Saturday, March 05, 2005

Iraqi Blogger Experiences Death ~ Saudis Pull The Strings ~ DEBKA Reacts ~ Suicide By Checkpoint. . .

Iraqi Blogger Husayn's -- at Democracy in Iraq (Hat Tip Fayrouz) -- cousin was killed in the recent bombing in Hilla, thus depriving his cousin's children of their father:

The bombing claimed the life of my cousin, who was an innocent man who never did anything to hurt anyone, and who only wanted to live a good life, and to provide for his children. They are now orphaned, and without their father who strove to make them smile, and liked nothing more than to hear their laughter. The animals who do this do not care for my poor nephews and neices. . .

Husayn has decided to help them with financial support:

I will not be able to post as much as before, I feel I owe it to my cousins children to somehow help them. I have decided to take up more work so that I May earn more, and help my cousin's family through this time. His children, I hoope and pray to God will never have to feel pain like this again...of course I think it would be hard in any situation, now that their father is gone, murdered for no reason.

Husayn accepts PayPal donations, so if you would like to help the kids in this worthy cause, feel free to drop by and donate.

The Power That Lies Behind The Scenes In Lebanon: The Saudis (via Syria Comment):

Saudi money helped build Hariri and keeps Lebanon solvent. The Royal family will surely play a roll in configuring the next government and the question of Lahoud's future. For all these reasons, Saudi Arabia is key to Syria's future in Lebanon and explains why Bashar has gone their first.

Would you buy a used car from the Saudis? Probably not. So a replacement of Saudi funds and influence in Lebanon along with neutralizing Hezbollah should be the goal of the Western Democracies. And simply put, the major reason the Saudis have joined the "Exit Lebanon" chorus to their client state Syria is the pressure exerted by the United States and the Democratic Revolution in Iraq. They want to avoid the U.S. replacing Syria's repressive regime and putting greater pressure on themselves to reform. The Saudis do few things for altruistic purposes, that's for sure!

Archaeologist Solves Mystery Of An Ancient Mesoptamian City

Hat Tip: The Anomalist)

Debka Reacts To Assad's Speech:

We will not stay one day if Lebanese consensus asks us to leave, said Assad in hour-long unscheduled speech full of contradictions to parliament in Damascus Saturday. But we cannot abdicate our commitment to Lebanese president.

He ceded only eastward redeployment of Syrian troops eastward to Beqaa Valley up to Syrian border - no withdrawal or reference to thousands of secret service agents. Syria's role in Lebanon will not end with military withdrawal, he said.

Lebanese opposition leaders immediately rejected Assad statement as failing to announce withdrawal and lacking timeframe even for redeployment. Friday, Bush said complete Syrian pull-out from Lebanon including intelligence is non-negotiable.

They've discovered a new psychological disorder in Iraq: Suicide By Checkpoint. I can't quite figure out why so many people driving vehicles keep speeding ahead and challenging the soldiers at the checkpoints? How many times have we've read similar accounts? Warning shots are ignored, signs in Arabic
and other languages are apparently not read. It's very puzzling. I really do think some people are purposely opting out on their corporeal existence.

Ladybird at Baghdad Dweller
has posted a very interesting graphic.

The Bigel Option (via Little Green Footballs)
Hollywood is sick beyond any hope of redemption. Frankly, maybe we should just find a way to get these filthy Commie scumbags out of the USA. They are truly vile, subhuman worthless pieces of

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