Monday, April 25, 2005

The In T View: Ferid The Great, Iraqi Renaissance Man

Ferid of the Iraqi4ever Blog is a genuine Renaissance Man, studying Dentistry at a College in Baghdad,
playing Tennis, focusing in on Photography,
enjoying Computer Programming, and being
arrested on suspicion of Terrorism in an
unfortunate misunderstanding.

A Terrorist he's not; a Good Guy he is, and we celebrate that in:

The In T View: Ferid The Great, Iraqi
Renaissance Man

MG: Hello Ferid, how is life treating you these days?

Ferid: Well fair, I don't want to complain about it here too :P

MG: So, you were recently arrested on suspicion of "Terrorism". What was that all
about? What did your parents say? And how
strange of an experience was it?

Ferid: I just took some photos for an exploded vehicle near my college, ended with
a night in custody…what was all about? I really didn't have yet a logical reason for it…my
parents told me before the accident that I'll
be shot dead one day if I kept taking pictures,
so I guess I was lucky after all :P

MG: LOL, Are there a lot of Terrorist
Dental Students running around Iraq these days?

Ferid: I suppose am the first, the day
I went to college I stopped all the rumors,
rumors went on as am now at Guantanamo :P

MG: So what's the average day of an Iraqi Dental Student like?

Ferid: As a start wake up at 6:00am, trying to avoid the heavy traffic and be at college before 8:00am, return at 3:00-4:00PM then either nap or study for the next so both are a waste of time…

MG: Is the Dentistry Profession, a good
place to meet Iraqi Women?

Ferid: Maybe I didn't get your question right, but the seats are reserved 60% for females
to 40% males and that's so fair to us :P

MG: Besides Dentistry and School, what other interests do you have in life?

Ferid: I would say photographing but not anymore, computer programming and for sport I
play Tennis, I represented my college this year
at the colleges' tournament but I was out from
the first round!!

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging, and how did your blog: Iraqi4ever come about?

Ferid: I was surfing the internet, then I found my self at Nabil's blog he was writing about soccer, I checked the comments there were like 30 comments, checked the statistics and there were about 300 hits a day…before my blog I had personal web site, five hits a day would make me happy :P

So I thought of doing the same, then
Iraq the Model
and Healing Iraq both introduced at the same time, hits that
day reached 1000 I almost had a heart attack

MG: Besides your own Blog, do you have any other blogs that you like to read?

Ferid: I read many blogs, political blogs mostly take my attention.

MG: What would you say is the Greatest Problem facing Iraq these days?

Ferid: Same old problem the Ba'athies,
and those extreme Islamic are just toys in the
hand of Ba'athies…

MG: What's the best book that you ever

Ferid: The God father

MG: So, do you have a favorite Iraqi food?

Ferid: Pizza but that for sure not an Iraqi food :P

MG: Let's say you could go out on a date
with anyone on the planet, who would it be and

Ferid: Jennifer Aniston, I like her hair.

MG: What would you say has been the
happiest moment in your life?

Ferid: 9th of April and the day Saddam was captured.

MG: Is there a special place in Iraq, that you like to visit?

Ferid: Not a special place but when am
at a full crowded soccer stadium, and of course watching my team and winning :)

MG: Do you have a favorite TV show?

Ferid: Friends, here the series didn't
end yet :)

MG: Did you have a chance to participate
in the recent Iraqi Elections, and how excited
were you?

Ferid: Yes, and I consider it as a
blessing as some people couldn't and felt
either guilty or regretful.

MG: If people would like to donate
to you or your blog: Iraqi4ever, how do
they go about it?

Ferid: With the help of Mr.Tom Villars
people can donate at left column of my blog.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Ferid, and final question: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Ferid: Yes, at cartoons and movies only :P

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