Thursday, July 07, 2005

Al-Qaeda Attacks in London

I have been to London many times and have walked its beautiful, tranquil parks and strolled down its crisp streets. The British have been our friends for a long time and the British and Americans have stood shoulder to shoulder in some of the toughest fights of our lives, as in World War I and II. Today, the British and Americans are standing together in another fight, this one against fanatical Islamic terrorists.

As we have in the past, together we will prevail.


Ahmad, our friend who runs the blog Iraqi Expat, reports from London:
Today's attacks must - and they will - strengthen our commitment to defeat this barbaric hateful terrorism. We will not bow - I will never bow - to these despicable terrorists, even if my life depends on it. What happened to London today was an outrageous evil act by shameless criminals who, sadly, call themselves Muslims. Today, my family and I are ashamed of being Muslims.
Fortunately I am fine, and so is my family and most of the people I know in London who I was able to reach either by SMS or phone. My uncle, who is a doctor, escaped one of the attacks by luck while on his way to the hospital; he called us and told us that he's fine and busy with casualties.
God bless the brave people of London who helped so efficiently, professionally and courageously the victims and those involved in these barbaric attacks, my heart goes out to all of you and to all those involved.

Norman Geras of Normblog has a list of whom the Islamic terrorists have targeted so far.
1. They attack Red Cross personnel.

2. They murder people working for the UN.

3. They kidnap and kill care workers.

4. They bomb holiday-makers, in nightclubs.

5. They blow up people travelling on trains - civilians.

6. They target people on buses - civilians.

7. They take civilian hostages.

8. They decapitate them.

9. They murder trade unionists.

10. They kidnap diplomats.

11. They kill people for being... barbers.

12. They fly aircraft full of civilians into skyscrapers where people are at work.

13. They take schoolchildren hostage and murder them.

14. They bomb synagogues.

15. They kill people shopping in a market.

16. They kill people queuing at a medical clinic.

17. They murder children in Baghdad.

18. They murder people on their way to work in London.

(And what have I forgotten?)

They are the enemies of democracy and the enemies of all humankind. They must be fought till they have been defeated.


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