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The In T View: Live From Mosul, It's Free Writer

Rocks - MG

From a Secret Location somewhere in War Torn
Mosul, Iraqi Blogger, Free Writer informs the world -- through his appropriately named Blog: A Free Writer -- of Life within the City under Siege,
as well as his Hopes, Fears, Dreams, and Thoughts about a New Iraq.

It's The In T View: Live From Mosul, It's Free Writer
Interview & Artwork By Mister Ghost

MG: Hello Free Writer, How is Life Treating you these Days?

Free Writer: Well life is going on but not good as we presumed, so don’t be astonished to see me frustrated most of the time.

MG: Free Writer, What is your Favorite Movie and Why?

Free Writer: Lord of the Rings. I like Lord of the Rings -Part One- because I wish to live in an
imagining magic world just like any little child in green fields and flowers, with too much fun.

MG: What is your Favorite Food?

Free Writer: Too much vegetables, seeds and fruits with a small quantity of meat.

MG: Free Writer, if you were involved in an Eating Contest with ITM's Omar Fadhil And Fellow Mosellian Blogger Najma, who would win? I think Najma Would Win, I hear the Little Lady can really Pack On the Pounds, Like a Sumo Wrestler who hasn't eaten for a week.

Free Writer: I don’t know both of them in fact; if you are serious, I can’t judge that.

MG: If the Automobile Genie popped by your residence and said to you, "Free Writer, I grant you the wish of any Car in the world of your Choosing - Make Your Choice!" What vehicle would you pick, Free Writer?

Free Writer: Problem, I don’t know how to drive a car, I prefer a bicycle.

MG: Free Writer, the Biggest Problem in Iraq at the moment is?

Free Writer: Feeling less secure every where, loss of education, unknown future.

MG: Are you Happy the U.S. invaded Iraq and removed Saddam and the Baathists, or was life better back then?

Free Writer: Every one in Iraq was happy to remove that man, and the new government must do the best for improving Iraqi lives' conditions to prevent others (like you of course ) from asking such a silly question.

MG: Do you have a Big Family or Come from a Large Family?

Free Writer: Medium for both.

MG: If you have Children, do you watch The Simpsons with them?

Free Writer: Who is Simpsons?

MG: What is your Hope for the Children of Iraq?

Free Writer: To get a better future than us, and to live just like other children in the modern world, well educated, eat and sleep well, to play and have fun, to know nothing about violence, and to stay free in life.

MG: Tell me something about your Mother: What was or is Special about Her?

Free Writer: A loyal and hard working lady for her family.

MG: Should they open up a Disneyland in Baghdad?

Free Writer: Not during my life!! First, we need electricity to make it run.

MG: Would you ever want to get a Pet Komodo Dragon, feed it Pringles, and Take it for Strolls around Mosul?

Free Writer: Is it a domestic animals or what?? I love only singing birds.

Mosul - War Zone:

MG: ~ Free Writer, you live in Mosul, a
City Under Siege: What is that like?

Free Writer: Always frightened, from explosions, kidnapping, random fire, terrorist actions and all other bad things in your
nightmares, and you have to go to sleep at 9 PM
on the roof because we have no electricity to
see TV. Or running computer or to sleep in cold environment.

MG: ~ Have you or any of your family members had any encounters with the Terrorists/Insurgents?

Free Writer: Thanks God.. Not yet, I want
to stay in one piece.

MG: ~ What Precautions do You or your Family Members take to keep away From Danger?

Free Writer: Keeping doors locked, looking around and suspecting any strange movements or when seeing strangers

MG: ~ Do you ever get use to the Sound of Explosions?

Free Writer: All Iraqi’s get use to the
ugly sound of explosion from 30 years ago and
till now.

MG: ~ Have you Lost Trust in your Neighbors, worried that they might be Insurgent Supporters or Sympathizers?

Free Writer: No

MG: ~ What was Mosul like before the War?

Free Writer: It was safe, clean, and people were keeping in touch together.

MG: ~ What is Mosul like Now?

Free Writer: Not safe, Dirty, curfew prevented us from seeing friends and relatives.

MG: How did you become Interested in Blogging and how did your Blog: A Free Writer comes about?

Free Writer: It’s happened by chance and
I want to show that we are a free people, that we love peace and we want to have a developed civil society, with a good economy that keeps dignity
for every one in Iraq equally.

MG: Besides your own Blog, are there other Blogs you like to Read and can Recommend?

Free Writer: I like reading all Iraqi blogs inside and outside Iraq .

MG: If People want to make a Donation to either You, your Blog, or the Charitable Endeavors you work on, how do they go about it?

Free Writer: My intention is to help
others before myself, and I wish I have enough
money to help each one in need in Iraq, especially little kids. (MG Says: Free Writer is being very
modest. If you want to make a donation, you can
do so by clicking on the PayPal Button at his

MG: And Speaking of those Charitable Endeavors, can you tell us a little Something
about your Help for Iraqi Orphans, your Computer
Aid for Needy Iraqi Students, and the Thalassemia Society of Ninavah?

Free Writer: One time I donate for orphan Christians, 12 kids through a friend, and I am working on a summer project for teaching 6 students in a group about computer & internet, and trying my best to let the world know about children in Mosul suffering blood diseases like Cancer and Thalassemia, but donations for these patients will not help more than providing a free treatment outside Iraq. Also I start gathering information about any social problems in society and try to
blog about them for getting any possible assistance.

MG: What Book that you've read, has had
the most influence on your Life?

Free Writer: Most of Colin Wilson books

MG: What Does God or Allah mean to You?

Free Writer: Allah is every thing good
you see in life.

MG: Free Writer, What Does Love mean to

Free Writer: A Nobel emotional system,
if we preserve it well, we can get a better human relations around the world.

MG: If you could hop on a Time Machine
and go back in Time to any Historical or
Prehistoric Era or Place, where would you go?

Free Writer: 200 hundred years back is
enough for me, when life was pure and simple.

MG: If you could give a Speech about
Iraq to the UN General Assembly, what would
you talk about?

Free Writer: Many things in my mind, I don’t have time to mention it now.

MG: What is your Favorite Place in Iraq
to Visit?

Free Writer: I can’t remember!!

MG: If you had the opportunity to come to
the United States, is there any Specific Place, City, or State you'd like to visit?

Free Writer: Cities with a nice parks and gardens, and a great landscapes.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Free Writer, for a
Nice Interview, and Final Question: Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?

Free Writer: I guess it happened when I
was 8 years old. The ghost I had seen was an
old man,semi-transparent in pure white, going downstairs in silence.(sure not dreaming)...!!
My question to you : Is Casper your relative
or just a friend?

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