Thursday, August 18, 2005

Comments Ignored by Raed Jarrar

About three weeks ago Raed Jarrar began participating in the debates on his comments pages but then, after a week or so, he suddenly stopped. Having to actually argue with others and support one's views was, in the end, too difficult for Raed. So now, as before, Raed posts whatever Ba'athist-loving nonsense he wishes and retreats to his Paypal-funded penthouse in Amman, Jordan, still denigrating all courageous Iraqis who are currently working for Iraq's future. Here are just a few comments that Raed Jarrar no longer has the courage to answer:

You criticize the process and refuse to take part in it, and you only offer one solution: Remove the Deadllines. Take your time you say, but then you want the occupiers out and you want government services and rights to in place first before you 'take as much time as they need to write their country’s constitution'. Where does the government come from, a people supported constitution. Where are the rights defines, a people supported constitution. So, America is 'rushing' you through a constitution so they can get out (in my opinion) and now you say that taking your time is important.

Starting with the first part of your solution, removal fo the occupiers before a people supported government is in place. You assume that insurgents will simple put down their guns and go back to work or their own countries. This is a poor assumption. The occupies leave and this will create a hole in the power structure of Iraq. This Hole will either be filled with the insurgents who will rule with might and religious law (which is bound to persecute others - a loss of human rights for some) or it will be filled but an unlimited government, one that is not limited by a constitution. How do you remedy this problem? How do you fill this hole with greatness of Iraq before it is filled by the power hungry?
Haus | Homepage | 08.15.05 - 3:15 pm | #


I wish Raed would share with us what the easy way was to remove Saddam, and have the people create a government without all the different factions turning against each other.

I think if Raed had his way, Iraq would be in civil war right now. But he wants to pretend that there was really a magical, easy, peaceful way to resolve the problem.

That is because he is not being honest about his motivations.
Anonymous | 08.16.05 - 12:43 am | #


Wow, I used to have respect for this family's group of blogs, but now I see it's just a mouthpiece for the sunni militant death squads, criticisms are never in short supply for the shiites or kurds but nary a one to be seen for the group responsible for killing the majority of iraqi citizens....the Sunni death squads, duh, with help from syria, as if that wasn't obvious, we all know about the guns and weapons being smuggled across from Syria by trained mules in the dead of night to support further murder and intimidation of the general populace as the kurds and shiites attempt to engage in dialogue, the sunnis discredit and destroy all that is being put forward and exists, SHAME ON YOU!!!! put down the bombs and join the discussion, you will rule no longer by the sword but with the pen.
Paul | 08.18.05 - 3:58 am | #


Ok Raed..

if the real goal should be raising day-to-day quality of life, how does blowing up a bus station, then blowing up the wounded 30mins later at a hospital help anything?

the "resistance" doesn't care about raising the standards of life for the iraqi citizen anymore than the US does
thisguy | 08.18.05 - 3:05 am | #

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