Saturday, April 02, 2005

Super Pope Medya Discusses Iran's Nuclear Weapons. . .And Other Musings

Medya who wants to be
the First Kurdish Pope, though he'd
like to get married -- and that could be a
problem -- has a funny picture of the
All-Seeing Pope demonstrating one of the
Pope's many Super Hero powers.

And Medya and the First Kurdish Pope have a discussion about the Iranian Nuclear Weapons
threat and lax control:

-Myself :
"Mr Great Pop John Mede II" do you think
iran should have a nuclear bomb ?

- Pop John Mede II:
no . there is a histocial hate between iranians and arabs, if iran has a nuclear bomb, then arabs will try to have one too ...if arabs have nuclear bomb, then Turks -who are the most racist nation of the world- will sure want a nuclear bomb...and Turks may kill all of the Kurds with their atomic bomb , and also Israel can never bear an arabic country to have nuclear bomb.
so middle east will be full of dangrous weapons... our world has enough problems...iran should not have a no clear bomb .

-Myself : "Dear Pope Mede II" do you think iran needs nuclearn technology for making power..

- Pop John Mede II: Well i think because iran is the youngest country of the world and its population is growing...

we sure need more power...and mind that the bases of the iran's nuclear factories been made in the previous regim (the shah) and at that time ,the world had agreed that iran can have it to make electricite power , but...there is a problem.
i really worry that Iran will harm ourself by making that factory in iran, becasue it is so hard to take it's control...and iranians are not that good to take it's control.

For example about 1-2 years ago, they made a chemical factory in "azarbayjan province" to conver oil to chemical usefull matterials , so trucks had to moved oil from south of iran, to north west of iran. so trucks used to go through kurdistan day one of these trucks had an accident near the Kurdistan's dam ...and guess what the hell...the foolish firemans , that worried these chemical matterials may explode, flooded all of them to the dam !!!

And guess what...that chemical matterial was so dangrous for human , many western scinteists warned iran that peopel of kurdistan should not use this dam's water anymore...because it cause kurd men not ablie to make child... and also it will affect genetic problems in the next generation of the kurds and....
whatever...we still use this poisined water...

that was a small mistake about a small factory. I worry that if we have nuclear factory "even" for electricity power, how they are gonna protect us ....if they do a small mistake they may kill all of us. we better let westerns to make it for us and westerns take it's FULL control ...

I Could Scream, a blog about the plight of Islamic Women - Hat Tip: Instapundit.

I just finished reading Safe Area Gorazde:
The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95
(Publisher: Fantagraphic Books - ISBN:
1-56097-470-2) by Joe Sacco, with an
Introduction by Christopher Hitchens, so
you know the book carries some weight.

It's a Graphic Novel, and very Graphic at that, which explores and details the events and
people in Gorazde (pronounced go-RAJH-duh), a Bosnian Muslim enclave in Serb-held territory
and the atrocities and war and eventual peace in
the area. Well recommended!

Powerline has good news from Najaf (Hat Tip: Instapundit):

Even In Najaf, Iraqis Reject Theocracy
Haider Ajina has translated poll results that appeared today in the Iraqi newspaper Almendhar. What makes this survey particularly interesting is that it was conducted in Najaf, which Haider describes as "the center of the Shiite branch of Islam and possibly the most religiously conservative city in Iraq if not in the northern middle east." The poll, conducted by the school of political science of Najaf University, includes the following results:

62% of those polled said they wanted Islam to a beginning sources of the constitution. 38% wanted Islam to be the only source for the Iraqi constitution. 49% support a federal government. 50% support allowing those who boycotted the election to have input in writing the constitution. 63% support the multi national forces staying in Iraq for the current time. 85% expect the new transitional government to succeed in its goals. 78% expect the new national assembly to successfully write a constitution by the dead line. 1% said they expect civil war to break out.

This is just one more item in a rapidly-expanding body of evidence that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis reject fanaticism and sectarian conflict.

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