Thursday, March 03, 2005

Freedom Nexus Moves Out From Iraq; Failureism; Lebanese Democracy Babes; Dogs Committing Suicide. . .

It seems like the nexus of Democratic Revolution
in the Middle East has moved away from Iraq into Lebanon and Syria. Those two countries appear to be inhabiting the freedom flashpoint at the moment, as good ol' Iraq consolidates its gains; rebuilds, and reaffirms.

The Democracy Babes Of Lebanon - Very Nice Indeed - Hat Tip Instapundit

Why are the French, who usually oppose the U.S. on most Geo-Political Issues so lovey-dovey with America on Syria and Lebanon?

The best answer seems to be from commentator Mrs Davis at

#2 The frogs think that as the former colonial power they'll be the ones to rush in and re-establish order (and take all the business orders) when Syria falls apart. Just as they did in the Ivory Coast. If it weren't so close to Israel, I'd be tempted to let them have it so the world can see what its alternatives are.

Massive Dog Suicides At English Bridge

Bartle Bull, a reporter covering Iraq for the New York Times slams the
Media for its desire for -- what I call -- "Failureism" in Iraq (Via : Roger L. Simon/Normblog/Prospect Magazine):

The failure of "hotel journalism" might be forgivable if it were truly about prudence or even laziness. But there has been something wilful about the bad reporting of this story. It is weirdly personal: Iraq must fail. It is in fact the press that failed, on a scale for which I cannot think of a precedent. Will the big media outlets demand the same accountability of themselves that they demand of everyone else? They should, for the success of these elections was not so surprising to those who dug below the surface of Iraq.

Yeahhh, US Working On A Cloaking Device - It's A Star Trek World

The Iranians have gone Bat Sh!t Crazy as regards their very own Bloggers and have now arrested the Pregnant Wife of Blogger Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdolahi.
These Mullah Tyrants must go. No ifs and buts about it. They are a danger to freedom in the Middle East and need to be put out of their misery.

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