Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"A Free Iraqi" says Iraq is the Center of the WOT
Religious Policeman Resumes Blogging

Now look at me. I'm all blogged-up and I can't stop.

At A Free Iraqi, Ali says:

"...if the war in Iraq is not part of the war on terror as some westerns think then why do we have almost all the terrorists in the world racing each other to achieve "martyrdom" in our land? Why not Afghanistan, Israel or their ultimate enemies: the West, and America in particular?

"Sure they have attacked Europe but is that the best they can do there? I really doubt it. The terrorists have shown us that they have people almost everywhere in the world that are waiting for an order to blow themselves up in a bus, a train or a street crowded with civilians. So why are they putting most of their resources in Iraq instead of the west?

"It's amazing how the terrorists themselves keep showing us in words and actions how vital the war in Iraq is for them..."

Ali also says:
"... Another point...that seems to be showing clearer in [al-Zawahiri's recent] message is that Al Qaeda cannot attack American soil, not in the short term at least and not until the fate of Iraq is sealed beyond doubt as far as the terrorists and their supporters are concerned."

Ali opines that al-Qaeda will not permit an attack American soil for fear America will be roused to go after their other safe-havens in neighboring Middle Eastern countries...unless and until the Iraq endeavor fails.

Across the border in Saudi Arabia, The Religious Policeman has resumed blogging on August 3rd. TRP stopped blogging almost a year ago. I was worried. I'm glad to see him back. He's been living in the U.K.

TRP disagrees with Ali about where the center of world-wide terrorism lies. On his first day of blogging he reiterated the old Mooreish arguments (Iraq has nothing to do with the WOT, Saddam was not a threat, the Iraq Liberation is creating terrorists, blah blah blah), then he identifies where the REAL center of the WOT is:
"The real seed-corn of Islamic terrorism is the hatred that is spewed out in mosques and madrassas throughout the world. They feed on real or imagined grievances in Iraq, Palestine, or Chechnya, but if those didn't exist they'd go looking for others, because there is a certain faction of my co-religionists who sincerely believe that Islam is destined to become the One and Only True Religion of the World. Cut the oxygen off from them and we'll start to cut out the cancer rather than just deal with the symptoms. And that will involve, amongst other things, being not very nice to Saudi Arabia."

This looks like a bit of a nationalist debate: "WE'RE the center of the WOT!" "No, WE'RE the center of the WOT!!" No doubt Egyptian Sandmonkey will soon be elbowing his way into the fracas saying that it is EGYPT that is the real center of where the WOT will be lost or won.

Which supports my position that there are a heck of a lot of centers of the WOT and you might as well start wherever it is most convenient.

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