Friday, June 10, 2005

Ali Fadhil: Five Minutes Alone In A Cell With Saddam

US Marine returning baby to her mother, Iraq, 6' x 3', DC

So, what would you do Ali, just you and Saddam
alone in his cell? Would you kill him? Scream at him? Seek him to admit to his crimes and ask forgiveness? Ask him why he acted the way he did? What would you do?

Thanks very much.
Mister Ghost

Hi Mister Ghost,

Thanks for the mail and I'm sorry for my late response. I wouldn't like to spend 5 seconds with Saddam, and in case I had to then I wouldn't say anything to him. There's simply no use in talking
to scum like him, as the distance between them and humanity is so huge that there's no longer any common language between us and them. I'm also not interested in any revenge, but I want to see justice
taking place, and I'm more interested in putting to trial the beliefs and stale ideologies that paved the way for Saddam and all Arab presidents to the absolute power most of them still have.

I hope this answers your question.
Best regards,

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