Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sam Sucks Up; Nabil & Ali Slam Sistani; Dr Humanity's ER Hell. . .And More.

Ladybird details her own Iraqi Checkpoint Miscommunications.

Sam is sucking up to Sistani; Nabil, and
Ali Fadhil are much less effusive. In fact, they're slamming Sistani.

What has happened to Truth longtime commentator on Sam's blog? The always inciteful one seems to be on hiatus too.

Omar is keeping abreast and I do mean abreast of the protests in Lebanon.

Is Neurotic Iraqi Wife pregnant? Probably not, but if you've read her various bloggings over time, you know that she wants to have a baby, so I'm expecting a I'm Pregnant post from her sometime soon. Actually, I'm expecting any type of response from her soon, as she's been on hiatus since February 13. She might be on vacation with her husband actually.

Rose from Diary From Baghdad is hoping to become Rose from Diary From Abu Dhabi, as she joins her husband in a new life out of Iraq in the safer confines of Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Humanity aka Dr. Saif had one of those ER Days From Hell when the hospital's needed medical supplies were stolen and the victims of the Ashorra Rituals poured in. Then the terrorists exploded a bomb near the hospital, causing more casualties to flood through, and a lack of equipment and supplies to treat them. It was a day of sadess and death for Dr. Saif, who asks for donations to the hospital, so future incidents of helplessness can be avoided.

Ays is apparently in Cyprus (Hat Tip: Fay).

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