Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Close to Home for the Jarrars

Faiza Jarrar and her two sons, Khalid and Raed, have been under intense scrutiny the last month or so as the death-count rises over a thousand at the hands of Raed's "glorious resistance."

Are the resistance killing Occupation forces?


Who are they killing then?

Iraqi men, women, and children because it's EASY to kill them with suicide bombers.

And now people close to the Jarrars have started to die at the hands of their "resistance."

Since April 1, 2005, the insurgents/terrorists/resistance have killed:

689 Iraqi Civilians

370 Iraqi Military / Police

1059 Iraqi Citizens killed since April 1, 2005, by the people that Raed and Khalid support.


As one might expect, Faiza Jarrar is the most level-headed. She has seen enough of the carnage brought about by the "resistance":
A short while ago, a trapped car exploded in front of a shop selling dairy products, near our house in Baghdad. The shop is in a main, commercial street, in front of an intermediate school for boys. There is no police station, or such other state offices, civilian or military. The victims were, as usual, Iraqi civilians who were passing by, pedestrian, or in their cars…

The question is: who stands behind these silly, stupid operations, that disfigures the reputation of whoever wants to resist the occupation, killing more innocent Iraqi civilians…?


Is the resistance really a bunch of people who hate life, wanting destruction and ruin to all things around them, without a clear, fixed target in vision, and action style? Just explosions, in a blind way, without rules, without mercy to the Iraqi civilians, who are the only victims in this irrational hell?

These mean, irresponsible acts will push the Iraqis away from supporting the resistance, towards hating it…and shunning it…and their hearts and minds shall be with that who will bring them salvation from these inhuman, destructive acts…


Two days ago the "glorious resistance" fired mortars that landed on Khalid's university and killed people that he knows.
But Saad, the head of security of the University, who is a husband and a father, who was injured this morning just died, i just heard from the hospital. :*(((
He was a very Kind person, he allowed me to Enter the camera inside the campus when i made the films for CBC, no one would let me get them in because of the security situation, but he allowed me on his own responsibility knowing that it might get him in trouble.

Khalid, do you still support the terrorists?


The most pathetic Jarrar remains Raed, whose head is firmly planted in the sand while friends and family are targeted daily by the very people that he supports.

Zarqawi is laughing his ass off at the PERFECT USEFUL IDIOT, Raed Jarrar.

When the terrorists murdered Raed's friend Marla Ruzicka, Raed blamed the Occupation forces for her death!

ZARQAWI to Raed Jarrar: GOOD DOGGIE! GOOD DOGGIE! Here's a little treat! Good boy!

All of the Iraqi-Iraqi conflicts are caused by the US-led illegal occupation. Every drop of Iraqi blood that has been shed after this invasion is the responsibility of the occupation forces, and all the US and Hakim's attempts of starting a large scale Iraqi-Iraqi conflict so that they can strengthen their own position won't succeed.

ZARQAWI: GOOD DOGGIE, RAED! We'll keep murdering Iraqis and YOU keep blaming the Americans! Here's a nice treat! GOOD BOY!



And, of course, Raed has returned to his ADORATION of MUQTY and his FIVE MILLION FOLLOWERS!

Raed: And that's my CONSERVATIVE estimate!

Good doggie, Raed, good doggie!


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