Monday, March 21, 2005

Springtime For Hitler: Canadian TV Broadcasts Special On Jarrar Iraqi Crime Family

Springtime For Hitler: Canadian TV Broadcasts Special On Jarrar Iraqi Crime Family

Khalid (Fredo) Jarrar here or here (hat tip: Mad Tom & Fay) breathlessly announces to the world:

"A War in Words - An Iraqi Family Diary" on CBC Newsworld (channel 26 in Toronto) at 8pm Sunday March 20th, is the result of long hours of work, here in Baghdad, in Amman and in Canada. Its the last and longest peace that CBC did
about me, and my family. I hope you like it:)

The Khalid Monster is pysched. "I'm going to be a TV star!" you know those thoughts are rattling around in his dusty brain. Despite the fact that about 12 Canadian anarchists actually watched the special, Khalid be so beaming at the moment, he might actually lose his virginity. Maybe he can film the momentous occasion on the Internet and raise funds for a good lawyer for his brother, so Raed Jarrar can fight those charges of anti-semitism and get a Visa to the U.S. Although it might actually help Raed, if he stopped making anti-semitic statements.

Then there's Raed's endorsement of Saddam:

Saddam was our national leader,
And yeah, I know I know…
he was a dictator,
he was stupid and self-destructive
but he was our national leader, that I
didn’t enjoy any external forces to come and change.

I wonder if the "Special" noted that?

I wonder if the "Special" showed the photo of Dr. Death on the Jarrar Family Water Filtration Site? You would think the Jarrars knowing the hatred associated with such Baathists (who are likely to be tried, hung, and then shot just to make sure they stay dead in the next 12 months), might actually remove such pictures from their business website, but hey the clue brigade never passed close to their household.

And wither Canada? They don't support the U.S. in their efforts to free the Iraqi people, but are more than happy to allow one of their televison networks to bubble over with Pro-Saddam and Baathist oooze in your typical Anti-American propaganda puff piece.

And leave it those "innovative" lefty Canadians to come up with a non-whup-ass title for the program: "A War in Words - An Iraqi Family Diary". Maybe those CBC Network Programmers aren't shooting enough maple syrup into their veins these days, but that title is pretty lame.

We can do better down here in the States. . .

Top Ten Better Names For The Jarrar Iraqi Crime Family Canadian TV Special

Number 10: Canada, America's Number One Welfare State Proudly Presents "The Jarrar Family"

Number 9: Hey Dude, Where's My Mercedes?

Number 8: The Jarrarfather

Number 7: I Love Nikki...And Saddam...And Those Democratically-Elected Mullahs

Number 6: The Saddamites

Number 5: Desperate Iraqi Filtration Salesmen

Number 4: Iraqi Fellas

Number 3: My Three Crazy Iraqi-Palestinian Sons

Number 2: Sponge Bob Baathist Pants

And the Number One Better Name For The Jarrar Iraqi Crime Family Canadian TV Special. . .

When The Going Gets Tough, We Haul Ass To Amman.

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