Friday, March 11, 2005

David Kaspar and Sandmonkey Respond

David Kaspar has written an open letter to Stern magazine in Germany about their coverage of the Sgrena incident.

UPDATE: Stern replied immediately to David Kaspar's letter and changed the wording in the online article from "ermordeten" to "getoeteten" ("murdered" to "killed"). This is exactly what should happen. Bloggers as Watchdogs is good for everyone!

Listen, it isn't as dramatic as Dan's Phony Docs, but it's a very good start for Germany.


And Sandmonkey looks at the Hezbollah-fueled demonstration in Lebonon.

As does Ahmad. You should read all of his latest posts. I would pay good money to get Ahmad and Raed Jarrar into the same room to debate.

Syrian blogger Amarji speaks out on the matter too. (Hat Tip: Fayrouz)

Husayn has let us know that he will continue to post.

Our Man Kevin is Singing in the Rain in Baghdad.


It's great when two people you have admired and blogrolled get together for a cup of coffee: Michael J. Totten and Asher Abrams.

Here's Asher Abrams' blog entry and here's Michael Totten's.

New York Metro Liberal Hawks Movie and Dining Group?!

Hey, where do they meet?


And here's a strange story about a homeless student.

Yes, that was me.


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