Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Emails

Since Jeffrey is posting his old letters to Raed, I shall post a new one of mine: sent only yesterday in fact.

Dear, dear, Raed,

Thank you for the heads up about your upcoming nuisance suit.

I would be anxious to correct any statement I have made about you that is untrue, but you must specify exactly what I have said that is untrue (as you will be required to do in court).

I don't recall ever saying you had joined the Ba'athist Party, so I can't take that back. I have said that you are a Saddamist and a Ba'athist. But in a practical sense, one no more needs to join a party to be a Ba'athist than one needs to join the American Socialist Party or the Iraq Communist Party to be a Socialist or Communist. I myself have been accused of being a "neoconservative" many times in the comments section of my blog...

In Raed's email to me he had only mentioned Iraqi Bloggers Central rather than my blog. I found this hurtful :( I've said much more damning things about Raed there than I ever did here.
(here [is an example of my blog] -- you should check out the update section of that post)

...while in fact I am not a member of any political party of that name or any other and never have been (I don't have the time).

Of course, if your law suit ever comes to trial, I will bring as evidence the fact that your brother Khalid was suspected of being an insurgent by the Iraqi authorities simply for viewing your blog for a short time...these were officials who, according to Khalid's own testimony, could barely speak English and knew nothing of your blog beforehand, but they only had to read a few articles to be assured that these were the words of one who yearned for "The Return".
See here for a blow-by-by blow account of Khalid Jarrar's recent arrest on suspicion being an insurgent based on the evidence that he was reading Raed's blog.

If you don't like being thought of as a Ba'athist, you should stop talking like one. Personally, I don't think you are merely a Ba'athist. I think you are a cheerleader for any dictatorship anywhere in the world: Saddam, Iran, Syria, Arafat's corrupt regime, and most recently the military dictatorship of Imperial Japan (prior to WWII).

Here is Raed's paean to poor poor mistreated Imperialist Japan for it's defeat at the hands of the dastardly U.S.

And here and here are the reasons why the Japanese and every compassionate American should thank God that the A-bomb was ready for use when it was and that it was used. And here is the song I sang last Sunday on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima (with Nagasaki in mind as well).

Raed, unfortunately I'm not sure how this law suit will ever come off. Not even Jeffrey or Mister Ghost know who I am, nor do I know who they are or if they have ever met each other. So, as you can imagine, there is no way I would ever willingly provide my personal identity to a fellow-traveler and, in my opinion, financier of the black-hole-minded monsters blowing up cars on the streets of Iraq and targeting the families of Iraqi civil servants.

Keep up the good work my Ba'athist friend. No doubt you have proved to be valuable bait for the Iraqi authorities to identify the terrorists in their midst.


No word back from Raed yet or his attorney in the U.S. Nor has Socialist Raed said whether his attorney is being paid by funds he received from his capitalist father or from his "charity" organization.

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