Saturday, April 30, 2005

Akbar, New Iraqi Blogger, Welcome!

Akbar over at the new Iraqi blog Iraq Rising comes right out fighting.
I have no respect for people who stand on the sidelines only to spout dirt and pessimism, I say to them 'shut up, or pack up'. We have no room for the likes of you in our Iraq. I direct these comments to those blogger and commentators (you know who you are) that keep insisting on supporting these terrorists on the notion that somehow it is a natural Iraqi Sunni based 'out-cry' for their loss of right to govern in the country. And that democracy and a true representative government can only be achieved after the withdrawal of American troops. Well that's just Bull. Democracy is being achieved now with the help of Americans. And only with them being there. What these terrorists (Iranian, Syrian and wahhabi criminals) want is America to withdraw so that they can begin their own bloodbath and sick dreams of carving up out beautiful Iraq. This we must and will never allow.

Welcome this new voice of Iraqi democracy to the blogosphere!


Ambassador Fayrouz has a blog entry on the "President of the Mass Graves."
Today, the terrorists showed their disapproval of the new Iraqi government by killing more Iraqis. These animals go wild each time there's a positive development in Iraq. Ba'athists remnants and foreign rerrorists live on shedding more and more Iraqi blood. It's made worse because there are people who still consider them "resistance fighters". Resisting what? I have no idea. The terrorists' supporters probably supported Saddam's acts when he was in power and considered him a national hero.


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