Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers React to The Bombing At Hilla

Iraqi Bloggers React To The Bombing At Hilla That Claimed More Than 125 Lives

Omar at Iraq The Model
If you apply for a job then you're an "agent" and if you want to see democracy and freedom in your country then you're an "infidel" and if you say that resistance is terrorism then you're a "traitor".
In all cases your blood is cheap and you have to die.
This is the philosophy of the criminal gangs we're facing and this morning they declared it again in the bloodiest way they could find.

Sam at Hammorabi

Hila (the old Babylon) has another blood bath today committed by a suicidal cockroach. The target was young men and women queuing outside a Health Centre to complete health certificates as part of applications for jobs.

More than 115 civilians were instantly killed and more wounded. Some bodies turned into fragments. The scene was blood and flesh mixed with the death smell.

We may describe the killers by the most offensive words exist, but this is not enough. The most important is to see the terrorists hanged on the scene of their crime however this is not enough.

The punishment that suite these devils is to put them in cage in the same site of their crime and show them to the public with a banner to say "The Devilish animal Zoo"! Let every one pass humiliate them by his own way to make them example for the other terrorists. Devilish animals have no places with the others and cockroaches place is in the dirtiest toilets.

Ladybird at Baghdad Dweller

What you don’t know about the last Hilla bombing is that the cement barriers around the bombing place were removed just an hour before the bombing (talking about intelligence !!!). This is one of the reasons that people in Hilla demostrated today. (Ladybird citing a Sunday Times article):

Hundreds of angry Iraqis have protested in Hilla to demand improved security measures a day after a devastating car bomb attack in the central city killed 115 people. “We have no use for these security services if they cannot prevent attacks,” said Ali Mohammed, 30, who lost a relative in the bombing, the deadliest single attack since the US-led invasion two years ago. . . Many in this predominantly Shiite Muslim city of half a million people blamed Sunni militants for the attack and also faulted local security officials for their lax attitude.
“Police only come out after an attack,” charged Saad Mehdi, a young man who lost his brother in the bombing.
“Dozens of policemen protect one official, while ordinary citizens like us are ignored,” added Hatem Amer, 45.

Alaa at The Messoptamian

. . .as far as we are concerned; we assure you that revenge will come and those responsible for these horrors will be punished; though the majority of the people are showing the fortitude and patience of early Christians. Because, you see, we know exactly where these criminals are, which tribes they belong to, where are the filthy huts they are living in. We know that these are and have been bandits and murderers from time immemorial. Do you think that those millions who braved the threats and terror and came out to vote in broad daylight cannot overwhelm and obliterate these miserable enclaves of thieves, brigands and murderers in one furious and hurricane-like convulsion; were it were not for strict instruction from their religious leaders to persevere and forbear, for fear that innocents might be hurt, and in order not to be goaded into sectarian conflict and jeopardize our march to democracy and a decent society?

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