Sunday, June 05, 2005

MEDYA: Five Minutes Alone In A Cell With Saddam

Father kisses the remains of his 32 year old son, mass grave, Hilla,Iraq - 2.5' x 1.2', DC

Hi Medya,
I'm doing an upcoming posting at Iraqi Bloggers Central on the following subject: What Would You Do, If You Could Spend Five Minutes Alone With Saddam in His Cell... So, what would you do Medya, just you and Saddam alone in his cell? Would you kill him? Scream at him? Ask him why he acted the way he
did? What would you do?

Thank you Mister Ghost

nice question to ask ,
I couldnt fight with him physical, because I never learnt how to do violence ,If i fight with a chicken , it will defeat me physically , he he
I think i would try to make him shame of himself instead of attacking to him , I would tell him sad stories he made for Iranian , Iraqis and sepcially kurds , just because of his Arabic Nationalism that made him repeat his uncle's saying "Jews Kurds and Iranians" are annoying bees .
I would make him cry and regret for the "life opportunty" that he missed , he could have spend it to make beutifull stories but he spent all of it making sad stories , he also made a bad reputation for Arabs .
no there is no use of killing him ,I would make him conffess make him cry and regret , this can atleast discourage those who like to be like him (the hero of Arab world) I would make him say loudly that he was wrong about Jews Kurds and Iranians.

thanks for asking my idea
Medya (the Pope)

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