Monday, April 04, 2005

Neurotic Iraqi Wife vs. Riverbend on Iraqi Terrorist TV

Neurotic Iraqi Wife and Riverbend exhibit two different mind sets concerning the television coverage of Terrorist Interrogations and
Confessions on Al-Iraqiya TV.

Neurotic Iraqi Wife blasts the Iraqi Terrorists with a Venomous Fusillade:

I just discovered this site MEMRI TV. Please check it out. It has subtitles in English. This site shows many of those terrorists that have been captured in Iraq and are being interrogated. They are bloodless criminals who have no intention of repenting. Those Bastards killing my people, slaughtering them, kidnapping them, raping them, then throwing them away like some trash. Im so damn angry and disgusted. Yet so pleased that they are being captured.

Im against capital punishment and hangings, but these barbarians deserve to be tortured and HUNG infront of all the people. They do not deserve to live one day on this earth.....If you go to search you can search more video clips about Iraq. It will also show you one clip (very heart breaking) about mothers facing the criminals that slaughtered their sons.

Riverbend meanwhile dismisses such Terrorist Interplay as Sham Showings and unleashes her Comedic Genius:

Our new “national” channels are a joke. One of the most amusing, in a gruesome sort of way, is Al-Iraqiya. It’s said to be American sponsored but the attitude is decidedly pro-Iran, anti-Sunni. There’s a program where they parade ‘terrorists’ on screen for us to see in an attempt to show us that our National Guard are not only good at raiding homes and harassing people in the streets. The funny thing about the terrorists is that the majority of them have “Sunni” names like Omar and Othman, etc. They admit to doing things such as having sexual intercourse in mosques and raping women and the whole show is disgusting. Iraqis don’t believe it because it’s so obviously produced to support the American definition of the Iraqi, Sunni, Islamic fanatic that it is embarrassing. Couldn’t the PSYOPS people come up with anything more subtle?

Notice Riverbend's use of quotes for terrorists?
Who does she think she's writing for, Reuters?

And how about this Comedic Nugget:
The funny thing about the terrorists is that the majority of them have “Sunni” names like Omar and Othman, etc.

Gee, you don't suppose most of those terrorists -- see not in quotes for me, because terrorists they are, sorry Riverbend -- just happen to be Sunni and that is why they have Sunni names? Nah, that can't be the case.

And of course, there's her statement, "that Iraqis don't believe it." Someone page Neurotic Iraqi Wife and tell her that she's not suppose to believe.

What a Beaut that Riverbend Gal is!

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