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Ladybird's Been Kidnapped - Ferid A Terrorist - Husayn Likes The New Iraq As Does Others

Ladybird Has Been Kidnapped...Shot At...And In Six Wars. Yay, I say, as the Ladysweetie is finally revealing some of her extraordinary past. We want to hear more about these events, Ladybird, but you really shouldn't hesitate about going back to Iraq. When it's your time to go, it's your time to go. You can't do much about it, so why be afraid? Now, if you could just kill those two large uncompressed photos on your Blog that never load and fill my Temp folder with about 35 clogging Megabytes, I'd be appreciative.

Ferid The Terrorist

Sorry for not blogging for the past days, I simply didn't find anything interested to blog for; until the day before yesterday and as I've arrived to my college, I watched a crowed of students gathering near parts of trapped vehicle I knew lately that it was just detonated half an hour ago, so I thought of taking some photos with my digital camera that I just bought lately, and maybe post here with another photos showing all the damage that caused by the explosion for the near properties… just after taking two photos for it, one of the police man suddenly took my camera and dragged me to there vehicle, telling me that "who allowed you to take photos? You are a terrorist and trying to sell these photos!!"

So I became a terrorist!! and as trying to clarify everything I told him "That these are old Saddam cops procedures and am just student at that college…"

Am pretty sure now that it was not the best line to pick up, since that cop picked his walkie-talkie and reported to the police station, "A suspect has been captured near the scene, holding a camera and offended the police men!!"

The answer was "Hold the suspect for more interrogations later"

That stunned me and even more the other cops that were near me, one of the cops told the officer why sir, you know he is an innocent, I really thought that I can solve this misunderstanding, but the other cops told me that they can't do anything now, not even him; now it's between you and the judge at the court!!

I was escorted to Al-Alathamyia Police station, on my way to the police I saw American soldiers at the garage of the station, thought if I should start, then maybe best to start that am a blogger, and not a terrorist, like what those stupid cops think :P

I was not chained at that time, and soldiers where not away from me, but I canceled that idea telling to myself, I can easily solve my problem there, and what if the soldier didn't understand a word from me :P

Then maybe I'll just complicate my case; at the station and after I gave my statement waiting to be raised to the judge, one of cops told me that it's forbidden an all world to tape a terrorist action, I answered him "Why? You remember in 9/11 when the two planes hits the towers, did they arrest every one who taped it!!!

Replied "That operation was held by the American government, and they put the cameras and broadcast it live to the world!!!"

I said well I thought It's a free country now, the other replied "who is laughing at you with this, who said were not free at Saddam time!!!"

To Read More, click on the above link...

Husayn from Democracy In Iraq (Hat Tip: LGF and Instapundit) tells the feeble Iraqi-War Protestors: I Like The Post-War Iraq And Middle East:

So you ask me, Husayn, was it worth it. What have you gotten? What has Iraq acheived? These are questions I get a lot.

To may outsiders, like those who protested last year, who will protest today. This was a fools errand, it brought nothing but death and destruction. I am sheltered in Iraq, but I know how the world feels, how people have come to either love or hate Bush, as though heis the emobdiement of this war. As though this war is part of Bush, they forget the over twenty million Iraqis, they forget the Middle Easterners, they forget the average person on the street, the average man with the average dream.

Ask him if it was worth it. Ask him what is different. Ask him if he would go through it again, go ahead ask him, ask me, many of you have.
Now I answer you, I answer you on behalf of myself, and my countrymen. I dont care what your news tells you, what your television and newspapers say, this is how we feel. Despite all that has happened. Despite all the hurt, the pain, blood, sweat and tears. These two years have given us hope we never had.

Dhafir Al-Samawi from Friends Of Democracy is the Anti-Riverbend:

A new day has come, and when I stepped out of bed this morning I smelled yesterday's rain.

I took my breakfast and listened to the SAWA broadcast. The reporter talked about bombings, killings, etc. "How long will this go on?" I said.

My mother in the kitchen answered me. "I don't think the day will come when this will be over."

I stood up. "No, mother," I said. "This time will pass."

I went outside. The rain had turned the street in front of our house into a beach. Some of my neighbors asked "Where did the contractor's projects go?"
The bus arrived after ten minutes and I rode it to the garage. I stepped off into a traffic jam and crowds full of people. Wow, I said to myself. There are so many imported cars.
This is a good sign.

I often say to myself "Oh dear God, have mercy on our people and keep them safe. They have suffered. The time has come for our old people and children to live a peaceful life."
After the muezzin's call to afternoon prayer I headed back home and saw many students on the way. It was a happy scene for me to see. In the evening I went to the Al-Meskouf Market which is always so crowded nowadays. You can't go in without bumping into men and young boys because people visit the market every day now. Before they were afraid of the secret police and would rather stay home. Today the Samawa locals crowd the market from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

I sat down at Hassan's coffee shop. I had to drink his tea before continuing on my way to the Kournish to look at the merchandise on the sidewalk. It's what we used to hear about all the time from our friends abroad: mobile phones, satellite dishes, and house supplies. Teachers can now buy what they want after a long period of deprivation.

Iraqi Contractor and Constructionist Sarmad from Road Of A Nation is enthused about the New Iraq too:

Dear friends, I have a lot of things that I want to share with you all. I am happy to talk about all that is happening in Iraq and the special time I live in; after ages of confinement and injustice, here we are, changing all this and fighting for it.Dear friends, we believe something here in our country: it's a sayingthat "you will only die when your time comes." The explanation is that you will not die if it's not your time; therefore, after all Iraqis saw and suffered, they are still optimistic and hard workers. I am working in the most dangerous places here in Iraq, amidst bombing and killing; I see a lot, and many brave people who are offering their lives for a cause. My life is not worth more than theirs; this is my country and it needs me. As long as I am capable of offering help and working for it I will do so. . .

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