Saturday, April 30, 2005

Akbar, New Iraqi Blogger, Welcome!

Akbar over at the new Iraqi blog Iraq Rising comes right out fighting.
I have no respect for people who stand on the sidelines only to spout dirt and pessimism, I say to them 'shut up, or pack up'. We have no room for the likes of you in our Iraq. I direct these comments to those blogger and commentators (you know who you are) that keep insisting on supporting these terrorists on the notion that somehow it is a natural Iraqi Sunni based 'out-cry' for their loss of right to govern in the country. And that democracy and a true representative government can only be achieved after the withdrawal of American troops. Well that's just Bull. Democracy is being achieved now with the help of Americans. And only with them being there. What these terrorists (Iranian, Syrian and wahhabi criminals) want is America to withdraw so that they can begin their own bloodbath and sick dreams of carving up out beautiful Iraq. This we must and will never allow.

Welcome this new voice of Iraqi democracy to the blogosphere!


Ambassador Fayrouz has a blog entry on the "President of the Mass Graves."
Today, the terrorists showed their disapproval of the new Iraqi government by killing more Iraqis. These animals go wild each time there's a positive development in Iraq. Ba'athists remnants and foreign rerrorists live on shedding more and more Iraqi blood. It's made worse because there are people who still consider them "resistance fighters". Resisting what? I have no idea. The terrorists' supporters probably supported Saddam's acts when he was in power and considered him a national hero.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

Response to Raed Jarrar

In his longest blog entry to date, Raed Jarrar explains in some detail his views on matters in Iraq.

The Elections of January 30, 2005.

First of all, Raed looks at the election of January 30, 2005, in which around 8 million Iraqis, despite weeks of death-threats by the terrorists, went to the polls and voted in the first legitimate election in decades. In contrast to those 8 million Iraqis who voted, Raed remained in Jordan and sulked. From his family’s penthouse apartment in Amman, Raed predicted the elections would, in fact, “open the gates of hell.” “I didn’t see elections by themselves as a victory,” Raed writes, tossing up a quick straw-man argument. However, it should be noted that no one claimed that the elections, in themselves, sealed a “victory.” The majority of commentators were pleased by the large turnout in the face of daily death-threats and simply acknowledged that the elections were an important first step in the democratic process in Iraq.

Raed then attempts to belittle the bravery of those Iraqis who voted by bringing up once again an unsubstantiated rumor that a sizeable group voted only to retain their monthly food rations. To date, however, I haven’t read any verification of this charge. “I didn’t see that it’s worth it to threaten people just to have them go vote,” Raed writes. “Voting by itself is not a victory.” In a perverse shift of emphasis, instead of placing the threats at the feet of the terrorists themselves, Raed points to some unnamed officials who wanted to blackmail -- I guess this is Raed's argument -- Iraqis citizens into voting by threatening to revoke their ration cards if they didn't vote.

Raed thinks that democratic elections are, in general, a good thing. “Elections, as a mechanism of public participation, are most needed in our countries, the Middle Eastern developing countries,” Raed writes. He argues, however, that the Iraqi election on January 30, 2005, was NOT a good thing. “I’m not against elections per-se,” he says, “I was and still against the timing and outline of the past elections.” Raed does not tell us when he would have preferred to hold the first election.

At this point, Raed’s train of thought starts to unravel a bit and it is difficult to understand what he is trying to say. He says that elections are important for the future of Iraq, but that they shouldn’t have too many elections because their “magical” effect may lose their “spark.” I urge you, dear reader, to read that passage and see if you can interpret it yourself.

The Resistance

Raed argues that the resistance is a local product and the “foreign” (Al-Qaeda) element is very small. “The Iraqi resistance is the very direct reaction to the invasion and occupation,” Raed writes. “It’s simply an indigenous response to an illegal war.” The Iraqi resistance is comprised of three groups, he says.

1. “remains of the Iraqi government, intelligence, and army” (all Iraqi)

2. Islamists fighting “crusaders” (99% Iraqi / 1% non-Iraqi)

3. disgruntled Iraqis that Raed calls the “Abu Ghreib ex-detainees” (all Iraqi)

I have no problem with this analysis. It seems to accord with most reports of the composition of the insurgents / terrorists / resistance. However, in the last 28 days, this “resistance,” to use Raed’s preferred term for this disparate collection of individuals, have murdered according to the reliable Iraq Coalition Casualties:

269 Iraqi Civilians
174 Iraqi Military / Police

443 Total Iraqis killed in the last 28 days by Raed’s Resistance.

Now THAT I have a problem with. Raed suggests that, because they are fighting the interim government –- and according to Raed, any elected officials are of course “puppets” -- the killing of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children is just another operation conducted by the glorious Resistance.

During the same period, the "Resistance" have killed 39 Coalition soldiers.

My question.

In the same period of time, Raed's Resistance Fighters have killed:

443 Iraqi Citizens to 39 Coalition Soldiers.

Who do YOU think Raed's Resistance Fighters are TARGETING?

This has been my main complaint against Raed Jarrar from the beginning. How can someone in good conscience support a collective of individuals that kills innocent noncombatant Iraqi citizens?

At this point, Raed offers another explanation for why he didn’t vote:
When non-extremists, like myself, decided not to take a part of the state politics and just stay outside and watch what’s happening, it’s not because we’re enjoying the scene, and it’s not that we support violence. It is only because we are marginalized by the US occupying administration and its extremist ideologies.

How exactly, one wonders, was Raed Jarrar “marginalized” by the interim administration?

More to follow.


I just HAD to link to Ahmad's entry on a true Iraqi HERO, SAMIR.


Monday, April 25, 2005

Spewing Hate, Baathist Chick Najma Goes Over The Bend

Sounding more like her idol Riverbend, Baathist Chick Najma, who by the way, according to the Grapevine, has BIG TIME HOTS FOR RAED JARRAR - I MEAN LIKE TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM -- of
A Star From Mosul , announces her dislike for Iraqi Bloggers Central
and Jeff in particular, although I'm tarnished too as co-conspirator - LOL:

So, who do I hate the most, next to Sharon, Bush, Saddam, there are Jeffrey (And all of his blog's contributors) and John. Has those names ever come in the same paragraph before?
You see, those are all to be hated, can't help not doing it!

The first time I heard of Jeffrey was when my friend wrote a comment on Iraq Blog Count, Khalid thought it was Jeffrey who wrote it (Since they have the same name) and then, I knew how bad that Jeffrey was (I can't find that comment now, I will link to it as soon as I find it). Then, for every single word he says, for every post and comment he writes, I hate him more.. Some people's job is to hate, he's one of them.

Ooooo. Tainted by a little Baathist twit,
who's too scared to have a Comments section,
because sometimes there are comments that criticize her. We're all Mortally Wounded here at Iraqi Bloggers Central. But maybe her Baathist-Appointed, Force His Daughters To Pray 30 Minutes Each Morning, Fallujah Groupy, Autocratic, Health Minister Father can save us.

But hey, thanks for the plug, Najmabend. Hopefully more people will read my Fine Interviews. And now you have something to really Bitch about this site.

The In T View: Ferid The Great, Iraqi Renaissance Man

Ferid of the Iraqi4ever Blog is a genuine Renaissance Man, studying Dentistry at a College in Baghdad,
playing Tennis, focusing in on Photography,
enjoying Computer Programming, and being
arrested on suspicion of Terrorism in an
unfortunate misunderstanding.

A Terrorist he's not; a Good Guy he is, and we celebrate that in:

The In T View: Ferid The Great, Iraqi
Renaissance Man

MG: Hello Ferid, how is life treating you these days?

Ferid: Well fair, I don't want to complain about it here too :P

MG: So, you were recently arrested on suspicion of "Terrorism". What was that all
about? What did your parents say? And how
strange of an experience was it?

Ferid: I just took some photos for an exploded vehicle near my college, ended with
a night in custody…what was all about? I really didn't have yet a logical reason for it…my
parents told me before the accident that I'll
be shot dead one day if I kept taking pictures,
so I guess I was lucky after all :P

MG: LOL, Are there a lot of Terrorist
Dental Students running around Iraq these days?

Ferid: I suppose am the first, the day
I went to college I stopped all the rumors,
rumors went on as am now at Guantanamo :P

MG: So what's the average day of an Iraqi Dental Student like?

Ferid: As a start wake up at 6:00am, trying to avoid the heavy traffic and be at college before 8:00am, return at 3:00-4:00PM then either nap or study for the next so both are a waste of time…

MG: Is the Dentistry Profession, a good
place to meet Iraqi Women?

Ferid: Maybe I didn't get your question right, but the seats are reserved 60% for females
to 40% males and that's so fair to us :P

MG: Besides Dentistry and School, what other interests do you have in life?

Ferid: I would say photographing but not anymore, computer programming and for sport I
play Tennis, I represented my college this year
at the colleges' tournament but I was out from
the first round!!

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging, and how did your blog: Iraqi4ever come about?

Ferid: I was surfing the internet, then I found my self at Nabil's blog he was writing about soccer, I checked the comments there were like 30 comments, checked the statistics and there were about 300 hits a day…before my blog I had personal web site, five hits a day would make me happy :P

So I thought of doing the same, then
Iraq the Model
and Healing Iraq both introduced at the same time, hits that
day reached 1000 I almost had a heart attack

MG: Besides your own Blog, do you have any other blogs that you like to read?

Ferid: I read many blogs, political blogs mostly take my attention.

MG: What would you say is the Greatest Problem facing Iraq these days?

Ferid: Same old problem the Ba'athies,
and those extreme Islamic are just toys in the
hand of Ba'athies…

MG: What's the best book that you ever

Ferid: The God father

MG: So, do you have a favorite Iraqi food?

Ferid: Pizza but that for sure not an Iraqi food :P

MG: Let's say you could go out on a date
with anyone on the planet, who would it be and

Ferid: Jennifer Aniston, I like her hair.

MG: What would you say has been the
happiest moment in your life?

Ferid: 9th of April and the day Saddam was captured.

MG: Is there a special place in Iraq, that you like to visit?

Ferid: Not a special place but when am
at a full crowded soccer stadium, and of course watching my team and winning :)

MG: Do you have a favorite TV show?

Ferid: Friends, here the series didn't
end yet :)

MG: Did you have a chance to participate
in the recent Iraqi Elections, and how excited
were you?

Ferid: Yes, and I consider it as a
blessing as some people couldn't and felt
either guilty or regretful.

MG: If people would like to donate
to you or your blog: Iraqi4ever, how do
they go about it?

Ferid: With the help of Mr.Tom Villars
people can donate at left column of my blog.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Ferid, and final question: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Ferid: Yes, at cartoons and movies only :P

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The In T View: Stephania, Sardinian Super-Blogger Par Extraordinaire

Stephania from Italy is the 23-year-old
Freedom-Loving, Democracy-Spreading,
Sardinian SuperBlogger and Law Student
who shares her multitude of thoughts,
posts, and links every day from her
very Fine Blog:
Free Thoughts

In the In T View: Stephania, Sardinian
Super-Blogger Par Extraordinaire,
Stephania delves into everything from Love to
Democracy, Freedom to France, the Beautiful
Island of Sardinia to why the Iranian Mullahs
must not be allowed to obtain Nuclear Capabilty.

It's The In T View: Stephania, Sardianian Supper-Blogger, Par Extraordinaire

MG: Hello Stephania, How is life treating
you these days?

Stephania: Well, Thanks God it is
treating me well. At least, so far.

MG: Stephania, you are from the
beautiful Italian island of Sardinia,
a place inhabited as early as 150,000 B.C.
What is it like to grow up in such an
environment? Can you feel and taste
its ancientness? Is there a grand sense
of History, Tradition, and Legend living
in such a milieu?

Stephania: I have to say that I feel
lucky to live here in Sardinia. It's an
island rich of history, traditions and,
above all, its sea and beaches are among
the most beautiful, I'd say, of the world.
I don't know if you have watched any picture
of them. If not, I advise you to do it :)

Also, the landscape is not the same everywhere.
I mean, if you go in the central parts of the island, you can see landscapes made up with mountains and green meadows.

Check the below wesbite, in English, to
know more about Sardinia:

MG: How is the United States viewed in
your native Sardinia?

Stephania: Well, honestly, I cannot say
how it is seen, as I really don't know what the majority here thinks. My city is inhabited by
many non-leftist people. The mayor is a
right-wing politician and the city has never
had a leftist mayor. So I think that many
people here has a positive view of the US.
The same can be said for the other 2 provinces
of the island : The province on the centre-west. That of the north-west. But there is an entire province ,on the centre and centre-east part,
which is very leftist. And they don't like the
US. They demanded the closure of the Nato bases, even if they're located on the North Sardinia,
in an island named "La Maddalena" (where there
are a lot of Americans with their families - I visited that place last year and I loved it and talked to a lot of Americans.)

MG: Do you have any Pets?

Stephania: No, I don't have any. But I'd
love to have some. The problem is that my house
has not a garden, otherwise, I would take a dog.
I love the dogs a lot, much more than the cats,
said honestly.

MG: Is there a God?

Stephania: Well, usually I don't speak
about this personal issue publicly, but I have
no problem with saying that I am an agnostic.
I mean, I don't ask myself if there is a god
or not.. My mind has a lot to think about,
that I don't wonder if there's any god.

MG: Do you have a favorite color?

Stephania: Yes. I've 2 favorite Colors:
Blue and Pink. And usually I give meanings to
the colors. To me, Blue is the color of the
sea and the sky. And, since I am romantic,
I love this color :) Then, Pink is a feminine
color par excellence.

MG: Why is a nice Italian Girl like you
so interested in Freedom, Democracy, and Iran?

Stephania: Because I am convinced that the democratic states don't export terror nor do they terrorize their citizens. And I think that the current democratic wave accross the Middle East
and Central Asia is taking place as a result of
the democratic successes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Now we are no longer hearing the catastrophists. This is because the domino effect is just starting. And the events are proving that they're wrong.

MG: The Iranian Freedom Movement SMCCDI,
what can you tell us about them?

Stephania: They have contributed, in all these years, to raise awareness about the real situation inside Iran. They're doing a great
work to liberate their country. SMCCDI, as
stated in many of its articles, has been
opposition movement that has called for mass demonstrations inside Iran in several occasions
and continues to be a major force behind the mobilization of millions of Iranian protesters.

MG: Can Iran be allowed to build a
Nuclear Bomb?

Stephania: Of course not. At least the
Iran under the Mullahs. We all know what will
the Mullahs do once they have the bomb . But,
in my opinion, the solution to this is not
tens and tens of nuclear-focused talks and
meetings between the Europeans and the Regime.
So far, it has not solved anything.

The solution lies in the concrete help of the Iranian people ( morally, politically and - above all - financially ) by the West so that they can bring down the regime by themselves.

Also, the problem is not the bomb per se. It
is who has the bomb. If you put a nuclear bomb
in the hands of terrorists, they'll be using
it for the purposes we know (destroy Israel
and the West). The Mullahs are terrorists.
So they must not be allowed to own a bomb.

MG: Do you think events in Iran will
reach a critical mass, where the Pro Democracy Forces will overthrow the Mullahocracy?

Stephania: Well, I think they will if
the West backs its words with concrete
actions. As I said above, the West must
offer the Iranians all the means to liberate
their country.

The situation right now is very tense in Iran.
There are uprising all over the countries
underway, and if you rea the reports in this moments, you'll see that the situation is
becoming very hard for the Mullahs' regime.
Now that the situation is exploding, the
West must act in support of all those who
in these hours are in the streets trying to overthrow the regime in several Iranian
cities and regions. But where is the West ?

MG: What does Freedom mean to you?

Stephania: It means everything.
Personally, it means that nobody can
impose his/her will on me. I hate to
stay with a man who says how I have
to dress or that i don't have to
wear that or this.

Individual liberty to me is very important.

As for freedom in general, it means everything
to a person. That's why I support those
fighting to have the same rights as I do have.

MG: How do you safeguard that Freedom?

Stephania: Eternal vigilance..and fight

MG: Will there be freedom for the
People of Cuba any time soon?

Stephania: Yes. I think so. There will
be the first Pro-Democracy Conference in
Havana on May 20th. It is being organized
by some former political prisoners and has
the support of tens upon tens of opposition
groups, both inside and outside Cuba, plus
the financial endorsement of some
Cuban-American Senators and world
politicians such as Vaclav Havel.

This conference aims to strenghten the
opposition to Castro, promote the Civil
Society and acts of civil disobedience
and campaign to raise awareness among
the Cuban population.

There's a growing discontent in Cuba.
People start loosing the fear to speak
out and criticize the regime. Many
continue to escape via sea and many
more join the tens of opposition
groups in the island.

Marxism lives only in the minds of
some regime's supporters. But a
majority of Cubans now are sick
of communism.

This conference marks the beginning of the liberation of Cuba. As a prominent dissident
inside the island said recently, the Castro
regime " is weaking day by day. It is up
now to the international community to help
us in the transition toward democracy".

You can visit the Official Website of
the Conference and put your signature if you
support these people's efforts.

MG: What do yo believe will be the next Country to experience a Democratic Revolution?

Stephania: Belarus. But there are so
many others and the list would be too long.

MG: So, what's your favorite food?

Stephania: The Sardinian Cousin, Ravioli and ...Pizza !

MG: What do you think of France?

Stephania: First of all, let me clarify
to my Blog's readers (some of them may be French,
I don't know anyone from France, but they might
be some), that I don't have anything against
France as a nation and people. My criticism is
with the French government and the way they
see the world.

So, when I say "France" I meant the gov't and
the system. So, France (meaning what I said)
is a country whose leaders have always believed themselves to be a superior race and culture,
and as having the right to impose their vision
on the others. They favor the commercial and economic issues over the human rights ones.

They oppose the spread of Democracy and the
Bush's Doctrine, because : 1) they're jelous
2) they think that the other peoples are unfit
to self-governing 3) Democracy in some countries would mean the end of their economic priviledges
and benefits.

The difference between France and the U.S. is
that the former has been a colonizer and has
brought no democratic principles and the
latter has never colonized a foreign country,
but has liberated half a world, whether
militarily or not.

MG: What makes you Laugh?

Stephania: Seeing the images of when
I was a child. And seeing my brothers' make
me even more laugh.

MG: If you could go on a Dream Vacation
to anywhere on the Planet, where would it be
and why?

Stephania: In a tropical island. Yes,
I know that's a common dream. But I'd like
to stay there with the person I love. I love
the sun and the summer, that's why I would
choose these places. But , since we're talking
about dreams, and I am a romantic dreamer, I
would say that I would like to relax in the
moon with the person love.

MG: Stephania, How do you say, "Super Blogger" in Italian? Because that's what you
are, a Super Blogger. Where do you find the
time to post all the information that you do?
Just reading it all, make me tired.

Stephania: We use the same term. Super Blogger. Nowadays, this term is very common.
You know, it's not the first time a person
asks me how I do to write all these things.
When I have the time and I sit in front of
my pc, I blog as much as I can.

Don't worry, read it whenever you want and
can. You know, there are the archives so
that you can read a post if in the meantime
I have posted other tens... However, I'am
unable to post more than 10 posts a day.
So take your time. My blog is always there

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging, and how did your Blog:
Free Thoughts
come about?

Stephania: I have always dreamed of
making my thoughts known and hear comments
from the others. It's like a personal diary
and a way to express myself freely , without
any censorship on what I write. It's a powerful
tool and makes me feel freer.

At the beginning, I was thinking to start a
non-political blog. A blog that talked about
my personal feelings, like love or my life experiences. I may still do it, but for now
I like to keep blogging about politics.

MG: Besides your own Blog, what other
Blogs do you like to read?

Stephania: All those listed on my links!
But in particular, I read Little Green Footballs, Roger L. Simon and, of course, your blog.

MG: When you're not being a Superblogger,
what do you like to do to "Kick Back" and have

Stephania: You should also add "when
you're not studying..", because I am also
studying. I study law. A 3-year long course,
helped by my cousin who is about to finish.
When I am not a "superblogger", I go out ,
meet with friends, go to the stadium when
my city's team - Cagliari - plays against
important teams like Juventus, Milan or
Inter and I relax a bit by listening to
my favorite music.

MG: What's the Best Movie you've
seen in the last six months?

Stephania: The Million Dollar Baby.
A great movie. It has deserved the award
it has won.

MG: Do you have a favorite Columnist
like Victor Davis Hanson or writer that you
like to read?

Stephania: I have a lot. But some in particular: Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Cliff May,Claudia Rosett, Bill Kristol, Saul
Singer of the Jerusalem Post, Fiamma Nirestein
and Emanuele Ottolenghi. I am a Nocon, after
all.. :)

MG: Which Book that you've read, has
had the Biggest Influence on your Life?

Stephania: " Staying far from Medina". The author is an Algerian woman and feminist activist, Assia Djebar. I read a lot of her books, but this has explained very well how a woman lives in the Islamic societies.

And that has taught me how lucky I am to live
in the Free World, but that I cannot ignore the plight of those living in the undemocratic and unfree world.

MG: Let's try a little Word Association, Stephania:

~ Jacque Chirac

Stephania: I cannot use here some of
the words I'd use to describe Chirac. All I
can say is that he's an opportunist,
merchantilist, imperialist and hypocrite
man, and he represents today's European

~ Love

Stephania: Love is everything to me.
I cannot live if I know I am not loved by at
least a couple of people. I like to love and
be loved. But I cannot pretend to be loved.
It's not part of my behavior. I cannot ask
love to a person if I don't give my love to
that person.

Till some year ago, I did not believe in love,
as my experiences with men made me think that there's no such a thing like love. But now it's totally different. I am single, and I am living happy. But I am ready to give and receive love
if I meet the right person. Yes, now I believe
in love. And i want to love.

~ Women's Rights and Islam

Stephania: I don't believe that Islam as
a religion is compatible with the women's rights.
I have read the Koran, because I have to know something before talking about it. Not that it
means that all the Muslims are against the women rights. Many of the Middle Eastern feminists are Muslim. The problem is with the religion. The Secular Muslim intellectuals themselves say that Islam needs to be reformed if the Muslim world
wants to enter the 21 century.

~ Shopping

Stephania: I love go shopping. When I
have enough money, I like to go out with
friends or alone to buy something I saw and
I liked. Usually I buy clothes. But I also buy lipsticks and all the things who we women love
to improve our looks.

~ President George W. Bush

Stephania: The best U.S, President after Lincoln and Reagan. And today, the best World Leader. Cannot imagine how would the world
look like without his lead.

~ The European Union

Stephania: A corrupt, undemocratic, merchantilistic and useless insitution. It has suppressed many of our individual liberties and
the nations' sovereignty. I am anti-Europeanist
and I believe I am not the only one.

~ Italian Television

Stephania: Two reasons for which I don't watch it : too many reality shows; too many politically "correct" programs. I watch it
only when there's a good movie or an important soccer game, such as the Italian National Team or the games of the important Cups.

~ Iraq

Stephania: A better place and it has
made the world more secure

MG: And speaking of Iraq, Stephania,
was War necessary to overthrow Sadam and the Baathists? Do you think things are progressing

Stephania: Yes, it was, because the
Iraqi people were unable to overthrow the
Saddam's regime by themlselves. It is the
same like with the Nazi Germany and the
Fascist Italy. A war has been able to help
the Italians and the Germans overthrow
Mussolini and Hitler.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Stephania for a
Nice Interview and final question: Have you
ever seen a Ghost?

Stephania: Thanks a lot for this
interview and your interest on my blog and my thoughts ! No, I have not. Never. To tell it honestly: I don't believe in the ghosts.

Anyway, thanks again and I apologize for my imperfect English.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Salam Pax's "Scary War Story"

Salam Pax posted this blog entry nearly two years ago, but I have used it in my reading classes because it offers the reader an up-close and personal view of one slice of life in Baghdad. The story also shows an economical and effective use of dialogue to make you feel like you're in the taxi along with Salam.

Scary War Story

Salam Pax

I was trying to get a taxi at 10:30 last night (which is a stupid and dumb thing to do in the first place – curfew is still at 11:00) so this car stops and we agree on a 2000 dinar fare. The moment I sit in the car he starts cursing and swearing at them.

Suddenly he stops in mid-sentence, turns to me, and asks angrily, “Are you a Muslim?”

He has a Muslim-looking beard, is angry, and I definitely don’t want to start a theological discussion with him. “Yes, Alhamdulillah. I am a Muslim.”

“Are you working with them?”

Oh dear, I thought, this is not going anywhere good. “No! Of course not. Why should I?”


“So do you think if I hide a hand grenade under the dash board they would be able to find it?”

Shit-shit-shit. “Listen I really think you should be careful because they have equipment which is able to detect these things. You really shouldn’t carry a hand grenade around."

“Aha! So you know what equipment they use!”

Shit. “No, no. I said they might have this sort of equipment.”

Just then we pass a US patrol, one Humvee and a couple of soldiers on foot. He slows down and looks intensely at them. They are on my side and he leans on me to look out of the window. This is the point when I start wondering whether I will die from the explosion after this crazy throws the grenade or from the retaliation fire. He decides to shout stuff and whizzes off.

I think I was in a car with a loony suicide last night. I wanted to ask why he wanted to hide a hand grenade in his car but I was really, really scared. He just might decide to stick the hand grenade down my throat, because it is Halal to kill those who are agents of the infidel occupier.

What do you do when you are in a car with someone who asks you about the best place to hide a hand grenade?

Now you might say that he is part of that movement which calls itself al-Auda [the return] and is planning attacks here and there (I wish people would stop calling them sporadic but I will get to that in a moment). What makes this guy even more dangerous is that he is not part of the Ba’athi underground plot to re-emerge. He is one of the loonies who have taken the call to Jihad issued by the Imam of the abu-Hanifa mosque seriously. And these people just play so easily into the hands of the Auda. Anyway this Auda rumor needs some serious confirmation because I haven’t seen anything, banner or graffiti, that actually names them.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Salam Pax Confronts George Galloway

George Galloway, former Scottish Labor MP from Glasgow, FOS (Friend of Saddam), and Baathist Enabler who was vehemently against the War in Iraq -- probably was worried about his Baathist friends
and him being exposed -- was recently confronted by the Founding Father of the Iraqi
Blogosphere himself, the one and only Salam Pax.

Pax, making a film for BBC2’s Newsnight encountered Galloway outside of a Galloway press conference near Liverpool Street station. Big Glenn via, the BBC,
and the
U.S.S. Neverdock
has the 411:

Mr Galloway left the press conference near Liverpool Street station before the end but was met outside by Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger, who was making a film for BBC2’s Newsnight. Challenged by Mr Pax that only 21% of Iraqis want US and UK troops out of their country, Mr Galloway said there was no point in engaging in discussion “because you and I will never agree”.

The "Baghdad blogger" was at the event to make a film for Newsnight, and he managed to snatch a brief interview with Mr Galloway before the Respect candidate dashed off to his meeting with the lawyers.

"I know who you are," said Mr Galloway, warily eyeing Mr Pax, whose weblog gave the world an insight into the lives of ordinary Iraqis in the run-up to the US-led invasion.

Mr Pax wanted to know why Mr Galloway wanted the immediate withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq.
"I really don't think we are going to agree on this. You supported the war and I opposed it," said Mr Galloway...

But Mr Pax - whose real name has never been revealed - pressed the point.

Galloway: "I just want to be honest with you. You can not demand that our armed forces occupy your country - that's a matter for us.

"It's not a matter for you - it's a matter for us. Now I think there are millions of people in this country who think the war was illegal, was wrong shouldn't have happened and should be immediately withdrawn from. We are entitled to that point of view and we are."

Mr Pax "shouldn't have supported" the war in the first place, added Mr Galloway.

But Mr Pax countered that would be tantamount to supporting the continuation of a regime like Saddam's.

And right Mr. Pax is. Mr. Pax? You can tell it's
the BBC.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Troubled Iraqi Blogger Saleem Receives A Death Threat

Saleem from Free Iraq's middle name should be "Troubles". As he's had more troubles lately than your average ten persons combined.
His father died from a heart attack last year, unable to make it to a hospital in time, because of the security situation in Iraq. Saleem's cousin, who greatly helped out Saleem's family after his father's death, was recently shot and killed by terrorists. Now Saleem has received a threatening
letter and has decided to put his Blogging on hold for a while:

I am very gratefull to everyone help duirng this funeral and I am ask if any one can get to me a Visaor housing to any country in the Europe or in the America because I think that I received a threaten from someone told me that I will be killed if I didnt stop talkign about the figthers in Iraq bbut unitil now I am not sure form this threaten but I will be more carefull and I will stop writing for a little while until I invesitagate about this letter. So I will absence for some days and every one get anyhting to me he can send an email to me and thank you very much.

Everyone wishes you Good Luck, Saleem.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mada'en Attacked By Giant Scorpions; Hostages Not Found

Today the hostages of Mada'en
and I will be getting together to have
some nice Peanut Butter-Coconut Fudge
and Chai Tea. The Fudge will be real,
but the hostages aren't. LOL.

Who makes up these news reports out of Iraq?
The New York Times? The Boston Globe?

I bet they captured Zarqawi in Mada'en
too. They've captured him in every other
Iraqi city so far, so why not there.

And a UFO crashed there. The Aliens
staggered out and started mutilating camels.

Mada'en is still putting itself back together
after the attack of the Giant 20 foot high scorpions. The town was saved when Godzilla
showed up and roasted the scorpions with
his burning breath.

Poor Omar,he wasted his time investigating the situation like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vault.

Too bad, there weren't any Bloggers in the town to straighten things out, after the Media went haywire.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Nadz Twirls Two Six-Shooters and Takes Deadly Aim

I stopped over at Sandmonkey's Pad today and found him talking about this new Arab-American blogger named Nadz. People, you gotta go read her blog. Bookmark her and get her blog on your blogroll. Here's a taste.
As part of a journalism class, I had to go to a diversity seminar. It was about as BS as it sounds, although we did watch a pretty good Rosa Parks documentary (now that's empowerment!) We had to get into groups and talk about a time that we felt discriminated against. Naturally, the Hijab Squad was there, since they never miss an opportunity to plug Islam. They all talked about being discriminated against after 9/11. I could have done that, but I've experienced worse, so I talked about my experiences in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

I mentioned how a stranger called me a whore in an airport because my hair wasn't covered. I also mentioned how my Islam teacher in Bahrain told the class that women who have been raped should be killed by their families. One woman, a convert, was horrified by my story and took the opportunity to tell everyone that that incident was all about culture, you see, and had nothing to do with Islam. As if culture and religion have no connection whatsoever! I'm perfectly aware that the Quran doesn't sanction rape (I've read it many times) but there's some sexist stuff in there that the Hijab Squad cannot look at in an honest and direct way. Muslim women in the West, above all, should be trying to find ways to reform Islam and challenge these misogynistic nuts like my former teacher, but instead, they have to make excuses for them.

Okay, now go read the rest. She's wicked good. How's this for a blog-entry title: "An Atheist Remembers the Pope"? Heh heh.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

President Talabani's Words of Wisdom

Pres. Jalal Talabani Of Iraq had an excellent
Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal (subscription only), so here's
a few excerpts from it, thanks to the kind
folks at Free Republic

In Iraqis We Trust

Through their democratically elected representatives, the people of Iraq have entrusted me with the office of the presidency. After 50 years of political struggle against discrimination and dictatorship, this is a grand honor and a humbling moment. As we look ahead to a new Iraq based on tolerance and equality, federalism and unity, democracy and freedom, we remember those whose sacrifice made this possible -- Iraqis, Americans, Britons, Poles, Italians, Czechs and so many others from around the world.

The choice of peace or war lies not with the Iraqis who ignored terrorism and intimidation to vote in their millions, the Iraqis to whom I am accountable. No, that decision lies with the terrorist minority that despises freedom and spurns every offered opportunity to enter the political process. The attacks on election officials, the suicide bombings of voters, and the cowardly attacks on brave Iraqis waiting in line to join our fledgling security forces are not the tactics of "resistance" or "freedom fighters" but of murderers and criminals. Nor are the terrorists by any stretch of the imagination the repressed or the disadvantaged. They chose violence despite consistent exhortations to contribute to the new Iraq. They are, for the most part, representatives of the old regime, Baathists who gorged themselves on their compatriots' riches. They are not the dispossessed of the earth but those who have been deprived of their palaces.

A greater international role is important to lift some of the burden from the shoulders of the United States. Our gratitude to the American people is immense and we should never be embarrassed to express it. Time and again the U.S. has given the world its most precious resource in the cause of freedom, the lives of its most talented and courageous young men and women.

We seek foreign assistance to help us develop our security forces and to partner with us as we try to further sustainable economic growth in our shattered country. We hope that the United Nations will live up to its ideals. The assistance provided by the U.N. during the recent elections was invaluable and an important step toward the return of this organization to Iraq. A continued and consistent U.N. engagement, which bolsters the new Iraq, will convince Iraqis to put aside their qualms about an organization that many of them identify with the previous Baathist regime.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's The Whore Of Babylon, Well Maybe Not

UPDATE - 4/12.05

1st Post by her: Thought the Iraqi Mistress
blog was a spoof. Calling Americans Yankees.
Hmm. Is she in Mexico or Iraq?
So, goofed on her/him. What was the most
interesting STD you picked up, I think was
one of my questions.

2nd post: Okay, perhaps she's for real and
with a bad marriage and parents dying, maybe
she was desperate in life.

3rd post: Divorce lawyers in a
predominantly Islamic country. Very
Suspicious. Maybe she's a Christian, but...

So, back to thinking the Blog is a spoof,
but wondering who the culprit is?

"And I sense just below the surface with
her, a great reservoir of sadness ready
to cascade forwards, and I for one would
like to see it happen."

There's a Brassy and Sassy New Blogger on
the Iraqi Scene named
Baghdad Mistress
with a fondness for
referring to Americans as "Yankees" (Has she confused Mexico with Iraq?), and blaming Bush's "Crusade" for the loss of her

And what exactly was her last preferred

Mistress to the Baathists.

Yup, she was a Whore for the Saddamite Elite.

But does that make her a truly bad person? Or someone just trying to survive the best way
they can in a very dysfunctional society?

I can't answer that as yet, and neither can
you, because she hasn't revealed enough
about her past life, though we've learned
she's in her Twenties with a University
Education and both her parents and marriage
have died.

And I sense just below the surface with
her, a great reservoir of sadness ready to
cascade forward, and I for one would like
to see it happen. A cathartic experience
for her, and us perhaps.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Iraqi-Kurdish Blogosphere On Iraq's New President And Prime Minister

The Iraqi and Kurdish Bloggers have weighed
in on the new Parliamentarian Appointments
of Jalal Talibani as President and Dr.
Ibrahim al Jaafari as Prime Minister of Iraq.

And generally, they seem to be quite pleased and
happy about it, with only a few dissenting

Dr. Truth Teller, Mosul's Most Famous Blogging Oncologist and still pouting over Fallujah tells us:

The president is Dr. Jalal al Talbani. A Kurdish from Al-Sulaimaniya. He is the boss of one of the Kurdish parties, who were fighting the Iraqi government before the occupation (insurgents).
I don't have too much knowledge about him, but one thing I didn't like, before few weeks he appeared on the TV in an interview, he said about the Iraqi flag "We will not allow for the Iraqi flag to be lifted on the land of Kurdistan".
Now we will see if he allow the flag to lift over all Iraq, or not??.

The prime minister Dr. Ibrahim al Jaafari. He is a doctor , graduated from the same college as I, but one year after me. He was very good guy, polite and honest. His talk on the TV is very encouraging, he looks very calm, educated, and neutral.
He says they will chose the ministers to different ministries according to their qualification and their fitness to the position. Which exactly what every body want.

The Ever Erudite Alaa from The Mesoptamian states:

Well, I think it is well that the Kurds have insisted on the selection of Jallal Talabani to the post of president. To start with, it is a very good antidote to emotional separatist sentiments amongst the Kurds; although I am convinced that those sentiments are of impulsive rather than serious nature. It has been extremely wise that the Iraqi Alliance insisted on reaching agreement with the Kurdish faction rather than any other. Numerically, it would have been possible to get the required majority by different alignments. Any alliance against the wishes of our Iraqi Kurds would have had disastrous consequences. I suspect the wisdom of Sistani behind this. Besides, Talabani or Mam Talabani (Uncle Talabani) as he is called in Iraqi Kurdistan, is an old veteran politician of high degree of political skill and famous maneuvering ability. And, above all he has his heart absolutely in the right place. Symbolically, it is very valuable. It signals equality between all Iraqis and that any Iraqi can reach the highest office regardless of creed or race. Therefore, overall we are very pleased with this outcome and hoping that the new government (the first democratically elected one in our history) will achieve success.

Kurdo the Kurd, presents "This Is Your Life, Jalal Talabani",
a tremendous Photo Montage detailing the life
of the new Iraqi President

Kurdish Lilly gives her thoughts:

I was wondering what do most of you Kurds and non-Kurds think about him? I don't know so much about him, and I can't just blame him for not doing anything thing good for the Kurds. But I have a feeling that he's not pushing hard enough for the Kurds to gain more than what they have. I know the position in the Iraqi parliament that the Kurds are holding is a significant step for us. Many people will think we are becoming or are greedy just asking for more but I still think that the most important thing right now in Iraq for the Kurds is to push harder for something permanent and stable. The Kurds having this kind of position in Iraq is a new opportunity for the world to see how the Kurds are able to govern themselves(Kurdistan and its people), the Iraqi people and Iraq as well. But Kurds still worry about the only important issue for us. That's having a country of our own not roling a country which is not ours.

Fayrouz checks in with her

Congratulations to the Iraqi people. Jalal Talabani has become the first Kurdish president in Iraq's history (unless I missed some history lessons during school). I predicted Talabani to become the president since after the parliamentary elections. I actually wanted him to be the president.

Ibrahim Ja'afari will most likely win the prime minister post. Many people are afraid he may turn Iraq to a very conservative country. I honestly don't have those fears to an alarming level. We know the National Assembly has enough secular, Kurds and Christian members who would veto any laws that may turn Iraq into another Iran.

Nancy at Beth-Nahrain says:

So Jalal Al-Talabani was elected president of the new Iraq today (or yesterday since it is 12:12AM eastern time now)…I, personally, don't have any strong feelings towards this choice as of now. I mean I think it is great that a president was chosen from one of Iraq's minority groups-the Kurds. Also, I don't know much about Al-Talabani, but I like that he is a supporter of secular Iraq, and that put my mind at ease a little about the possibility of an Islamic government in Iraq. I guess I will have to read more about the man before I make judgments about him, but I feel like there might have been more qualified people for this position. Nonetheless, let's wait and see what he can do in his few months before the next elections in December.

Baghdad Dweller's Ladybird always brings something interesting to the table:

This is for the history only that Talabani in few occasions joined Saddam to fight against the other Kurdish fraction ”barazani” but OK he is been forgiven I guess.

After the finish of Al-Anfal military operations which Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Kurds, an announcement on Iraqi TV stated that ”everybody raised the weapon against the Iraqi army is forgiven but not Jallal talabani” and now Talalbni take Saddam’s old Position ”the president of Iraq”.

In 2003 and just before the war Saddam sent a letter to Talabani, this is the main head lines translation.

Since long time and we heard about your flirt with the Americans and the Zionists and I said to myself maybe Jalal Talabani saw from his tactical point of view that in his benefit to carry on this flirt, but this flirt has changed right now to be a serious affair and as I heard you are opening the north Iraqi borders to the Americans and a new front against Iraqi Army and Iraqi people,
I saw it is my constitutional and moral duty to warn you that history will not be made by traitors how work with foreigners against their own people.
America and the Zionists are trying to split the country into fragments so they can hit each fragment very easy.
So I advice you not to rush cooperating with the foreigners and you approve your patriotism in fighting with your country and people against the foreigners.
God I told
God be my witness
Saddam Hussein

Talabani answered:

I wished you letter to be a message of national reconciliation; but it was only an empty threats.

Sami provides a very inciteful analysis:

This is a great day in my life, one of the days that I probably never thought would ever happen. I left work early today just so that I could see in my own eyes if it were true. Obviously the average non Kurdish Iraqi will not be too pleased with the results of today but it was an ARAB IRAQI who destroyed Iraq. When people complain that Kurds ask for a lot well we as a race have no country to call our own so there are 2 choices to assimilate us into society as equals and accept that a person of any origin, race or ethnicity can become president or prime minister OR give us our own country. We will not accept to be second class citizens and no indivuidual should ever give up their rights to be equals in their country.

The way that a lot of Arabs view Kurds is similar to the ways that the whites viewed blacks in the old days, and it will take a while to erase the racist mentality. For most Arabs they still stick to their dream of an ARAB IRAQ. Well its the Arabs doing the most killing in Iraq and in order for Iraq to be an ARAB country then the non-Arab Iraqis should be given their own state to live in and that will help them solve their sickness of not being able to comprehend the realities we live in. We will not go back to the old ways of being ruled by an iron fist and Mr.Jalal Talabani will not be the President for 30 years with his friends and family to slaughter anyone in his way. Sadly he is not a believer in the death penalty which means that Saddam Hussein might escape that punishment but I think he will change his mind on that because he doesn't want to turn the Iraqi people against him from the start.

Dilnareen at the Kurdistan Bloggers Union has reaction to Jalal Talabani's ascension to the Presidency via the BBC's "Have Your Say" section:

Here are a few ones from the english ones:

I think Talabani will do a good job as president. PUK areas of Iraq are deeply supportive of human rights and personal freedoms. Talabani will give good direction to this emerging nation.
Jeff, Sulymanya, Iraq

A pragmatic, wise, moderate and a Kurd with love for life! I wish them good life and they always will remember the people whom have made it possible.
Saeed Naeini, Phoenix AZ, USA

I am so happy that we finally have a legitimate government elected by the people, for the people and accountable to the people. This is the face of the Iraqi people to the whole world.
Nuad, Iraq

and check out these people:

A US policy of "divide and conquer". The ground is being laid for possible creation of "Kurdistan".
James, USA

It is shameful that the puppet parliament installed by the Americans chose a non-Arab to be president of an Arab country. But I am happy, as it will only hasten the demise of this un-Islamic political system.
Mahmoud abu Bakr, Dijon, France

Its the peak of ridicule that the americans can come and Occupy you Iraqi with these types people who have no link to arabism. Most of them have spent most of their lives in the USA an couldn't wait for their country to be occupied just so they can get impportant positions in their country. During Saddams time all Iraqis were blessed with security that they have all lost now. Everyday we hear stories about occupying soldiers and their iraqi traitors breaking into peoples houses for the excuse of searching for terrorists. What a joke and what follows is worse
Muhammed, Syria

Oh Uncle jalal, as our family in kurdistan like to call you, congratulations to you and us for this great achievement. May God bless you the sons of Iraq and all
of us our behind you, whether inside iraq or outside.
Ali, Sydney Australia

Congratulation Iraq, and we hope the enemies of Iraq will finally wake up to the glaring truth. If a nation wanted life, then destiny will always anwer
Jabbar Khalaf Issawi

Congratlations Israel on the the election of your collaborator as a president of Iraq. Lets wait for when the Israeli embassy will oppen up there
Majed, Baghdad

Ahmad at Iraqi Exile says:

I am not worried - and you shouldn't be - that Al Jaafari might turn Iraq into Iran, since he only has executive powers but no legislative powers; also his cabinet will have many seculars, Kurds and other minorities. I personally believe that Al Jaafari is a rational, moderate and tolerant Shia, even though he represents Al Da'awa Party which is a religious party. He is a well respected soft-spoken diplomat who might lack the charisma and the strength required for this period! But I might be proved wrong on this one.

I wish him and his cabinet the best of luck.

Omar is quite happy with the choice of Talabani as new Iraqi President:

Iraq chooses president.
This morning marked another turning point in the history of Iraq when the elected Iraqi National Assembly publicly elected and approved the new president of Iraq and his new deputies.
I personally welcome the decision of choosing Mr. Talbani for this position because this step proves again that Iraqis are willing and working hard to bridge the gap between the different components of the Iraqi nation and to overcome the differences and disputes among them.

This new formation of presidency in Iraq will certainly strengthen the unity of this nation and it prove again that Iraq is a home for all Iraqis; not only the Arabs, not only the She'at or any other single race or sect.
I would be just as happy if the president was Turkmen or Assyrian or from any other segment of the wide social spectrum of Iraq.

Personally, I think the Presidential Position is largely Ceremonial, perhaps even a Figurehead, and if they really wanted to empower the Kurds, they should have chosen Talibani Prime Minister.

But hey, maybe next Parliamentary Election Cycle. . .

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hammorabi Sam Last Seen In Vegas

Sam from
has been on vacation for the
last few weeks, and according to
"Reliable Sources", was last seen
playing the Slots in Las Vegas, wearing
his Lucky Shia Power t-shirt,
passing out "I Brake For Sistani"
Bumper Stickers, and charming the
Babes with such lines as, "Have
you ever met a Sheik, before?"

and "You'd be the prettiest gal
in my Harem."

Ahhhh, we're just teasing Sam. We have no idea
where the feisty one is off to, but we hope
he's having a nice vacation and is visiting a
multitude of Mysterious Places, one of Sam's

Monday, April 04, 2005

Giant Cockroaches Burrowing Out Of Raed Jarrar's Skull And More On The Pope, Riverbend, Whatever...

Giant Cockroaches are burrowing out of Raed Jarrar's skull prompting him to write about the third anniversary of the alleged Jenin Massacre. Was there really a Jenin Massacre? Hmmmm. Raed's Baathist Pals have massacred far more in Iraq. Perhaps Raed could write about that next time. Don't hold your breath. . .

Alaa offers his respects to the late Pope John Paul II:

This Pope was quite an exceptional man, a true lover of humanity; a man who had the courage of conviction and great character to put aside all scruples of quite a strict faith historically and visit mosque and synagogue and extend his hand of peace to all men regardless of race and religion. He was an activist who did not hesitate to speak out on political and social issues of relevance and urgency in his time. His voice was always heard and presence felt everywhere in the world. We the Iraqis have a special sadness and regret on this solemn occasion: that the express wish of his holiness to visit the birth place of the prophet Abraham here in the land of Mesopotamia; the greatest of all pilgrimages was not to be realized. Yet for believers, as you all know; death is not the end, but rather the beginning of eternal life in the hereafter.

Kurdo talks of the gratitude for the Pop in Kurdistan or Northern Iraq. As a protest against the phrase "Northern Iraq", Medya has started calling the U.S., Southern Canada. . .

"Sandy Berger is that a classified document in your pants or are you just happy to see me."

Caller to Howie Carr Show, now with Live
Webstreaming -

Riverbend Interviewed on Al Jazeera - Hat Tip CMARII

Ali Fadhil at Free Iraqi offers advice towards a Better UN:

First I think we should re-identify the problem. It's not that the UN is a weak or corrupt organization. It's that we are dealing with two entirely different sets of regimes using one standard. One set of laws to deal with democratic and authoritarian states. That doesn't sound right.

So the answer may lie in finding two different set of rules, two different organizations to deal with those different states. But that might divide the world so we will have to decide which set of states is more reliable to depend on in solving common global problems. Who's "we" is not that important and it does not mean control of the strong over the weak. Lets think of something similar to the EU. The democratic free nations whether poor or rich, strong or weak should gather and form a mass governed by a set of rules that can get a consensus from all the involved parties. The tyrannical regimes should be kept outside, isolated until they meet a certain requirements set by the new organization.

Neurotic Iraqi Wife vs. Riverbend on Iraqi Terrorist TV

Neurotic Iraqi Wife and Riverbend exhibit two different mind sets concerning the television coverage of Terrorist Interrogations and
Confessions on Al-Iraqiya TV.

Neurotic Iraqi Wife blasts the Iraqi Terrorists with a Venomous Fusillade:

I just discovered this site MEMRI TV. Please check it out. It has subtitles in English. This site shows many of those terrorists that have been captured in Iraq and are being interrogated. They are bloodless criminals who have no intention of repenting. Those Bastards killing my people, slaughtering them, kidnapping them, raping them, then throwing them away like some trash. Im so damn angry and disgusted. Yet so pleased that they are being captured.

Im against capital punishment and hangings, but these barbarians deserve to be tortured and HUNG infront of all the people. They do not deserve to live one day on this earth.....If you go to search you can search more video clips about Iraq. It will also show you one clip (very heart breaking) about mothers facing the criminals that slaughtered their sons.

Riverbend meanwhile dismisses such Terrorist Interplay as Sham Showings and unleashes her Comedic Genius:

Our new “national” channels are a joke. One of the most amusing, in a gruesome sort of way, is Al-Iraqiya. It’s said to be American sponsored but the attitude is decidedly pro-Iran, anti-Sunni. There’s a program where they parade ‘terrorists’ on screen for us to see in an attempt to show us that our National Guard are not only good at raiding homes and harassing people in the streets. The funny thing about the terrorists is that the majority of them have “Sunni” names like Omar and Othman, etc. They admit to doing things such as having sexual intercourse in mosques and raping women and the whole show is disgusting. Iraqis don’t believe it because it’s so obviously produced to support the American definition of the Iraqi, Sunni, Islamic fanatic that it is embarrassing. Couldn’t the PSYOPS people come up with anything more subtle?

Notice Riverbend's use of quotes for terrorists?
Who does she think she's writing for, Reuters?

And how about this Comedic Nugget:
The funny thing about the terrorists is that the majority of them have “Sunni” names like Omar and Othman, etc.

Gee, you don't suppose most of those terrorists -- see not in quotes for me, because terrorists they are, sorry Riverbend -- just happen to be Sunni and that is why they have Sunni names? Nah, that can't be the case.

And of course, there's her statement, "that Iraqis don't believe it." Someone page Neurotic Iraqi Wife and tell her that she's not suppose to believe.

What a Beaut that Riverbend Gal is!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Iraqi Blogger Needs Cheering Up After Death

Iraqi Blogger Saleem from Free Iraq is very much down in the dumps these days and needs some cheering up. His cousin, a 47-year-old married man with five children was killed by terrorists in Al-Doura:

The story of killing my ocusin was that : two guys get off from thier cars infront of my counsin's supermarket and they were having guns (8.5 mm makaroof) and inter my cousin's superamrket and shot him on the chest area and when my cousin drop they shot him in his head and neck region from very near distance and this cause the death in the same moment and the two guys run away after killing him, what a murders are there ?? they took him form his small children, the innocent children and make five children without father just for getting fun.

A brutal slaying it was. And particularly devastating to Saleem, since he lost his
father last year, and his cousin had
helped Saleem's family out. Now his
cousin is gone, and Saleem is scared:

These days Iraq is like a forest the strong eats the weak and we are the victims... I cant hold this life, I cant hold anything ,I missed the most lovely person to me and to my family and his family... God bless this hero who was died when he was working to bring food to his family...

I am very confused and shocked and as much as I was happy for the new Iraq Iam now very sorry this absence of mu father before six months and now my cousin and I dont know who will u lose in the next days.......

Saleem is further worried that it might be him that's stricken next:

What a miserable life we live, you dont know when you will die, I expect my death in every moment becaus eof this bad and unsafety situation.

If you can stop by his Blog and offer him some reassuring comments and hope, that would be a
nice thing.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

An Appreciation: Thank You Pope John Paul II And Ahmed Al-Baghdadi of Kuwait

Mohammed at ITM brings us news of Kuwaiti Freedom Fighter Ahmed Al-Baghdadi.

Ahmed was sentenced to a year in prison, paying a 2000 KD fine (7000$) and he had to sign a paper in which he promises no to return back to crime again!!

And his crime?

Mohammed notes: Ahmed learnt that the government wanted to increase the hours of teaching Quran and Islamic religion in schools and that would be on the expense of the music class. So Ahmed "committed his crime" and wrote the following on Assiyasah (The Politics) newspaper:

Is there no end for this backwardness?

I don't want my son to receive lessons from some ignorant people who teach him to disrespect women, non Muslims and many others and I don't want those culturally retarded uneducated people who choose the curriculums to fill my son's head with myths about Satan.

And frankly speaking, I don't want my son to learn *"Tajweed" because I don't want him to become a cleric or a Quran reader, reading the verses over dark graves. I also want to protect him from the possibility of joining terrorism whether
practically or mentally.

Bottom line is, I want my son to have a future that makes me proud of him, his knowledge, mentality and work and I don't want to have him raised and taught in a way that makes me ashamed of his doings in the future. Is there no end for this backwardness?

The road Freedom Fighters travel is a lonely one. Strewn with Bandits of Tyranny and Totalitarian Regimes and those who Enable Them, ready at any
time to strike out at the Freedom Fighters, whom
are on a quest for Truth and Democracy.

And such a Freedom Fighter was Karol Wojtyla,
the man who would be Pope John Paul II.

Kate O'Beirne from The Corner notes the
sadness In young Karol Wojtyla's life:


I have always been struck by the Pope's tragic childhood. He was eight when his mother died
and 12 when he lost his beloved older brother
to scarlet fever. He lived alone with his
devoted father. A priest in the parish where
Karol Wojtyla was an altar boy said he saw
"the shadow of early orphanage on him."

And yet he overcame those personal tragedies to fight both Nazism and Communism.

As Margaret Thatcher recalls (via
The Corner):

We should remember Pope John Paul II not just as the greatest Pope of modern times but also as a valiant fighter for the truth," she said.

His life was a long struggle against the lies employed to excuse evil. By combating the falsehoods of communism and proclaiming the true dignity of the individual, his was the moral force behind victory in the Cold War.

Millions owe him their freedom and self respect. The whole world is inspired by his example.

President Bush (Hat Tip: Instapundit) calls him: "ONE OF HISTORY'S GREAT MORAL LEADERS"

Laura and I join people across the Earth in mourning the passing of Pope John Paul II. The Catholic Church has lost its shepherd, the world has lost a champion of human freedom, and a good and faithful servant of God has been called home.

Pope John Paul II left the throne of St. Peter in the same way he ascended to it -- as a witness to the dignity of human life. In his native Poland, that witness launched a democratic revolution that swept Eastern Europe and changed the course of history. Throughout the West, John Paul's witness reminded us of our obligation to build a culture of life in which the strong protect the weak. And during the Pope's final years, his witness was made even more powerful by his daily courage in the face of illness and great suffering.

All Popes belong to the world, but Americans had special reason to love the man from Krakow. In his visits to our country, the Pope spoke of our "providential" Constitution, the self-evident truths about human dignity in our Declaration, and the "blessings of liberty" that follow from them. It is these truths, he said, that have led people all over the world to look to America with hope and respect.

Pope John Paul II was, himself, an inspiration to millions of Americans, and to so many more throughout the world. We will always remember the humble, wise and fearless priest who became one of history's great moral leaders. We're grateful to God for sending such a man, a son of Poland, who became the Bishop of Rome, and a hero for the ages.

Jonah Goldberg at The Corner details the Pope's great strength
among his own frailities:

The man has been suffering for a long time and he has endured that suffering with greater dignity than most of us could dream of mustering. He lived a long life of great courage and conviction, acting nobly when acting otherwise would have been much easier and less dangerous. Through his actions and his example he left the entire world a better and safer place than when he left it. When his time comes, be it in hours or days or whenever, few will say he hadn't done more than his fair share. This is no tragedy. His life isn't being brought short by the hand of man. There's no cause for rage. But there's room for gratitude and the sort of remorse one feels when the world is made a little less by the loss of someone it sorely needed.

Fayrouz at Iraqi In America comments:

I was privileged to live during your time.
Middle Eastern Catholics will miss you so much. Youth around the world will miss you the most.

EWTN (Hat Tip: The Corner) has various rememberances of John Paul II
including Lech Walesa:

"We know what the pope has achieved. Fifty percent of the collapse of communism is his doing. After his first visit as pope to Poland, he ended Mass with a prayer for the Holy Spirit to "renew the face of the Earth," words that became a rallying cry. After that we were able to organize 10 million people for strikes, protests and negotiations. Earlier we tried and couldn't do it. These are facts. Of course, communism would have fallen, but much later and in a bloody way. He was a gift from the heavens to us." - Lech Walesa, founder of Solidarity Movement

There's a story told about Pope John Paul II's visit to Boston. He was riding around in his Special Pope Mobile touring the city, waving to the onlookers, and greeting the faithful. When suddenly, he got out of the Pope Mobile, got down on his knees, and kissed the ground. Stood straight up, raised his arms in the air, and said: "Thank You, America!" We thank you too, Pope, for your Courage and Nobility.

Are Kurdish Girls Hot Or Not?

A Western Photographer's Iraqi Photos (including "Kurdish Hotties") - Hat Tip Medya provoked intense debate and mirth and merriment
over at the Comments Section of the Kurdistan Bloggers Union about whether Kurdish Girls, and these
young women in particular were hot or not -
Slightly R Rated, so you've been warned:

I don't think kurdish girls are that ugly hhhhhhhhhhh
I saw some nice photos of kurdish girls in another blog

yah...there definately is better looking girls in kurdistan
roller rebwar

BE nice....they are young they will develop

I myself think except the first girl at Left , all of them are ugly.

how the photographer called them hottie !

i wonder if he see the reall hottties what he would called them

he said that withhout having the glasses on !have you !yours on !?
Well they are nice as a character and go for the quality and substance rather than the superficial Barby look a like dumb ,as you end up worrying too much not to loose the toy !
I had the most beautifull girls , and I used to change them as if I change my shirt ...well in the end you end up questioning yourself wether is worth all the hussle ..that is why when the lights off it takes more than the glasses to diffrenciate between the two !
The problem with v.pretty girls ,they have a chip over their shoulders and most men can't take that for long ! yes some do !and pay for it !
truth |

oh dear truth i didnt mean that !

I didnt mean that sexy girls are better , I just meant , these girls are not our hotties...
there are many more hotties in Kurdistan ...

sure each girl in that photo has a character a mind and a soul , and we have no right to judge about that.
medya |

pretty girls cant trust them
others , who are less prety are nice to talk to
We're baseing our views on the ladies merely on face shure they're verry verry nice people who make great dolma
roller rebwar

I think every female nice ...!
It depends on how much you could tolerate ,and the individuals upbringing ...!
Can't you understand why man been living for a long time with her end up deaf or pretend to be a deaf !this is one of the trick men use to keep in sane !
I had a girl so quite ! whatever I do she accepted it and remained quite not even a single word ,beside all the wrong things I did some times deliberatly to provok -just to get her out of the habit ! no use ! bugged me too much in the end I got red of her !
roller rebwar
making Dolma or Dolmadis in English filling or stuffed veg well no need for furthering ladies are masters !facinating watching their hands how it moves in stuffing !

roller rebwar

I`m not sure if they can make a good Dolmma,but one of them have a nose like Dolmma!

BTW,A nice girl isn`t necessarily a beautiful one.

That Dolma stuffed too much ! it needs to be unstuffed !

Watch out she might end up a boxer or a sifu in one of the secret kung fu style !

those girls are ugly man, I mean who are we kidding? it's not like Iraq is a hotbed of bautiful girls like California or the US or Sweden.

oh yeah i like sex with medya I am one of the girls in that photo

They say the Monkey in his mother's eye prettier than the Gazal !ha ha
I see some thing flying ..lower your head !

Medya rather run miles away !

This is a true story an Iraqi boy studying medicine in uk..his friend all having Bull-time he always stay in ,he keep saying one day ,you will see one day I shall meet a nice girl one day we had a party our friend reluctantly in the end he joined the party ...the first girl he met he fell in love ..holding her hands and all dreamy in the end they disappeared to his quarter ....our friend no sign of him for couple days ...we found out he keeps going to the VD clinic ...he got it !from the first girl he fell in love with ...we kept pulling his leg about this adventure in the end he disappeared for good !in shame !

truth !!! why did you sat that comment to me ?

if I put a girl's photo on KBU...that means that I wanna have sex with everysex you think that you should warn me about HIV ?

he he I better never post a girls photo again... or i will be called a bad boy

I think the dude called them hotties because it was maybe the first women he saw in Iraq who were wearing body detailining JEANS and not baggy black abayas.

Not to worry mate !
I could introduce you to my cousins near you in Sinne !
You might end up happily meeting one of those hunkies ! I never seen them !I should immagine toughies !
Blind date !
A strong tea ,will help !ha haa

The Abaya alone not too bad ! you could always hide under it ,but when combined with jarghad , foote and pooshiya ..God help us !ha haa

Makes the Newroz spirit over taking events ...I keep forgetting the bloody Buqja on top of the black Abaya (filled with presents ) like khubz aroog ,kleyja ..! ha haa

All it needs the wind(windy day !) to sway the Abaya revealing little of the dusty Na'al make the picture more appealing !wow what a sex appeal ..not even 1/4 bottle of Arak will wipe out that image !....
Just like my first girl was her name Qanooza the poor girl she got drilled so accurately she was so happy through her little Abaya a way ! ha haa
Abaya mabaya !buqa Abaya tahin kulla tahin !

kura da hali da u da freeyda bawi 3aba namawa,

tanoorai kurt zor jwana shora u pasan krawa.

(throw it away the fashion of Abaya is over ,

short skirts is very nice and sexy and makes your day).

Kurdish song

That is what I said !
rasa kaka rasa kaka !
You have to be drunk to take it !

Iraqi Suicide Bombers Not; Complete Farking Idiots Yes

Major K in Iraq from the Strength and Honor Blog provides us with a major insight
into the dopiness of Suicide Bombers in Iraq. They're not even Suicide Bombers, but Smuggling Chumps, who often aren't aware about the cargo they're smuggling. It's Explosives you dingbats:

The dirty little secret of the Islamo-fascists is that many of these car bombs are not the suicide sacrifice that they tell of in their recruiting propaganda. All too frequently, the driver of many of these vehicles is unaware that he is doing anything more than smuggling supplies through a checkpoint or planting a car bomb for later detonation. These murderers are often driving not far behind the VBIED with a remote control detonation device. The bomb is detonated as soon as the vehicle gets close enough to the target, or, as in many cases, the device is about to be discovered and the mission compromised at a checkpoint. The checkpoint becomes a target of opportunity, no matter how many innocents are there. We refer to this as a Kervorkian, or an assisted suicide bombing. It is loathsome. I have only seen USA Today ever report on the practice...

Check Major K out, as he has photos of the destruction that these Misguided Idiots do. Darwin Award winners they all be, but go explode in your own back yards rather than harming innocent people!

Super Pope Medya Discusses Iran's Nuclear Weapons. . .And Other Musings

Medya who wants to be
the First Kurdish Pope, though he'd
like to get married -- and that could be a
problem -- has a funny picture of the
All-Seeing Pope demonstrating one of the
Pope's many Super Hero powers.

And Medya and the First Kurdish Pope have a discussion about the Iranian Nuclear Weapons
threat and lax control:

-Myself :
"Mr Great Pop John Mede II" do you think
iran should have a nuclear bomb ?

- Pop John Mede II:
no . there is a histocial hate between iranians and arabs, if iran has a nuclear bomb, then arabs will try to have one too ...if arabs have nuclear bomb, then Turks -who are the most racist nation of the world- will sure want a nuclear bomb...and Turks may kill all of the Kurds with their atomic bomb , and also Israel can never bear an arabic country to have nuclear bomb.
so middle east will be full of dangrous weapons... our world has enough problems...iran should not have a no clear bomb .

-Myself : "Dear Pope Mede II" do you think iran needs nuclearn technology for making power..

- Pop John Mede II: Well i think because iran is the youngest country of the world and its population is growing...

we sure need more power...and mind that the bases of the iran's nuclear factories been made in the previous regim (the shah) and at that time ,the world had agreed that iran can have it to make electricite power , but...there is a problem.
i really worry that Iran will harm ourself by making that factory in iran, becasue it is so hard to take it's control...and iranians are not that good to take it's control.

For example about 1-2 years ago, they made a chemical factory in "azarbayjan province" to conver oil to chemical usefull matterials , so trucks had to moved oil from south of iran, to north west of iran. so trucks used to go through kurdistan day one of these trucks had an accident near the Kurdistan's dam ...and guess what the hell...the foolish firemans , that worried these chemical matterials may explode, flooded all of them to the dam !!!

And guess what...that chemical matterial was so dangrous for human , many western scinteists warned iran that peopel of kurdistan should not use this dam's water anymore...because it cause kurd men not ablie to make child... and also it will affect genetic problems in the next generation of the kurds and....
whatever...we still use this poisined water...

that was a small mistake about a small factory. I worry that if we have nuclear factory "even" for electricity power, how they are gonna protect us ....if they do a small mistake they may kill all of us. we better let westerns to make it for us and westerns take it's FULL control ...

I Could Scream, a blog about the plight of Islamic Women - Hat Tip: Instapundit.

I just finished reading Safe Area Gorazde:
The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-95
(Publisher: Fantagraphic Books - ISBN:
1-56097-470-2) by Joe Sacco, with an
Introduction by Christopher Hitchens, so
you know the book carries some weight.

It's a Graphic Novel, and very Graphic at that, which explores and details the events and
people in Gorazde (pronounced go-RAJH-duh), a Bosnian Muslim enclave in Serb-held territory
and the atrocities and war and eventual peace in
the area. Well recommended!

Powerline has good news from Najaf (Hat Tip: Instapundit):

Even In Najaf, Iraqis Reject Theocracy
Haider Ajina has translated poll results that appeared today in the Iraqi newspaper Almendhar. What makes this survey particularly interesting is that it was conducted in Najaf, which Haider describes as "the center of the Shiite branch of Islam and possibly the most religiously conservative city in Iraq if not in the northern middle east." The poll, conducted by the school of political science of Najaf University, includes the following results:

62% of those polled said they wanted Islam to a beginning sources of the constitution. 38% wanted Islam to be the only source for the Iraqi constitution. 49% support a federal government. 50% support allowing those who boycotted the election to have input in writing the constitution. 63% support the multi national forces staying in Iraq for the current time. 85% expect the new transitional government to succeed in its goals. 78% expect the new national assembly to successfully write a constitution by the dead line. 1% said they expect civil war to break out.

This is just one more item in a rapidly-expanding body of evidence that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis reject fanaticism and sectarian conflict.

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