Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hellme shuts down

The Egyptian blogger Hellme is ceasing to blog and deleting his posts. This is what he says:

"It is time for me to fold this blog. I know I ‘tried’ this before, but a lot is at stake if I fail to end it permanently this time. In a couple of days, I’ll be deleting the blog and its posts (sorry goes out to those who linked to me).

"Nevermind the reasons: they are plentiful. I hope those of you who continue to blog have the patience and fortitude to go on. If you have my email address, you are more than welcome to stay in touch.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish."

This does not sound good, I think. Not blogging is understandable. Deleting all the posts is worrying. My prayers go with you, Hellme.

Hellme had a similar outlook on the Middle East to those other Egyptian bloggers, Big Pharaoh and Egyptian Sandmonkey, but with a more a more urban, college educated flare that did not attract the crowds of the other two. But they are all singing the same song on the lack of concern expressed by Arabs and some Westerners regarding the plight of the Arabs.

Hellme (last month):
Ordinary Muslims and Arabs have a way of turning a blind eye to the death of Iraqis by Iraqis. If they ’see’ it, they justify it through some incoherent jibberish about poverty, desperation, colonialism or some other hyperbolic political mumbo-jumbo that helps them assert their own feelings of worth, which in turn creates this wonderous aura of ‘intellectual hedonism.

Sandmonkey (today (reviewing Christopher Hitchens):
"If the Left is so concerned about the conditions in Iraq, why aren't they helping out? Does the Left really want the US to lose the Iraq War?

I've always wondered about that, and I am saddened to say that the answer is "Yes". It seems that people want the US to fail in the Iraq to teach "The arrogant US" and "Stupid Bush" a lesson and they don't really care about the consequences that such a lesson might have on the region.

Big Pharaoh (last year):
"Over 140 innocent Iraqis and brave policemen were brutality murdered by terrorists over the past 3 days. It now appears that the Saddamists, Islamic radicals from outside and inside are ready to do anything, and I mean anything under heaven, to force this new government to fail. They know it quite well. If this government succeeded then the Iraqi plan will succeed. And if the Iraqi plan succeeded, then just like Churchill, Sadat, and Reagan, Bush will turn out to be right and will have the last laugh.

"Did the Arab media cry "massacre" and "ethnic cleansing" just like it does when Israel kills 5 Palestinians in a single day? No. Did the Arab press publish gruesome pictures of dead bodies? No. Ops, I didn't know that a Muslim corpse is worth more when it has an Israeli or an American bullet in it! Terrorists in Iraq killed more civilians than Israel did in the 4 years old Palestinian uprising. What are we hearing from the Arab media? An ugly hush, and an uglier attempt to explain the daily carnage just to avoid shifting the Americans to the "good guys" column."

And ME, CMAR II (last fall):
"What shall I call those who are ideologically committed to the failure of democracy in Iraq?The anti-warriors? No...

"Anti-democrats? Well, they will vociferously deny that. They're for democracy...if some politician they like is doing it, or if it is done in some dream-world way (like Saddam and his sons deciding not to commit wholesale genocide to root out reformers), or if the new democracy is led by an American-hating Marxist...well, in those cases, they are for democracy, and they will tell you so every time.

"Maybe they ought to be represented by a picture of dog peeing on a fire hydrant with the words "Free Iraq".

"Come think of it, it seems that a firm grasp on unreality is the one thing that holds these pseudo-peace-mongers together. So I'll hence forth call them "Unrealists". Add that to your glossary for future reading."

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