Wednesday, June 08, 2005

al-Witwity: Five Minutes Alone In A Cell With Saddam

A woman and a man holding a bag of human remains, Mass Grave, Hilla, Iraq, 8' x 6', DC

So, what would you do al-Witwity, just you
and Saddam alone in his cell? Would you kill him? Scream at him? Ask him why he acted the way he
did? What would you do?

Thanks very much.
Mister Ghost

Dear Ghost,

I would like to tell you in this link.

You will fine some advance to the next Iraqi President, and Saddam make reverse this advice to next Iraqi President that I hope don't be do that.

If some one offers me this opportunity I will refuse to Spend Five Minutes Alone with Saddam in His Cell, not this only…. I am sure I will refuse, but if they let me handle Saddam, I will use him to pay Iraq's debts that he made .

Best Regards

Truly Yours


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