Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Riverbend Is Completely Insane; Sam Is Mysterious; Shaggy Misses The Cheap Booze And Broads

Ladybird has me blocked again from commenting - Unblock me you sweet lunkhead. But hey, go check out her latest interesting posts and photos. . . And I actually have a soft spot for Ladysweetie in my heart, after reading about the various travails in her life.

Riverbend is completely insane and proves

The irony of the situation lay in the fact that Sgrena was probably safer with her abductors than she was with American troops. It didn't come as a surprise to hear her car was fired at. Was it done on purpose? It's hard to tell. I can't think why they would want to execute Giuliana Sgrena and her entourage, but then on the other hand, I can't think how it could have possibly happened that they managed to fire that many rounds at a car carrying Italian intelligence officers and a journalist (usually they save those rounds for Iraqi families in cars).

There really is no good excuse for what happened. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what the Pentagon will say short of an admission that it was either on purpose or that the soldiers who fired at the car were drunk or high on something…

I have a feeling it will be the usual excuse, "The soldiers who almost killed the journalist were really, really frightened. They've been under lots of pressure." But see, Iraqis are frightened and under pressure too- we don't go around accidentally killing people. We're expected to be very level-headed and sane in the face of chaos.

Riverbend goes on to say: Blah blah blah blah
I liked it much better when the Baathists were in control blah blah blah I'm so depressed blah blah blah I could use a drink right now blah blah blah Maybe I should move to Jordan blah blah blah I'd kill for a pair of thong panties, but that damn Sistani won't let me wear them blah blah blah. . .
Okay, she didn't say any of that, but you know she wanted too.

Sam says it looks like they've captured Zarqawi:

The rumours about the capture of the terrorist Abo Mosab Zarqawi last month near Mosel in the North West of Iraq looks true. The prove is not the outbreaks of its news in its city in Jordan last week neither his new released pictures and the arrest of his driver and his postman but the smell of the same news when one read the sites supporting them. The extremists who support the terrorists called for the last few days to be patient and pray and don't make false assumptions. It is like some one calling its fellow to restrain themselves about a nearly certain news which just need some approval!

But then again, he says that about Zarqawi every month. So, as usual with the news in the Middle East, we shall have to wait before drawing any conclusions. And wouldn't everyone like to hear more about Hammorabi's personal life? We know next to nothing about the feisty, mysterious Sam. I picture him as being a former Iraqi wrestler or boxer in his
younger days. Who knows? And maybe he wants to keep it that way.

Shaggy at Baghdad Bacon cries about the loss of booze and prostitutes in post-war Iraq:

Before the war, we used to stay out very late at night. There were prostitutes on the streets that could give you a blow*** for a few bucks. There was booze in the stores. There was locally made beer that everybody had a suspicion that it was spiked. When I was in school in the mid 90s we used to make house parties, boys and girls would come over and we'd go home around midnight.

Now, we're all home by 9pm and the prostitutes all left to other countries to make more money or aren't able to work on the streets anymore because of punk zealots. All the booze shops got closed down because of the same psycho zealots that threatened to blown them up and in many cases they did. I think the local beer factory got blown up by the americans because they thought it was a chemical arms plant I think. And because of the security situation parents are very fearful of letting their girls go out of the house except if it is to go to school or work (the religious-social norms-wholesome-decency thing comes into play here too strengthened by the fear created by the psycho zealots).

Poor Shaggy, he'll just have to go back to hanging out with Scooby Doo. Maybe no booze or prostitutes is the reason Raed Jarrar is so cranky about Post-War
Iraq. Maybe Raed could go hang out with the sultry Najla in Lebanon. But don't tell Nikki.

And speaking of Lebanon:

Lebanon is all in the rage as the Pro Democracy demonstrators have staged one of the most massive Freedom Rallies in Mideast History.

Free Lebanon Democracy Days Photo Gallery - 56 or so photos you can scroll through - Hat Tip Publius Pundit

And Publius Pundit has great coverage of the demonstrations - Hat tip LGF

Sgrena-what happened? -- Excellent analysis of LGF poster "manofaiki" - Hat Tip Rantburg

Powerline Reader Dafydd ab Hugh suggests a way to stop Iran (via Morton Kondracke):

Mort Kondracke, I believe, noted that even though Iran is one of the world's largest exporters of oil, that in fact they have no refining capability to speak of... which means they must import nearly all of their gasoline. It seems plausible that a simple blocade of all gasoline deliveries to Iran, especially those from Venezuela, might be an effective come-to-Jesus meeting with the mullahs (er, so to speak).

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