Sunday, June 05, 2005

SAMI: Five Minutes Alone In A Cell With Saddam

Mourning Mother lost six sons under Saddam, Mass Grave, Hilla, Iraq - 3.5' x 4.5', DC - Bigger format

Hi Sami...
What Would You Do, If You Could Spend Five Minutes
Alone With Saddam in His Cell... So, what would you do Sami, just you and Saddam alone in his cell? Would you kill him? Scream at him? Ask him why he acted the way he did? What would you do?

Hello Mister Ghost,

its not a distraction at all, i'd love to spend five minutes with him. I know some of the politicans who have been given the chance to sit with him. They were enraged etc....

To be honest I would definitly not kill him, that will not really achieve much... to come down to his level. He is responsible for the mass genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Kurds of Iraq. He is also responsible for an endless number of crimes. For five minutes I would probably sit there and be nervous, its not the right thing to say but how can one not be. I would make sure to ask him a bunch of questions, there is a judge to question him.... I'd much rather ask him about why it is he destroyed Iraq. Does he really believe that the Iraqi people love him and questions of that sort.... ones that will prove his insanity... Finally I'd leave by urinating on him. Not really the same as killing him but it would give me pleasure to humilate him while at the same time being able to tell all my Iraqi brothers and sisters that I pissed on Saddam's face. Yes I know it doesn't sound right but its an innocent way of emrassing him and whatever pride he has left...

Best Regards

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