Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Raed Jarrar Spits on Iraqi Corpses!

Raed Jarrar today informs all of those Iraqi families who lost loved ones that were standing in line the other day in Hila and were blown up by a suicide bomber that their fathers and sons in the end deserved it because they were trying to join the "occupation."
I felt sad to hear about the 100 Iraqi policemen and soldiers that were killed today in Hilla. I'm sure most of those people didn't have the chance to choose other jobs because of the bad situation in Iraq. I'm sure most of them didn't understand they are taking a part in this war against Iraq.
I don't know about the rest of you, but to me Raed Jarrar represents the lowest form of scum, a man who spits on innocent corpses.


Meanwhile Ambassador Fayrouz tells us about experiencing the heavy hand of Syria on Lebanon up-close and personal.
I didn't understand how much Syria controls that country until I had the chance to experience it personally. In 1995, I had to stop by Beirut Airport for a few hours on my way to Sydney. That's when I understood the heavy Syrian presence in the cidar country.
Read the whole thing.


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