Sunday, May 22, 2005

Traveling Kaaba Show

Hey, I was surfing the net this morning and this caught my eye.
Surprise Decision on Kaaba Initiative

By Haider Kuttab

RIYADH (Reuters) - In a surprise development Saudi authorities have agreed to allow the Kaaba to be moved annually to a different Muslim country to show solidarity with the other Muslim nations and to aid the poorer countries by allowing them to receive the influx of money coming from the pilgrimages of devout Muslims from around the world.

Starting in 2008 the Kaaba will be moved by an as-yet unnamed Saudi construction company and then relocated to the host country, where it will remain for up to two months covering the holy month of Ramadan.

Already speculation has begun about which country will be the first to receive the Kaaba. Egyptian officials have been in talks with Saudi Arabia on the possibility of being the first Muslim country to accept this offer.

"We would like to set the Kaaba down next to our pyramids," said a spokesman for Hosni Mubarak. "With both the Kaaba and the pyramids, we could perhaps triple our revenue from foreign tourists and Islamic pilgrims."

I wonder why we haven't heard more about this.


Butcher of Sagdad.

Heh heh.

Sorry, but that photo of an Iraqi mother and her son laughing at Saddam (scroll down a bit) is PRICELESS.


Oh, what a WONDERFUL day!

Schroeder just got his HEAD handed to him in North Rhine-Westphalia!

Check out Davids Medienkritik for the best commentary.


Take a ride with Steven Vincent as he tags along with British military on a dusty trip to Qasr Zaid in Iraq.

Check out the photos. That border fort looks EXACTLY like a WHITE CASTLE burger joint down the street from where I live!


The Long Goodbye to the Left.

Read the whole article.


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