Friday, August 12, 2005

Niki Makes Her Stand Against Regime Change In Iran

If you don't know who Niki is (a.k.a "The Letter N", a.k.a. "Our Lady of Whips and Chains"), she is--or was--Raed Jarrar's Squeeze. He calls her his "soulmate" and undoubtably that refers to their mutual admiration for dictatorial regimes.

Her current blog was started this month. While she initially offered mild support for the cause of Akbar Ganji (the jailed Iranian writer who until recently conducted a hunger strike), she found out to her horror that Americans supported him too. Naturally, then, there is some ambivalence regarding his cause.

Regime Change Iran ("the revolting site", according to Niki) posted an article about Ganji's wife who said:

"We are appealing to the United Nations, human rights groups, and other nations to pressure our government to release my husband. Our struggle must reach out past the borders of Iran now. Our leaders will not listen to their people, they will only respond to external pressure."
Niki posted the following comment:

"I know I speak for a great many Iranians when I say that I wish people like you and Eli Lake stopped "supporting" us. You obviously don't read Persian, because if you did, you would see how widespread this sentiment is and how much we just want the likes of you to mind your own business. Change in Iran will come at the hands of Iranians and it will be in the interest of Iranians. The ideologies you espouse will never have a foothold in Iran."

I'm sure she does speak for a great many Iranians: Iranians like the new president of Iran who said during the campaign:

"We did not have a revolution in order to have democracy."

Apparently Niki is of the opinion that it is not the desire or in the interest of Iranians to be able to freely speak their minds. But why should Niki be anxious for change in Iran? She can travel freely. She can go where she can live as she pleases, practicing her personal atheistic secular islamic cult. Naturally she sees no need to rush into anything. The less fortunate Iranians can go hang...or starve themselves.

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