Saturday, March 19, 2005

These Are The Dog Days Of Iraqi Blogs

These Are The Dog Days Of Iraqi Blogs

Of all the things I should've said,
That I never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things I should've given,
But I didn't.
Oh, darling, make it go,
Make it go away.
Kate Bush

There doesn't seem to be much happening of a magnitudinal nature with the various Iraqi
Bloggers these days. Ali Fadhil is as analytical as ever discussing Lebanon, and Arabic losses into pseudo gains; Rose's husband got his Dubai residency papers and now she is waiting to join him; Dr Husayn tells us that he has the dreaded Mid-Term exams upcoming, the Tigris is threatening to engulf his home, and an interesting Medical Diagnosis:

The other case was of a man too, complains of abdominal pain & swallowing (ascitis) & unfortunately, the case was a case of a malignancy. when I took the history from him he said that he is a teacher & lived in Al-Basra & he was a soldier during both Gulf War I & II so the Doctor related that Malignancy to the Depleted Uranium Missiles thrown on Iraq During the 2nd Gulf War & the last war by the Allied Forces.
I am sorry about him since he is 55 years old only. . .

Beware the Dreaded Depleted Uranium Missile Syndrome!

Dr. Saif also needs a better car than his old dinged-up wreck. My suggestion for him is to put in a new car donation meter at his Iraqi Humanity.

Mohammed Fadhil hasn't posted for a while; Zeyad is on hiatus; Fay is celebrating her Fourth Anniversary in America with her husband at a Top Secret Location without Internet Access. Mom from the Family From Mosul recalls the Iraqi-Iranian War and her Brother-In-Law taken prisoner and released years later:

Few years before the end of the war(1986), my younger sister's husband (who was a jet fighter pilot)'s jet fighter was shot and fall down, but he managed to jump out of his falling plane by a parachute, and land in the Iranian land, He captured by the Iranian army, and become a prisoner of war. He had a one-year old baby boy.

After another annoying 5 years, there were a war prisoners exchange between the two countries, and my sister's husband was released, we and all the families of the released prisoners started celebration with a lot of joy which cannot be described, I don't remember a better day for all the families.

As regards momentous news, all is not yet loss. Neurotic Iraqi Wife, subject of a recent interview, may be joining her hubby in Baghdad, as a dream financial job has opened up:

I sat there staring at the screen.Im finally going to Baghdad, Im finally gonna be with HUBBY, Im finally gonna be part of this rebuilding process, but then the balloon of excitement just fizzled down when I realised that there's my parents to break the news to. The phone rings yet again, and this time its the HR person in Baghdad. Thats when it hit me, HUBBY wasnt joking. She asked about the citizenship I hold and what sort of salary Im looking at. Then she said that I might need to go to Wshington to undergo health checks and security clearance inorder to get the paperwork. I kept nodding my head as if she is gonna see me through my mobile. At the end of the conversation she said "Please, at any time you feel nervous, and you dont think you are ready for this, please call me or drop me an email, I will understand" She continued "Its not a joke being here, its extremely dangerous" I gulped, not from fear but from the sudden adrelanin rush I got.

My comments to her were:

Dear NIQ,
I hope you go for it. Your husband needs you; you need your husband; Iraq needs young committed people to build a democracy. And how often do you have a chance to take on your dream job? And a trip to Washington. Think how many people would love to be in your exciting shoes. So, you go for it.

As regards your parental units, well I think you have to give them the Worf Destiny speech from Star Trek. "If it is my time to die, I will surely die. There is no escape. No where to hide. Death tears at me in its hands. Today is a good day to die."

Okay I made that part up. But the thing is when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. You could be outside of your present location and get hit by a drunk driver or suffer an aneurysm and fall down your steps. There's no escaping whatever your destiny
is, no matter what the location, so Iraq could just as well be Greenland.

Afghan Warrior, the world's first Afghan-based Afghani Blogger needs a Laptop and Digital Camera badly, and can't afford it on his small salary:

Waheed really needs a laptop and a digital camera, but he's too shy to ask for it. Two people offered a digital camera, but they didn't provide an email contact. If you have either of these two items available, could you please send an email to Waheed. The items can be posted to a US address (which will be provided) which will get through to Waheed's US boss in the military. Also, PayPal has been added to the account, thanks to Tom Villars. It costs Waheed US$3/hour to access the internet and he doesn't get paid very much (he told me how much but I don't know if he wants that info to be made public). He has been spending a lot of time online trying to assemble the news, because he doesn't have the ability to do it offline.

The Euros continue to exhibit vast amounts of Stupidity regarding the Mideast. If the Italians and Spanish aren't paying off the Hostage-taking Terrorists -- thus insuring a fresh supply of bombings, shootings, and kidnappings -- before then the Outlaw Ukranians (Hat Tip: Lucianne Goldberg) were selling the Iranians nuclear-capable KH-55 cruise missiles with a range of 1800 miles, enough to target most of the Middle East and some of their fellow Europeans. Some one buy these Euros a clue or a larger military. They're going to need it, if the U.S. is contantly having to clean up their messes.

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