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The In T View: Stephania, Sardinian Super-Blogger Par Extraordinaire

Stephania from Italy is the 23-year-old
Freedom-Loving, Democracy-Spreading,
Sardinian SuperBlogger and Law Student
who shares her multitude of thoughts,
posts, and links every day from her
very Fine Blog:
Free Thoughts

In the In T View: Stephania, Sardinian
Super-Blogger Par Extraordinaire,
Stephania delves into everything from Love to
Democracy, Freedom to France, the Beautiful
Island of Sardinia to why the Iranian Mullahs
must not be allowed to obtain Nuclear Capabilty.

It's The In T View: Stephania, Sardianian Supper-Blogger, Par Extraordinaire

MG: Hello Stephania, How is life treating
you these days?

Stephania: Well, Thanks God it is
treating me well. At least, so far.

MG: Stephania, you are from the
beautiful Italian island of Sardinia,
a place inhabited as early as 150,000 B.C.
What is it like to grow up in such an
environment? Can you feel and taste
its ancientness? Is there a grand sense
of History, Tradition, and Legend living
in such a milieu?

Stephania: I have to say that I feel
lucky to live here in Sardinia. It's an
island rich of history, traditions and,
above all, its sea and beaches are among
the most beautiful, I'd say, of the world.
I don't know if you have watched any picture
of them. If not, I advise you to do it :)

Also, the landscape is not the same everywhere.
I mean, if you go in the central parts of the island, you can see landscapes made up with mountains and green meadows.

Check the below wesbite, in English, to
know more about Sardinia:

MG: How is the United States viewed in
your native Sardinia?

Stephania: Well, honestly, I cannot say
how it is seen, as I really don't know what the majority here thinks. My city is inhabited by
many non-leftist people. The mayor is a
right-wing politician and the city has never
had a leftist mayor. So I think that many
people here has a positive view of the US.
The same can be said for the other 2 provinces
of the island : The province on the centre-west. That of the north-west. But there is an entire province ,on the centre and centre-east part,
which is very leftist. And they don't like the
US. They demanded the closure of the Nato bases, even if they're located on the North Sardinia,
in an island named "La Maddalena" (where there
are a lot of Americans with their families - I visited that place last year and I loved it and talked to a lot of Americans.)

MG: Do you have any Pets?

Stephania: No, I don't have any. But I'd
love to have some. The problem is that my house
has not a garden, otherwise, I would take a dog.
I love the dogs a lot, much more than the cats,
said honestly.

MG: Is there a God?

Stephania: Well, usually I don't speak
about this personal issue publicly, but I have
no problem with saying that I am an agnostic.
I mean, I don't ask myself if there is a god
or not.. My mind has a lot to think about,
that I don't wonder if there's any god.

MG: Do you have a favorite color?

Stephania: Yes. I've 2 favorite Colors:
Blue and Pink. And usually I give meanings to
the colors. To me, Blue is the color of the
sea and the sky. And, since I am romantic,
I love this color :) Then, Pink is a feminine
color par excellence.

MG: Why is a nice Italian Girl like you
so interested in Freedom, Democracy, and Iran?

Stephania: Because I am convinced that the democratic states don't export terror nor do they terrorize their citizens. And I think that the current democratic wave accross the Middle East
and Central Asia is taking place as a result of
the democratic successes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Now we are no longer hearing the catastrophists. This is because the domino effect is just starting. And the events are proving that they're wrong.

MG: The Iranian Freedom Movement SMCCDI,
what can you tell us about them?

Stephania: They have contributed, in all these years, to raise awareness about the real situation inside Iran. They're doing a great
work to liberate their country. SMCCDI, as
stated in many of its articles, has been
opposition movement that has called for mass demonstrations inside Iran in several occasions
and continues to be a major force behind the mobilization of millions of Iranian protesters.

MG: Can Iran be allowed to build a
Nuclear Bomb?

Stephania: Of course not. At least the
Iran under the Mullahs. We all know what will
the Mullahs do once they have the bomb . But,
in my opinion, the solution to this is not
tens and tens of nuclear-focused talks and
meetings between the Europeans and the Regime.
So far, it has not solved anything.

The solution lies in the concrete help of the Iranian people ( morally, politically and - above all - financially ) by the West so that they can bring down the regime by themselves.

Also, the problem is not the bomb per se. It
is who has the bomb. If you put a nuclear bomb
in the hands of terrorists, they'll be using
it for the purposes we know (destroy Israel
and the West). The Mullahs are terrorists.
So they must not be allowed to own a bomb.

MG: Do you think events in Iran will
reach a critical mass, where the Pro Democracy Forces will overthrow the Mullahocracy?

Stephania: Well, I think they will if
the West backs its words with concrete
actions. As I said above, the West must
offer the Iranians all the means to liberate
their country.

The situation right now is very tense in Iran.
There are uprising all over the countries
underway, and if you rea the reports in this moments, you'll see that the situation is
becoming very hard for the Mullahs' regime.
Now that the situation is exploding, the
West must act in support of all those who
in these hours are in the streets trying to overthrow the regime in several Iranian
cities and regions. But where is the West ?

MG: What does Freedom mean to you?

Stephania: It means everything.
Personally, it means that nobody can
impose his/her will on me. I hate to
stay with a man who says how I have
to dress or that i don't have to
wear that or this.

Individual liberty to me is very important.

As for freedom in general, it means everything
to a person. That's why I support those
fighting to have the same rights as I do have.

MG: How do you safeguard that Freedom?

Stephania: Eternal vigilance..and fight

MG: Will there be freedom for the
People of Cuba any time soon?

Stephania: Yes. I think so. There will
be the first Pro-Democracy Conference in
Havana on May 20th. It is being organized
by some former political prisoners and has
the support of tens upon tens of opposition
groups, both inside and outside Cuba, plus
the financial endorsement of some
Cuban-American Senators and world
politicians such as Vaclav Havel.

This conference aims to strenghten the
opposition to Castro, promote the Civil
Society and acts of civil disobedience
and campaign to raise awareness among
the Cuban population.

There's a growing discontent in Cuba.
People start loosing the fear to speak
out and criticize the regime. Many
continue to escape via sea and many
more join the tens of opposition
groups in the island.

Marxism lives only in the minds of
some regime's supporters. But a
majority of Cubans now are sick
of communism.

This conference marks the beginning of the liberation of Cuba. As a prominent dissident
inside the island said recently, the Castro
regime " is weaking day by day. It is up
now to the international community to help
us in the transition toward democracy".

You can visit the Official Website of
the Conference and put your signature if you
support these people's efforts.

MG: What do yo believe will be the next Country to experience a Democratic Revolution?

Stephania: Belarus. But there are so
many others and the list would be too long.

MG: So, what's your favorite food?

Stephania: The Sardinian Cousin, Ravioli and ...Pizza !

MG: What do you think of France?

Stephania: First of all, let me clarify
to my Blog's readers (some of them may be French,
I don't know anyone from France, but they might
be some), that I don't have anything against
France as a nation and people. My criticism is
with the French government and the way they
see the world.

So, when I say "France" I meant the gov't and
the system. So, France (meaning what I said)
is a country whose leaders have always believed themselves to be a superior race and culture,
and as having the right to impose their vision
on the others. They favor the commercial and economic issues over the human rights ones.

They oppose the spread of Democracy and the
Bush's Doctrine, because : 1) they're jelous
2) they think that the other peoples are unfit
to self-governing 3) Democracy in some countries would mean the end of their economic priviledges
and benefits.

The difference between France and the U.S. is
that the former has been a colonizer and has
brought no democratic principles and the
latter has never colonized a foreign country,
but has liberated half a world, whether
militarily or not.

MG: What makes you Laugh?

Stephania: Seeing the images of when
I was a child. And seeing my brothers' make
me even more laugh.

MG: If you could go on a Dream Vacation
to anywhere on the Planet, where would it be
and why?

Stephania: In a tropical island. Yes,
I know that's a common dream. But I'd like
to stay there with the person I love. I love
the sun and the summer, that's why I would
choose these places. But , since we're talking
about dreams, and I am a romantic dreamer, I
would say that I would like to relax in the
moon with the person love.

MG: Stephania, How do you say, "Super Blogger" in Italian? Because that's what you
are, a Super Blogger. Where do you find the
time to post all the information that you do?
Just reading it all, make me tired.

Stephania: We use the same term. Super Blogger. Nowadays, this term is very common.
You know, it's not the first time a person
asks me how I do to write all these things.
When I have the time and I sit in front of
my pc, I blog as much as I can.

Don't worry, read it whenever you want and
can. You know, there are the archives so
that you can read a post if in the meantime
I have posted other tens... However, I'am
unable to post more than 10 posts a day.
So take your time. My blog is always there

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging, and how did your Blog:
Free Thoughts
come about?

Stephania: I have always dreamed of
making my thoughts known and hear comments
from the others. It's like a personal diary
and a way to express myself freely , without
any censorship on what I write. It's a powerful
tool and makes me feel freer.

At the beginning, I was thinking to start a
non-political blog. A blog that talked about
my personal feelings, like love or my life experiences. I may still do it, but for now
I like to keep blogging about politics.

MG: Besides your own Blog, what other
Blogs do you like to read?

Stephania: All those listed on my links!
But in particular, I read Little Green Footballs, Roger L. Simon and, of course, your blog.

MG: When you're not being a Superblogger,
what do you like to do to "Kick Back" and have

Stephania: You should also add "when
you're not studying..", because I am also
studying. I study law. A 3-year long course,
helped by my cousin who is about to finish.
When I am not a "superblogger", I go out ,
meet with friends, go to the stadium when
my city's team - Cagliari - plays against
important teams like Juventus, Milan or
Inter and I relax a bit by listening to
my favorite music.

MG: What's the Best Movie you've
seen in the last six months?

Stephania: The Million Dollar Baby.
A great movie. It has deserved the award
it has won.

MG: Do you have a favorite Columnist
like Victor Davis Hanson or writer that you
like to read?

Stephania: I have a lot. But some in particular: Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Cliff May,Claudia Rosett, Bill Kristol, Saul
Singer of the Jerusalem Post, Fiamma Nirestein
and Emanuele Ottolenghi. I am a Nocon, after
all.. :)

MG: Which Book that you've read, has
had the Biggest Influence on your Life?

Stephania: " Staying far from Medina". The author is an Algerian woman and feminist activist, Assia Djebar. I read a lot of her books, but this has explained very well how a woman lives in the Islamic societies.

And that has taught me how lucky I am to live
in the Free World, but that I cannot ignore the plight of those living in the undemocratic and unfree world.

MG: Let's try a little Word Association, Stephania:

~ Jacque Chirac

Stephania: I cannot use here some of
the words I'd use to describe Chirac. All I
can say is that he's an opportunist,
merchantilist, imperialist and hypocrite
man, and he represents today's European

~ Love

Stephania: Love is everything to me.
I cannot live if I know I am not loved by at
least a couple of people. I like to love and
be loved. But I cannot pretend to be loved.
It's not part of my behavior. I cannot ask
love to a person if I don't give my love to
that person.

Till some year ago, I did not believe in love,
as my experiences with men made me think that there's no such a thing like love. But now it's totally different. I am single, and I am living happy. But I am ready to give and receive love
if I meet the right person. Yes, now I believe
in love. And i want to love.

~ Women's Rights and Islam

Stephania: I don't believe that Islam as
a religion is compatible with the women's rights.
I have read the Koran, because I have to know something before talking about it. Not that it
means that all the Muslims are against the women rights. Many of the Middle Eastern feminists are Muslim. The problem is with the religion. The Secular Muslim intellectuals themselves say that Islam needs to be reformed if the Muslim world
wants to enter the 21 century.

~ Shopping

Stephania: I love go shopping. When I
have enough money, I like to go out with
friends or alone to buy something I saw and
I liked. Usually I buy clothes. But I also buy lipsticks and all the things who we women love
to improve our looks.

~ President George W. Bush

Stephania: The best U.S, President after Lincoln and Reagan. And today, the best World Leader. Cannot imagine how would the world
look like without his lead.

~ The European Union

Stephania: A corrupt, undemocratic, merchantilistic and useless insitution. It has suppressed many of our individual liberties and
the nations' sovereignty. I am anti-Europeanist
and I believe I am not the only one.

~ Italian Television

Stephania: Two reasons for which I don't watch it : too many reality shows; too many politically "correct" programs. I watch it
only when there's a good movie or an important soccer game, such as the Italian National Team or the games of the important Cups.

~ Iraq

Stephania: A better place and it has
made the world more secure

MG: And speaking of Iraq, Stephania,
was War necessary to overthrow Sadam and the Baathists? Do you think things are progressing

Stephania: Yes, it was, because the
Iraqi people were unable to overthrow the
Saddam's regime by themlselves. It is the
same like with the Nazi Germany and the
Fascist Italy. A war has been able to help
the Italians and the Germans overthrow
Mussolini and Hitler.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Stephania for a
Nice Interview and final question: Have you
ever seen a Ghost?

Stephania: Thanks a lot for this
interview and your interest on my blog and my thoughts ! No, I have not. Never. To tell it honestly: I don't believe in the ghosts.

Anyway, thanks again and I apologize for my imperfect English.

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