Monday, April 25, 2005

Spewing Hate, Baathist Chick Najma Goes Over The Bend

Sounding more like her idol Riverbend, Baathist Chick Najma, who by the way, according to the Grapevine, has BIG TIME HOTS FOR RAED JARRAR - I MEAN LIKE TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM -- of
A Star From Mosul , announces her dislike for Iraqi Bloggers Central
and Jeff in particular, although I'm tarnished too as co-conspirator - LOL:

So, who do I hate the most, next to Sharon, Bush, Saddam, there are Jeffrey (And all of his blog's contributors) and John. Has those names ever come in the same paragraph before?
You see, those are all to be hated, can't help not doing it!

The first time I heard of Jeffrey was when my friend wrote a comment on Iraq Blog Count, Khalid thought it was Jeffrey who wrote it (Since they have the same name) and then, I knew how bad that Jeffrey was (I can't find that comment now, I will link to it as soon as I find it). Then, for every single word he says, for every post and comment he writes, I hate him more.. Some people's job is to hate, he's one of them.

Ooooo. Tainted by a little Baathist twit,
who's too scared to have a Comments section,
because sometimes there are comments that criticize her. We're all Mortally Wounded here at Iraqi Bloggers Central. But maybe her Baathist-Appointed, Force His Daughters To Pray 30 Minutes Each Morning, Fallujah Groupy, Autocratic, Health Minister Father can save us.

But hey, thanks for the plug, Najmabend. Hopefully more people will read my Fine Interviews. And now you have something to really Bitch about this site.

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