Saturday, April 02, 2005

Iraqi Suicide Bombers Not; Complete Farking Idiots Yes

Major K in Iraq from the Strength and Honor Blog provides us with a major insight
into the dopiness of Suicide Bombers in Iraq. They're not even Suicide Bombers, but Smuggling Chumps, who often aren't aware about the cargo they're smuggling. It's Explosives you dingbats:

The dirty little secret of the Islamo-fascists is that many of these car bombs are not the suicide sacrifice that they tell of in their recruiting propaganda. All too frequently, the driver of many of these vehicles is unaware that he is doing anything more than smuggling supplies through a checkpoint or planting a car bomb for later detonation. These murderers are often driving not far behind the VBIED with a remote control detonation device. The bomb is detonated as soon as the vehicle gets close enough to the target, or, as in many cases, the device is about to be discovered and the mission compromised at a checkpoint. The checkpoint becomes a target of opportunity, no matter how many innocents are there. We refer to this as a Kervorkian, or an assisted suicide bombing. It is loathsome. I have only seen USA Today ever report on the practice...

Check Major K out, as he has photos of the destruction that these Misguided Idiots do. Darwin Award winners they all be, but go explode in your own back yards rather than harming innocent people!

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