Saturday, April 02, 2005

Are Kurdish Girls Hot Or Not?

A Western Photographer's Iraqi Photos (including "Kurdish Hotties") - Hat Tip Medya provoked intense debate and mirth and merriment
over at the Comments Section of the Kurdistan Bloggers Union about whether Kurdish Girls, and these
young women in particular were hot or not -
Slightly R Rated, so you've been warned:

I don't think kurdish girls are that ugly hhhhhhhhhhh
I saw some nice photos of kurdish girls in another blog

yah...there definately is better looking girls in kurdistan
roller rebwar

BE nice....they are young they will develop

I myself think except the first girl at Left , all of them are ugly.

how the photographer called them hottie !

i wonder if he see the reall hottties what he would called them

he said that withhout having the glasses on !have you !yours on !?
Well they are nice as a character and go for the quality and substance rather than the superficial Barby look a like dumb ,as you end up worrying too much not to loose the toy !
I had the most beautifull girls , and I used to change them as if I change my shirt ...well in the end you end up questioning yourself wether is worth all the hussle ..that is why when the lights off it takes more than the glasses to diffrenciate between the two !
The problem with v.pretty girls ,they have a chip over their shoulders and most men can't take that for long ! yes some do !and pay for it !
truth |

oh dear truth i didnt mean that !

I didnt mean that sexy girls are better , I just meant , these girls are not our hotties...
there are many more hotties in Kurdistan ...

sure each girl in that photo has a character a mind and a soul , and we have no right to judge about that.
medya |

pretty girls cant trust them
others , who are less prety are nice to talk to
We're baseing our views on the ladies merely on face shure they're verry verry nice people who make great dolma
roller rebwar

I think every female nice ...!
It depends on how much you could tolerate ,and the individuals upbringing ...!
Can't you understand why man been living for a long time with her end up deaf or pretend to be a deaf !this is one of the trick men use to keep in sane !
I had a girl so quite ! whatever I do she accepted it and remained quite not even a single word ,beside all the wrong things I did some times deliberatly to provok -just to get her out of the habit ! no use ! bugged me too much in the end I got red of her !
roller rebwar
making Dolma or Dolmadis in English filling or stuffed veg well no need for furthering ladies are masters !facinating watching their hands how it moves in stuffing !

roller rebwar

I`m not sure if they can make a good Dolmma,but one of them have a nose like Dolmma!

BTW,A nice girl isn`t necessarily a beautiful one.

That Dolma stuffed too much ! it needs to be unstuffed !

Watch out she might end up a boxer or a sifu in one of the secret kung fu style !

those girls are ugly man, I mean who are we kidding? it's not like Iraq is a hotbed of bautiful girls like California or the US or Sweden.

oh yeah i like sex with medya I am one of the girls in that photo

They say the Monkey in his mother's eye prettier than the Gazal !ha ha
I see some thing flying ..lower your head !

Medya rather run miles away !

This is a true story an Iraqi boy studying medicine in uk..his friend all having Bull-time he always stay in ,he keep saying one day ,you will see one day I shall meet a nice girl one day we had a party our friend reluctantly in the end he joined the party ...the first girl he met he fell in love ..holding her hands and all dreamy in the end they disappeared to his quarter ....our friend no sign of him for couple days ...we found out he keeps going to the VD clinic ...he got it !from the first girl he fell in love with ...we kept pulling his leg about this adventure in the end he disappeared for good !in shame !

truth !!! why did you sat that comment to me ?

if I put a girl's photo on KBU...that means that I wanna have sex with everysex you think that you should warn me about HIV ?

he he I better never post a girls photo again... or i will be called a bad boy

I think the dude called them hotties because it was maybe the first women he saw in Iraq who were wearing body detailining JEANS and not baggy black abayas.

Not to worry mate !
I could introduce you to my cousins near you in Sinne !
You might end up happily meeting one of those hunkies ! I never seen them !I should immagine toughies !
Blind date !
A strong tea ,will help !ha haa

The Abaya alone not too bad ! you could always hide under it ,but when combined with jarghad , foote and pooshiya ..God help us !ha haa

Makes the Newroz spirit over taking events ...I keep forgetting the bloody Buqja on top of the black Abaya (filled with presents ) like khubz aroog ,kleyja ..! ha haa

All it needs the wind(windy day !) to sway the Abaya revealing little of the dusty Na'al make the picture more appealing !wow what a sex appeal ..not even 1/4 bottle of Arak will wipe out that image !....
Just like my first girl was her name Qanooza the poor girl she got drilled so accurately she was so happy through her little Abaya a way ! ha haa
Abaya mabaya !buqa Abaya tahin kulla tahin !

kura da hali da u da freeyda bawi 3aba namawa,

tanoorai kurt zor jwana shora u pasan krawa.

(throw it away the fashion of Abaya is over ,

short skirts is very nice and sexy and makes your day).

Kurdish song

That is what I said !
rasa kaka rasa kaka !
You have to be drunk to take it !

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