Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Iraqis Examine Saddam's Undies

It has been a very interesting past few days as commentary around the Iraqi Blogosphere has come in on the photographs of Saddam Hussein in his jail cell, one of them showing the Brave Saladin in his white jockey shorts.

Ahmad thinks the photographs have an educational purpose.
After all the suffering he put us through, now he is living how he should've lived all his life, in prison washing and cleaning, not only his clothes but also the floors and the toilets of the prison. Man, I will never get enough of seeing him humiliated, suffering and treated like he should've been treated all his life, like an animal. I mean didn't you like the picture of Samir holding Saddam, after punching him? I love that picture!

Kurdo agrees with Ahmad.
The greatest photo of the year. I don't care if they sue this newspaper or not, I don't care if this is against Geneva Convictions.

I personally was scared from Saddam even in my dreams. I have seen this guy in my dreams and I have started to shiver.

To see this man (Sa'ed Al-Ra'es) (Mr. President) as he used to call himself like that in a pair of Iraqi underwear, is the strongest message for all his victims that it is time to live in peace for ever.

I think they should give him a copy of this newspaper to him to totally destroy this man. Hanging this guy isn't a good punishment, but to totally destroy it psychologically is the best punishment for the sake of those in the massgraves.

Omar over at Iraq the Model places the undied Saddam in historical context and suggests that Saddam himself probably LIKES the photographs.
By the way, I'd like to say a few words about the Saddam in Knickers thing.

I actually don't think Saddam would mind being seen this way at all; back in the 1990s he appeared on the state TV wearing a swim suit smaller than the underwear he was wearing in the recent photos. And not only that, he was dancing in that "out fit"!

So if it was okay for him to appear half naked on TV when he was in power, I don't think he would mind being seen the same way when he's a prisoner and I really don't understand the frenzy of his Jordanian attorney who described taking the photos as a crime!


Anyway, I guess these pictures will have a greater impact outside Iraq rather than inside and whether showing them was with or against the law I believe it delivered another strong message to the small tyrants of the neighborhood and shook their image in the eyes of their people. I won't be surprised to hear that someone from Egypt or Syria used photoshop to edit these photos and fit Mubarak's or Asad's face on Saddam's body.

Sam at Hammorabi looks forward to Saddam's trial and execution.
For us during such a time the pictures of Saddam Hussein by the Sun (a tabloid paper in the UK) means nothing without him standing a trial. The most important thing about Saddam is to see what he is going to say about his crimes over 35 years against the Iraqi people and his neighbors. The long awaited trial is more important for us and the world than the pictures of the tyrant washing his own clothes. Indeed the pictures show that he is healthy and taking care of himself and his hygiene. He enjoys a deep sleep that he used to deprive his prisoners from by different ways of tortures. One of the ways that he used to use is by putting the detained in a small cell (1 meter wide) and put some scorpions with him. They give the detained a small ruler and ask him not to kill the scorpions and if he do so they will torture him. He then spends the night pushing the scorpions away with the ruler! The other way is by putting him in similar cell with dribbling of water from the ceiling over his head or horror noises.


Ahmad joins Nadz and Sandmonkey in penning an honest critique of the situation on the ground in Iraq and suggestive of the wider Middle Eastern context.

WE have a problem and WE must solve it.


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