Monday, August 22, 2005

Juan Cole Takes a Cowardly Spiteful Swipe at Steven Vincent (after his death)

Vincent's Widow Smacks Cole Into Next Tuesday

The esteemed Dr. Ferret-Face Juan Cole of Informed Comment is a man well-known for his petty spitefulness.

Last year, Ali of Iraq The Model pointed out that Mr. Whiskers had championed an article by Rashid Khalidi (during the Great Terrorist Smack-Down in that city) that claimed Fallujeh was the once the center and spark of a great rebellion that threw out the British Imperialists. Ali offered sources to show that this was not true and that Khalidi's assessment was probably based solely on a Saddam-era propaganda movie called "The Great Problem" which starred Oliver Reed. I won't go into the details here, but I will say that I've investigated the matter and Ali is right (even about the movie) and those quacks Drs Khalidi and Ferret-Face were wrong.

Did Mr Whiskers respond with his own sources? No. Did he admit that he opined about something he really had no knowledge of? No. What he did was to lay low and, while Ali's brother's were in the U.S., opine that they were C.I.A. fronts.

As for the hurricane that ensued and Ali's stern beating of Doc Mutly with a Reality-Stick, I've collected the most relevant links here. Dr. Low-Ball had no response.

Well, Dr Weaslemug is at it again. Last February, journalist Steven Vincent pointed out that Cole had an unattractive penchant to champion the activities of the terrorists in Iraq, inflate their support among the Iraqis, and denigrate the progress of decent Iraqis toward liberty and democracy. He also questioned the good doctor's expertise beyond the Shia Arabs.

Did the Ankle-Biter respond at that time? No. Instead, after Vincent is dead, Dr. Spite has keyed off a London Telegraph article that put forward a claim that Vincent was assassinated in an honor killing for having an affair with his interpreter rather than by rogue elements among the police. The general spin of Dr Poison's article was that Steven Vincent was a novice in the Middle East and his ignorance got him killed. That was basically the sole purpose of Prune-puss's posting on this subject as explained at Martin Kramer's Sandbox.

Well, guess what? Murdoc Online is reporting that Vincent's wife, Lisa Ramaci-Vincent, has written the Doctor in response and beaten him with the reality-stick across his ample, overused backside. He's posted her email. I heartily recommend you check it out.

Who was Steven Vincent? Was he the man Cole portrayed? Ramaci-Vincent said:
You did not know him - you did not have that honor, and you will never have the chance, thanks to the murderous goons for whom you have appointed yourself an apologist. He was a brilliant, erudite, witty, charming, kind, generous, silly, funny, decent, honorable and complex man, who loved a good cigar, Bombay Sapphire gin martinis, Marvel Silver Age comic books, Frank Sinatra, opera and grossing me out with bathroom humor.
Ramaci-Vincent's opinion of Cole is more generous than mine:

You strike me as a typical professor - self-opinionated, arrogant, so sure of the rightness of your position that you won't even begin to consider someone else's. I would suggest that you ought to be ashamed of yourself for your breathtaking presumption in eviscerating Steven in death and disparaging Nour in life, but, like any typical professor, I have no doubt that you are utterly shameless.
As for Ferret-face's response to Lisa Ramaci-Vincent? Don't hold your breath.


I should have mentioned Ramaci-Vincent's rather devastating arguments against the theory that Steven Vincent was murdered in an honor killing:
There's not much left to argue about after that.


Interview with Lisa Ramaci-Vincent. [Hattip Fayrouz]

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