Friday, April 15, 2005

Nadz Twirls Two Six-Shooters and Takes Deadly Aim

I stopped over at Sandmonkey's Pad today and found him talking about this new Arab-American blogger named Nadz. People, you gotta go read her blog. Bookmark her and get her blog on your blogroll. Here's a taste.
As part of a journalism class, I had to go to a diversity seminar. It was about as BS as it sounds, although we did watch a pretty good Rosa Parks documentary (now that's empowerment!) We had to get into groups and talk about a time that we felt discriminated against. Naturally, the Hijab Squad was there, since they never miss an opportunity to plug Islam. They all talked about being discriminated against after 9/11. I could have done that, but I've experienced worse, so I talked about my experiences in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

I mentioned how a stranger called me a whore in an airport because my hair wasn't covered. I also mentioned how my Islam teacher in Bahrain told the class that women who have been raped should be killed by their families. One woman, a convert, was horrified by my story and took the opportunity to tell everyone that that incident was all about culture, you see, and had nothing to do with Islam. As if culture and religion have no connection whatsoever! I'm perfectly aware that the Quran doesn't sanction rape (I've read it many times) but there's some sexist stuff in there that the Hijab Squad cannot look at in an honest and direct way. Muslim women in the West, above all, should be trying to find ways to reform Islam and challenge these misogynistic nuts like my former teacher, but instead, they have to make excuses for them.

Okay, now go read the rest. She's wicked good. How's this for a blog-entry title: "An Atheist Remembers the Pope"? Heh heh.


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