Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Troubled Iraqi Blogger Saleem Receives A Death Threat

Saleem from Free Iraq's middle name should be "Troubles". As he's had more troubles lately than your average ten persons combined.
His father died from a heart attack last year, unable to make it to a hospital in time, because of the security situation in Iraq. Saleem's cousin, who greatly helped out Saleem's family after his father's death, was recently shot and killed by terrorists. Now Saleem has received a threatening
letter and has decided to put his Blogging on hold for a while:

I am very gratefull to everyone help duirng this funeral and I am ask if any one can get to me a Visaor housing to any country in the Europe or in the America because I think that I received a threaten from someone told me that I will be killed if I didnt stop talkign about the figthers in Iraq bbut unitil now I am not sure form this threaten but I will be more carefull and I will stop writing for a little while until I invesitagate about this letter. So I will absence for some days and every one get anyhting to me he can send an email to me and thank you very much.

Everyone wishes you Good Luck, Saleem.

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