Sunday, April 03, 2005

Iraqi Blogger Needs Cheering Up After Death

Iraqi Blogger Saleem from Free Iraq is very much down in the dumps these days and needs some cheering up. His cousin, a 47-year-old married man with five children was killed by terrorists in Al-Doura:

The story of killing my ocusin was that : two guys get off from thier cars infront of my counsin's supermarket and they were having guns (8.5 mm makaroof) and inter my cousin's superamrket and shot him on the chest area and when my cousin drop they shot him in his head and neck region from very near distance and this cause the death in the same moment and the two guys run away after killing him, what a murders are there ?? they took him form his small children, the innocent children and make five children without father just for getting fun.

A brutal slaying it was. And particularly devastating to Saleem, since he lost his
father last year, and his cousin had
helped Saleem's family out. Now his
cousin is gone, and Saleem is scared:

These days Iraq is like a forest the strong eats the weak and we are the victims... I cant hold this life, I cant hold anything ,I missed the most lovely person to me and to my family and his family... God bless this hero who was died when he was working to bring food to his family...

I am very confused and shocked and as much as I was happy for the new Iraq Iam now very sorry this absence of mu father before six months and now my cousin and I dont know who will u lose in the next days.......

Saleem is further worried that it might be him that's stricken next:

What a miserable life we live, you dont know when you will die, I expect my death in every moment becaus eof this bad and unsafety situation.

If you can stop by his Blog and offer him some reassuring comments and hope, that would be a
nice thing.

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