed in the Media.

How Catastrophic?

~ TV outlets abroad are reportedly showing video of large numbers of floating bodies, and just as the US media did not show people jumping from windows in the World Trade Center on 911, it may be that we're being spared the worst.

~ Russian and Chinese intelligence analysts are calling it a "dead city."

~ Some reports estimate that as many as 50,000 people may be dead.

~ It may be impossible to get an accurate count of the dead because alligators are devouring the corpses.

More people may have died as a result of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans than the total number of deaths that have occurred in Iraq since the beginning of the War. Just goes to show you the
power of Nature's Fury when fully unleashed.

My Friends, we are just Big Thinking Ants scurrying about the Earth's surface dodging Mother Nature's Giant Magnifying Glass...

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