Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Newroz To All The Kurds Worldwide

Today is Newroz: Kurdish New Year 2705,
or as Laila explains it in Kurdo's comments section:

The Story of Newroz

On March 21st some 2000 years ago, Kawa, a Kurdish smith, killed the Assyrian tyrant Dehak and liberated the Kurds and many other peoples in the Middle East. Dehak was an evil king who represented cruelty, abuse, and the enslavement of peoples. People used to pray every day for God to help them to get rid of Dehak. On Newroz day, Kawa led a popular uprising and surrounded Dehak's palace. Kawa then rushed passed the king's guards and grabbed Dehak by the neck. Kawa then struck the evil tyrant on the head with a hammer and dragged him off his throne. With this heroic deed, Kawa set the people free and proclaimed freedom throughout the land. A huge fire was light on the mountaintop to send a message: firstly to thank God for helping them defeats Dehak, and secondly to the people to tell them they were free. This is where the tradition of the Newroz fire originates."

Kurdo has lots of photos on the Newroz celebrations.
Kurdish Lilly, Medya at KBU,and Simko at Kurdistan have more. Interestingly, Newroz is also spelled Nawroz.

However it's spelled, a Newroz Piroz or Happy Kurdish New Year to you all.

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