Monday, March 07, 2005

Zeyad Calls It Semi-Quits. . .

Healing Iraq is going on hiatus as Zeyad let's loose with a Mysterious Final(?) Posting:

In order not to keep people waiting for new posts, I thought I should make it clear that I won't be blogging for a while. It's been in my mind to take a break for some time but I decided to wait until after the elections.

I know I have been an infrequent poster at best, but I'm afraid it's becoming increasingly difficult at the moment to devote any time to blogging. I have a few priorities in my personal life that I would like to take care of, maybe afterwards I will write again, I don't know. In any case I will mention it here.

I wouldn't like to describe this as a farewell post. I'm not good at these things, but I can always be reached at my email address.

Thank you all for listening and for caring.

Could Zeyad be eloping with Riverbend? Probably not.
Perhaps he's just burnt out by the events in Iraq and the time requirements of other aspects of his personal life. We all need to take a break now and then and the same goes for Zeyad. We wish him a happy return.

And speaking of on hiatus, Ays at Iraq at a Glance hasn't posted anything since December 27, 2004. The death of his friend Alaa (not the blogger)
may have hit him hard.

One Mideast Blogger whom has been on a really long hiatus is Saudi Blogger, Alhamedi~The Religous Policeman. Alhamedi, whom provided us with considerable insight into the inner gestalt of Saudi Arabia, has been gone since August of 2004.

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