Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hey Baby, Want To Buy Some Fiction: Zeyad Labelled A Baathist

Hey Baby, Want To Buy Some Fiction - Snow White, Maitresse de Baghdad - ADF, DC

Currently on hiatus Zeyad from Healing Iraq has been labelled a Baathist by currently on hiatus Baghdad Mistress -- Hmmm, this on-hiatus bug seems to
be circulating heavily among Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers these days -- whose highly sought-after panties are in a bunch over Zeyad's perceived disdain for her.

Zeyad, probably doesn't have to worry too much
over this assassination of his character by
the Baghdad Mistress, as her Rantings and
Blogging in general should be viewed in a figurative, rather than a literal light. Okay,
her writing is a work of Fiction, LOL, but
let's take a look at her angry accusation
against Zeyad, to see if it has any merit.

Take it away, Baghdad Mistress:

One of the main Iraqi male hypocrites who was attacking me constantly under different nicknames on this blog and on the IraqBlogCount... This follow citizen says on his profile:

My name is Zeyad. I was born from Sunni Muslim parents in Baghdad, Iraq1979. Shortly after which
my parents left for the UK to pursue their Masters
studies. I was raised in Colchester, Essex and also lived in both London andBournemouth. We all
returned to Iraq in 1987.

This little sketch of Biographical Information
from Zeyad causes the Mistress to utter:

All Iraqis know that if you weren't on The Baa3th Party's membership list you would have never being sent away for education. Master/Phd scholarship were always given to those who signed for the Baa3th and praised their leader. This British Baa3th stooge has gone wild when he saw my blog. I wasn't in the mood to expose him but now I do.

Wow! A Mistress exposing something other than herself. But, wait there's more from the
Annoyed Baghdad Mistress as she's plenty angry at Zeyad the "Baathist" :

My dad (God bless his soul) was a master in the English language and wrote several books on the English literature and especially on Shakespearean plays and translated many of them into Arabic. When he asked the government to publish his book, he was told to sign his name on the Baa3th membership list. He refused to do so and his books stayed as ink on paper until they were lost during the looting.
Maybe my beloved citizen who pretends to be a democrat should tell us how his parents were sent away to Europe to study a masters course.
Perhaps I should have ignored him and his childish comments. Because as he says on his profile, "My hobbies include reading, PC and console gaming, watching movies, and most recently blogging!" needs several more years to understand that life is not the same as the console games that he plays.

Do her charges have any merit? I certainly
can't provide the answer to that question,
but the Mistress's reader Hunter (an Iraqi
expat in New Zealand), questions her accusation:

Many Iraqis went to study in Europe and else where in the ... 50s, 60s and 70s. BUT, not all of them where Baathists! During the Baath rule, if you want to go on a government funded scholarship, then yes, you must be Baathi; HOWEVER, many people went to study on their own expense.

And before you make another mistake, many of them did go back. It was no crime to go and study if you can support yourself and many did. And you don't have to be Baathi to do it.

Hunter's explanation sounds reasonable to me,
in light of the credibility of the one casting aspersions.

But, here's hoping that both Zeyad and the Mistress return from their hiatus to renew their eternal struggle over who's a Whore and who's a Baathist...

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